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  1. I love clones but I got to go with the grand Inquisitor
  2. I got the imperial assault carrier for 100$. That is 50$ off, Thanks Amazon!
  3. Leia Can't wait for the next 10+ years haha thanks for making this game
  4. I think they would sell more Assault on Hoth if they had a decent snowtrooper BP on the market.
  5. I think the problem with rebel sets is not that there is too much competition or the show isn't liked. It's the laziness shown by Lego in the sets. Wrong skin color Sabine and Ezra, wrong color Sabine's helmet (absent in 2/3 sets that features her), a lot of repeat minifigures while we only got Zeb in 1 set. No helmet for the clones commander in the walker set. The frigate set is so random we see the ship for less than 1 minute. They should have made the corelian frigate instead. The overpriced Tie fighter vs A-wing. They could have made great sets for rebels and I am sure they would have sold well to kids and AFOLs alike. It's like Lego gave up on the show and said 'We have to make sets but we will do the minimum and be done with it' I just want an ARC fighter from episode 3 and some phase 1 clones!
  6. #TEAMLUMINARA Because now my 41st corps trooper (I have 50 of them) have a jedi to gun down during order 66!
  7. Found a 75121 death trooper constraction figure for 10$ on clearance at Wal-Mart so I said why not and bought it to see how they look. I also finally got Luke landspeeder.
  8. This is amazing. The attention to detail is awesome. Really good job! This is my favorite scene from the trilogy. I can't believe Lego didn't make any set based on this.