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  1. I use 32x32 base plates.
  2. Hello, First, I wish everyone a healthy and stone-rich new year. What began with two forest houses, has now been extended with a lake. The scene fits in a forest on the edge of our town. Later on, these forest scene is to connect the new Parisian restaurant, of course, also with appropriate scenery and small modifications. Here is more http://lego.startrekfilmer.de/version-2-3.html Many greetings Daniel
  3. On the left side I have a gable window:
  4. Hello, According to the city park of our city I once revised the edge of the forest. Here was previously only the classic holiday house. I decided to change this. I hope you like it. More pictures here http://lego.startrek...waldesrand.html Many greetings Daniel
  5. Very nice. The interior is particularly fascinated. Keep it up.
  6. Thanks for your answers. More will follow.
  7. Hello, we are going to embellish a bit of our city. I started with a city park. The design of the way around the object will follow. Have fun. More on our homepage http://lego.startrek.../stadtpark.html Greetings Daniel
  8. Hello, Thanks for your answers. For the snowplough-truck no more space was available. We'll see what comes next year. Maybe I can expand the landscape a bit. Many greetings Daniel
  9. Layouts Hello, I'm pleased to show you my new christmas scenery. More pictures on http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=516468 Many greetings Daniel
  10. 181A Hello, here is the new lighthouse, which is integrated in the new Pirates World "Puerto de la Cruz" by me and Capt. K. Of 14. - 16 October will stand the complete plant on an exhibition. Further pictures will then follow. More on Brickshelf Many greetings Daniel
  11. Hello, here is the new freight train of our town. A boxcar in reddish brown coming soon. More on the Brickshelf folder Many greetings Daniel
  12. Thanks for your anwers. A freight train with the suitable steam locomotive is in treatment. The pictures are soon available. Greetings Daniel
  13. Hello, today I would like to present the new train to you from our town Eastbrick Heaven. For more visit the Brickshelf folders Many greetings Daniel
  14. Yes, I know. But the next ship will be better. I want to then try also the masts themselves to build. It is to become a frigate with one cannon deck, similarly as "Surprise" in the film "Master & Commander". Greetings Daniel G
  15. [pid][/pid] 121B Hello, I changed my ship again little. The nose, the tail and new figures. Surely the ship has some lack. In this connection still another new ship will develop later with finer details. More on Brickshelf Many greetings Daniel