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  1. They wouldn't need to make a new gorilla mold. Considering the size of the panther and that there is a giant man-eating plant, I wouldn't be surprised to see them use the Gorilla Grodd big-fig mold for this theme.
  2. 1)Ancient Greek Hero (Theseus) 2)Bricklayer 3)Canadian Mountie 4)Cavalier Cat (Puss-in-Boots) 5)Cow Suit Guy 6)Field Hockey Player (Female) 7)Fire Fighter 8)Folksinger (Female - hippie w/ acoustic guitar) 9)Forest Ranger (Female w/ raccoon or other small animal) 10)Golfer 11)Hypnotist 12)Jet-pack Adventurer 13)Medieval Troubadour (w/ harp or lute) 14)Sorceress 15)Space Princess 16)Steampunk Inventor
  3. I don't know if it's a police set or not, but numerically it seems to be. Fire sets are set #s 60105 - 60112. Other City sets are #s 60113 - 60119. Then police sets are #s 60127 - 60131. Tire Escape is 60126 which seemingly puts it in the police group - but time will tell.
  4. Since the Tire Escape set is linked numerically with the other police sets, my guess is the prisoners have made a raft out of tires in order to escape from the prison island.
  5. That could be, but considering how cryptic some of just2good's posts can be, I think my 'there's more to the set than the name Batcave implies' interpretation is valid also.
  6. More than 120 USD makes sense, since D2Cs generally run anywhere from 150 USD (Diagon Alley) to 400 USD (Death Star). But what does "More than a name" mean? More than just the Batcave? The '66 Batcave isn't very big - an atomic power generator and some computer equipment scattered about (and a place to park the batmobile). So 'more' could mean: 1)More vehicles than just the batmobile (bat-cycle, bat-boat, bat-copter,etc.). 2)Batcave and Wayne Manor? 3)Batcave plus Villain Lairs (one of the highlights of the '66 TV show were the death-traps the Dynamic Duo had to escape from each episode. A small lair for each villain with a death-trap would add a lot of play value).
  7. I think if LEGO wanted to make DC CMFs they would do what was needed to get it done, but for whatever reason they have chosen not to do so. Keep in mind however, that in 2017 we are getting the LEGO Batman movie and LEGO should support it with sets just like they did The LEGO Movie. TLM also had one CMF line that featured four main characters, but the rest of the figs were of minor characters. Hopefully the LEGO Batman Movie will not just focus on the Bat-verse, but will branch out into the DC universe at large. If so, perhaps we will get a CMF line that will feature a goodly assortment of minor DC heroes and villains.
  8. The idea of two team packs did occur to me, but the problem there means that wave 4 would have no Level Packs and that, between waves 3 and 4, there would be 3 Team Packs that were all DC Comics related (which would also mean that almost half of the minifigs for those 2 waves would be DC). Possible, but does not seem likely to me. I think fig #18 is either a Level Pack, Fun Pack or a new type of pack we don't know about yet.
  9. As others have pointed out, the box picture has the minifigs grouped into 4 waves with all the confirmed minifigs falling into the first two waves. Also of note is that the Level and Team packs are on the top row and the Fun packs are on the bottom row of the first two waves (which means waves 3 and 4 should follow the same pattern). So what we have is this: Wave 1 Level Packs 1. BTTF: Marty McFly 2.The Simpsons: Homer Simpson 3. Portal 2: Chell Team Packs 4/5. Jurassic Park: Owen and ACU Trooper 6/7. Scooby Doo: Scooby and Shaggy Fun Packs 19. DC Comics: Wonder Woman 20. DC Comics: Cyborg 21.The Simpsons: Bart Simpson 22. The LEGO Movie: Emmet 23. The LEGO Movie: Bad Cop 24. The LEGO Movie: Benny 25. Ninjago: Jay 26. Ninjago: Nya 27. Ninjago: Zane 28. LOTR: Gollum 29. LOTR: Legolas 30. LOTR: Gimli 31. Wizard of Oz: Wicked Witch 32. Chima: Laval 33. Chima: Cragger Wave 2 Level Pack 8. Doctor Who: 12th Doctor Team Pack 9/10. Cole and Kai Fun Packs 34. The Simpsons: Krusty the Clown 35. The LEGO Movie: Unikitty 36. Chima: Eris Wave 3 Level Pack 12. ?Ghostbuster? (a popular guess) Team Pack 13/14. ?DC Comics: The Joker and Harley Quinn? (probable) Fun Packs 37. ??? 38. ??? 39. ??? Wave 4 Level Pack 15. ??? Team Pack 16/17. ?DC Comics: Superman and Aquaman? (probable) Fun Packs 40. ??? 41. ??? 42. ??? The top row of wave 4 is a bit confusing in that it has 4 minifigs shown. I think my guess of #15 being a Level Pack and 16/17 being a Team Pack is likely, but what about #18? Is it a second Level Pack or maybe a Fun Pack that was mistakenly put on the top row but belongs on the bottom row next to #40?
  10. Perhaps these exclusive cubes are TLGs way of getting the Legion of Superheroes into fans hands without devoting a set to them. Superboy was the Legions inspiration when they first formed (they even brought him into the future briefly and made him a member). Now we are getting Lightning Lad in a second cube. Hopefully, there will be future cubes with Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5.
  11. 1) Black Cat Girl (animal costume) 2) Bricklayer 3) Canadian Mountie 4) Cavalier Cat (Puss-in-Boots) 5) Circus Strongman 6) Field Hockey Player (Female) 7) Firefighter 8) Folksinger (Female - hippie w/ acoustic guitar) 9) Forest Ranger (Female w/ baby animal) 10) Gardner (Female w/ watering can and flowers) 11) Goblin 12) Golfer 13) Greek Hero (Theseus) 14) Hypnotist 15) Jet Pack Adventurer 16) Medieval Troubadour (w/ harp or lute)
  12. That's correct. The Brickset user never said anything about the Javelin being in the Brainiac Attack set. I think the confusion came about when Hulk Smash reported that Brianiac was in the Darkseid set, but he has since retracted that statement.
  13. Yes. The Brainiac Attack set that was reported by a Brickset user is rumored to contain Brainiac's skull ship and four minifigs: Brainiac, Superman, Supergirl, and Martian Manhunter.
  14. In the comments on Brickset a JenniferP claims there will be a fifth set: 76029 Brainiac Attack featuring Brainiacs' spaceship and four minifigs: Superman, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter and Brainiac. I don't know who JenniferP is or how reliable this info is, but there it is for your consideration.