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  1. I really hope the D2C is a building set not a vehicle set. I love huge huge buildings and they're so good for displaying
  2. Haven't been on this thread in a while, heard something about reverse flash coming. was that true and have any other new characters been announced?
  3. Maxie Zeus is one of my favourite batman villains, I'd just love it if we got him. Also Jane Doe and Victor Zsasz, but their themes are probably too dark for lego. Still shocked we haven't had a mad hatter. We got his prostitute henchwoman but not him.
  4. This looks really really good!!! i would spend a LOT of money to get this set
  5. It's so annoying watching that clip and spotting the 5 or so villains we won't get unless they do a third wave
  6. One correction, it is actually £30 in GBP not £18 like you said. Unless you found somewhere better, because this is according to the Lego shop.
  7. I meant in general. We got a ras last year
  8. The biggest Bat villlain we're still missing is the Mad Hatter. Then Ventriloquist, Black Mask, Zsasz (not ever likely imo) and Hush. Those 4 are the biggest missing people imo and he's on the same level of say clock king, but I'd love a Maxie Zeus
  9. If anyone could reupload the image that would be fantastic! It could indicate a wave 3 with some of those guys right? Especially since they bothered to take it down
  10. Fingers crossed for Dr. Phosphorus and Hugo Strange being in that too! They're the only villains seen in the posters we don't have now I think?
  11. You think a forum about toys would be able to take itself less seriously haha anyway, I'm loving this mini figure series, my favourite yet. I adore the March Harriet
  12. Punish me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost 99% sure this guy won't have seen it
  13. Back to it, is the entire wave + cmf coming out on Jan 1st in the UK or?
  14. So the figs we don't have in any form that I spotted in there: Crazy Quilt Dr phosphorus/Blight Gentleman Ghost Condiment King Wonder Twins Black Canary Hawkgirl and I don't see him here, but Hugo Strange in the posters
  15. I really hope we get those black canary and Dr phosphorus I adore both those characters. im amazed we're getting March Harriet. One off character that I loved and never thought would get a figure. Frustrating we still don't have Hatter and Zsasz though. Would also love a ventriloquist and amygdala