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  1. I vote for #6 and #7.
  2. Yes! I have been waiting a long time for a new game. 1. Yes, 2 mafia games and 1 secret enemies game. 2. Yep. 3. I want the exiting job of directing.
  3. The Battle Of Atlantis is a great set for $20. Aquaman looks great, and the rest of the figures are pretty cool. The knightcrawlers build is ugly! Though the minifigures are great, especially Flash! The Flying Fox is pretty cool but I think its too expensive and not worth the price. Out of these the only set I might get is the Atlantis one.
  4. The Ultimate Battle For Asgard is awful! The ship build could have been made by a 5 year old. The minifigures are great though. I love the Arena Clash set, I think the build is unique and I love the color, I wish it was bigger though, again the minifigures are fantastic. Gladiator Hulk might be my favorite figure of 2017. I will probably buy the Arena but skip on the ship. This year has been very disappointing compared with last year.
  5. The Flying Fox is too expensive so I won't get that, the Knight Crawler could be great and it's at a cheaper price so that's a maybe. The one I most likley will get is the Battle Of Atlantis, its only $20 and it will have Aquaman who is my most anticipated JL figure.
  6. Haven't been on this website in awhile but I think I should start getting back on again. I'm down for another mafia, especially if it's Star Wars related.
  7. Minifigure's are incredible. The sets themself are better then I thought they would be. Dragon Forge is definitely the best set of the wave. I would say this wave is better then The Final Battle, Pilot, Tournament Of Elements, and Rise Of The Snakes sets. But not as good as the Rebooted, Day Of The Departed, Skybound, or Possession sets.
  8. Wow! These sets are incredible! Ruina's Rock And Roller is my personal favorite. This is definitely my favorite Nexo Knights wave.
  9. Pizza Van looks great! Sadly that and the Bank set are the only sets I'm interested in, hopefully the 2nd half of the year is better.
  10. Joker Balloon Escape looks like a nice little set to get Batman and The Joker. The Scuttler is incredible, the build pretty good but the mini figures make the set, especially Poison Ivy.
  11. The bank is pretty good. I don't care about any of the other sets. Not a great wave for police.
  12. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 trailer looked incredible! The trailer along with the comic con trailer description makes me think this will be better then the first movie.
  13. Yet again Lego makes an incredible modular. Sadly I do not think I will buy this as it's a bit to expensive.
  14. Looks absolutely fantastic! My favorite Lego Ideas set yet! Great minifigures and a great build. Can't wait to get it.
  15. Mr Freeze set is great for the minifigures, but the build is not that interesting. The Batcave is the best one we have ever gotten in my opinion though. The Arkham set is also fantastic.