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  1. Hmm... it really seems we live in post-fact times... As LS just corrected the first bit of fake news, here's some more: ESL auctions off captured licenses - the subject in question here is a MOC ESL members pay 20% less for these licenses than foreigners ESL warship licenses are only available to ESL members NAM trade-vessel was captured by a joint anti pirate force, the last KPA was a bit... flawed... so this might have just been a pirate, and even if not, OL does indeed have beef with NAM after they captured our ships in the past - so even if all you said was true, it'd be a legitimate act I'll leave it at this, and refrain from getting into an evaluation here #checkyoursources
  2. Don't worry, Bodi, this discussion has really nothing to do with you selling your ship, it just derailed at some point No complications for you, though. You are still free to accept any (Oleander ) DB-offer, or take that of the RNTC to receive a share of preferred stock. Keep 'em ships coming!
  3. @Bodi I quite like the configuration as is - an armed Terraman. But the decision would be the RNTC's. Of course you can always wait for more lucrative offers than actually having to pay to sell the ship
  4. @Bodi Wow, nice looking ship indeed - that stern is very pretty!! I'm sure you won't have trouble finding a buyer for her. But as Maxim said - you could easily license the ship as your own - financing won't be a problem. You can also sell the ship to the RNTC to earn the right to purchase a share of preferred stock for a little over 50DB. This will grant you access to all company ports - one ship per share. This should become increasingly important in the future. For more details read here, and/or ask @Captain Genaro
  5. Splendid looking ship, Sebeus Sleek lines and wonderful colors My favorite part is the netting at the waist, and the way you attached the spanker boom - very cool. The rigging is looking good so far, too, and I cannot wait to see her under full sail. Keep it up! This though, makes me a bit concerned! Nah, don't worry. Hey, we talked about this, remember? She's simply part of that joint invasion fleet, helping to carry Marderian forces from Kings Port to Nelissa. But - shhhhh - no word to the greenies - like we agreed upon
  6. Wuuuuu, awwwwww... who could be mad at that cute little fellow - he just wants to play - how adorable Well done, CB, those tiny soldiers are my favorite bit - the cannon is nice... and pistols for oars - genius! Good luck in the contest - keep it up!
  7. Splendid ship, Maxim - sleek shape, elegant yet fierce looking lines - and the homage to her trading cousin makes it all even better in my eyes. And I'm just loving the name Happy hunting!
  8. Yo ho ho, that's a fun addition to Captain Whiffo's ongoing story-line Lovely water depictions - especially in the dock build And hey, you built yourself a little boat Tiny nitpick - or rather just personal preference - the palm trees... they look a bit too 'flat', like plates on sticks. But a more severe issue: No monkey?? Captain Braunsfeld is not going to be amused... And the Captain spending all the company's money... I'm sensing trouble brewing in the ETWC leadership/memberbase
  9. This is a very unique and interesting approach to a ship - I like it a lot - and that discovery report style introduction is pretty well done, too The only thing I find slightly out of place are the latticed windows and fences - they seem a bit too fancy to have been crafted by savages. But then, this might just be my Halosian chauvinism speaking Now you just need to convince the crew of the Horned Chicken to join Corrington's convoys - shouldn't be too hard, after all, they've already got the colors right Keep it up!
  10. Wow, thanks for all the praise, y'all. That's just a 'sandwich' made of cheeseslopes squeezed in between two radar dishes, spiked with a 4L lightsaber bar. It's held together by nothing but clutch power. Works fine irl, though. Haha, yeah, either find it cute or hate it Like this? I used this one here, not the two stud deep version. You're right though - apparently I had come to believe they were dk, but they actually come in black - which is nicer to include. No center here, as they are only two plates thick. Some other WIPs feature what you describe, so I went for all-yellow in this one, not to be too repetitive. That depends on how many bricks you invest. I still want to use this technique in a brick built ship eventually, so... let's see You and that boat
  11. Holy moly, that's a pretty lady, Bodi! Veeeery Impressive frigate - I like everything about her - the nimble appearance, her lines and all the details, and especially the side galleries I just won't believe you if you said this was your first ship I'm always a fan of a 'classic' frigate - and La Combattante is a very fine addition to that prominent list. Congratulations on a splendid vessel - may her crew and voyages be blessed by Poseidon! Keep it up! Vive le Roi!
  12. Aaaand a very warm welcome et bienvenue from my side as well, Bodi, to Oleon, BoBS and EB in general. Glad to see you chose the correct color That's a nice depiction of the Oleander flag, and - as CD and Bregir said - a very fine fleur-de-lys. You'll shortly be invited to our Oleander group PM, and if you have any question - don't hesitate to ask Oh, and I'm thrilled to see the outcome of your work on that frigate If you manage to finish her until Sunday, and are interested in joining our illustrious convoys, she'll be able to go on her first MCRA voyage right away. Vive le Roi!
  13. Ahoy once more, laddies. Long time no ship - shame on me - so I hope to make up for it by presenting something a little larger this time. États de Boussac Ordered and paid for by the Estates of the Province of Boussac, the États used to call the Great Northern Ocean her home for the past years, trading goods between Pontilla and Northern Oleon. But now she is one of the first larger Terramen to see regular service on the shipping lines between Halos and New Terra. With the increased traffic, the number of pirates and other threats increases, too. Being able to protect the more and more valuable cargo, larger and better protected ships are becoming essential for the merchant elite of Halos. As she can easily carry a broadside of 10 medium or even heavy guns, the États de Boussac surely has what it takes to prevail on the perilous waves. May Poseidon and Tyche bless her journeys! And the good ol' comparison shot: About: I think this is the biggest ship I've posted here so far. It's also my first attempt at a custom hull galleon. Therefore, the États is rather just a simple, non-fancy test ship to get a feeling for the shaping of such a hull. A 3D model I found online served as inspiration... and it didn't turn out too bad, I think. Using flex-tubes as rigging instead of the strings with handles I used to is still pretty new to me, getting them in place is even more annoying, but it looks better - in my eyes at least. What else? As usual, all can be built... And finally some numbers: waterline is 85 studs, beam is 22. Piece count is 'only' slightly over 7000, as internally, she only features the decks, but nothing else. Should still be large and massive enough to be at least a class 7 with the new ship classes. Thanks for watching C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  14. Neaaaat. Another great addition to the institutions in BoBS - proof that there are barely limits to the possibilities the system offers. Best of luck turning this into a profitable enterprise The build itself is pretty fancy, too. I like that it looks so massive - the only thing I naturally dislike is your choice of rather Eslandian colors... but that's probably just a way to lure in their DB About the license... no veto from me, after all it fulfills the size requirements, and it's definitely well built. But as Garm said, let's discuss this in Court, let's see what other ideas this could include.
  15. Hui, that was a close call. This story kept me quite in suspense - well, done, Brandon. And the vignette is very nice, too, great work on the minifig placement Keep it up!