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  1. Hi there, fellow BoBS'ers, I'd like to present my Challenge V - Category D entry: Fish from Above In their efforts to weaken the Eastern Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, the Garvian High Command had declared the waters around the Isla de Medio hunting grounds for their privateer fleet. As a result, especially the Tuna Strait quickly turned into a more and more dangerous place for the Marderian fishermen to go about their business. Fortunately for them though, the waters of the Tuna Strait were not only filled with fish, but also covered in thick layers of fog most of the time, thus still presenting a tempting area of operation for fishermen who were courageous enough to set sail. As it so happens, the crew of the Tuna Spirit was made up of especially brave men, and the thought of staying ashore in fear of Garvian privateers wouldn't cross their minds. And even when they became aware of an enemy raider closing in on their position, they didn't think of running away. Instead, they used their fishing gear, ropes, nets, and painted sail cloth to disguise their tiny boat as a menacing ship of the line. Sure, it wasn't a perfect disguise, but in the spirit of the best defense being a good offense they decided to engage. And so one of the most... unusual... naval engagements of the entire war took place. Unaware of any large ships in the era, the crew of the Garvian raider was caught by a complete shock when the fog revealed a mighty two-decker ship of the line right before their eyes. In utter fear they tried to break off and get away, but it was too late as the large predator was obviously in firing range. And then, it rained down fish on the already terrorized Garvians... shortly after, the privateers had all jumped ship, and thus this day the Tuna Spirit hauled in their greatest catch ever. About: Well, this was a lot of fun to build, although I had to do the final details using a laptop Anyway, as usual all can be build... the vessels are based on cb4's full hull technique, and a special thanks to all who gave me some WIP input Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  2. Intriguing story, as Garm already said May the Gods favor Jean's path! Just a little tip: You should get an account on a picture hosting site like flickr, for example. You're currently uploading your images directly to EB, but this won't work in the longer run, as individual storage space on EB is very limited. Here's a link to a flickr tutorial, in case you haven't encountered it yet. Again, welcome to Oleon and BoBS Vive le Roi!
  3. Welcome to Oleon, Captain Leroux. Great to see another brave man join our ranks If you have any questions regarding the whats and hows of BoBS, feel free to ask at any time. Vive le Roi!
  4. Just a little teaser of things in the making. Stay faithful - or else
  5. WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN FRONTPAGED YET??? This... is... spectacular... in... ever... aspect!!! IMO this would deserve multiple royal licenses. Faaantastic work, CD, definitely worth the wait. Now... go build something that's even more spectacular
  6. Bwahaha, Corrish pragmatism at its best - if life gives you crabs, make crab juice. I love how this build turned out - nice wall texture, great water and tidal effect - and all the crabby action going on... very entertaining Shame to hear this is to be your last digital build for now. Keep it up - even if it's 'just' using real bricks
  7. Woooo, now that's a cute house - and snacks? Yeepee!
  8. Great entry, Bodi I love how both your ships turned out. My favorite part is how you attached the spanker boom on the Marderian sloop. Keep up the excellent work! Vive le Roi!
  9. Ach... I can't see the house that's your Eslandian military for all the Brickwalls it has... or better: had Splendid entry, Garm - it has it all... and a boat I love how you always make it look so easy to build rocks-and-jungle builds - and you also enjoy them! To me they are more like almost insurmountable obstacles - like brickwalls... well, maybe that's not the best analogy given how many of them were actually torn down lately
  10. Yeah, that stern turned out well. I kind of want to see this translated into a whole ship now - would be a waste if you didn't go for that Also, nice continuation of Emile's story - can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up!
  11. Wowwwwww!! Please, Kai, never ever get back to your comfort zone - this build is just too fantastic I'm loving all about it - the buildings, the streets, the action... and of course the cartoonish blobby monster ()... and the water effects - hmm... yeah Spectacular entry!
  12. Breshaun has reached the status of Large City - the City of Light is leading the way once again - Glory to Oleon! To celebrate, the following coat-of-arms will represent the city's grown reputation: All other Oleander settlements now also possess individual coats-of-arms, which will be expanded with each level they grow. Vive le Roi!
  13. Here's a sample of that bluerender pink sky phenomenon/bug: Bluerender renders its baseplate and sky as two separate entities, by default they are both white. Starting at... I don't really know where and why (it may be related to its SunFlow engine)... everything above eye-level (= the sky) turns into this hideous color. Haven't encountered any solution to this. The standard workaround is to simply 'look down' on your MOC, even if only slightly, so you don't see the bluerender sky. The other option is manual color adjustment using something as simple as Paint.
  14. My condolences to your brave heroes. They all died for a noble cause - and their ultimate sacrifice won't be forgotten. And each of them is gonna be just another Brickwall-brick in the Brickwall-wall
  15. I can only repeat what has been said before - this is a great build with lots of clever details - absolutely worthy of a royal license! The only thing I find slightly off is that the floors are just two plates thick, I would have liked to see around the same thickness as the part where the outer facade is attached to the inner wall. And I'd have loved to see some imperfections in the soldiers' movements - slightly different angles of hands/arms/heads/legs - this is truly annoying work, but adds a lot of charm, as it doesn't look so copy-pasted (and no, I'm not falling for that COR soldiers = perfect 'argument' ) Maybe some helpful LDD tips - if you don't already know them: Crashes of that tiresome software are a true nuisance - I could fill a lot of MOCs with all the progress I've lost over the years Well, to increase performance, once LDD gets unstable you should uncheck the option 'outline on bricks' (under edit/preferences), this should give you a few thousand parts more to add. On the other hand, this makes building much more annoying. Also, try 'hiding' the parts (L) of your build you're not not working on - this should also boost performance. And before you save, hide the whole build. This usually gets me up to 30.000+ parts without too much trouble - if there are no flexible parts involved. If you use POV-Ray instead of bluerender, you can actually combine multiple lxf-files in one render. The trade-off in this case is that the rendering time skyrockets... especially with transparent parts involved... Using bluerender, you can change the direction the light comes from by turning the whole build in 90° steps, if you don't want to mess around with the scene.sc file (or create individual copies for each MOC). And that gap you have in the render between your overview build and the scene's 'surface' can be undone by slightly moving the whole build, in case there isn't a single plate somewhere stuck under the baseplate. And lastly, if using bluerender you move your builds 'over the horizon', you'll surely encounter the pinkish sky issue... unfortunately, there's no cure for that - just stay under the horizon as you did here, or you'd have to manually clear the sky Keep it up! Oh... and welcome to the dark side