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  1. Love it! I love the color scheme, and I'm really looking forward to this set.
  2. I really hope this is true. I missed out on the first one - still in my dark ages. I'm glad LEGO didn't cancel the line. I think they just took the year off because they had the Friends sets available last year. I'm hoping they sold well enough that it helped LEGO decide to keep this line going for awhile.
  3. So, based on the (lack of) discussion...I take it no one has found anything new and exciting since PAB came back? I've done my fair share of looking, and haven't found anything in stock that would be considered cool. A little bummed by it...
  4. I'm not sure why you're disappointed? I rather like the winner myself. I agree that that there are a number of good MOCs in there. But of the other entries you pointed out, I do think the winner is probably the best fit overall. The winning set isn't overly complex. It fits the Friends theme. It's unique, as we haven't had a Friends playground yet. A lot of the others, while good, seem to be thematic repeats of other things we've seen in the line (a nail salon, a boutique, etc). Or, pretty complex in build. What are your thoughts?
  5. How I are these orders that we are talking about? I think Bricklink's fees are 3%. Even if we are talking about 3 orders for $100 each, that's only $9. It might be the principle of it for you, but I'd just pay it and move on. Lesson learned to track your orders and file actions as appropriate.
  6. I'm not necessarily waiting on that...I'm waiting on confirmation from some other source It's not that I don't believe J2G. And it's not that I'm in denial. It's just that there are usually multiple sources of info for Dimensions, and none of those other sources have said a word yet.
  7. Wellllllll.... Instead of 10,000 posts about it, the mods made a sticky (or mega) thread in the sub. That's pretty typical of most subreddits. No reason to have a ton of threads with one or two posts, when you can just have one big thread for the discussion. I didn't see any questioning of CM4Sci's credibility, only J2G. Overall, the problem seems to be that J2G is the *only* source for this information at this moment. People have gotten burned before, believing a single source of info (remember the Sports and Power Rangers themes that were rumored to be coming out this year?). In light of any other information, it's best to be skeptical, no matter how credible a source has been in the past. I do find it interesting that other major Dimensions news sites, like Bricks to Life, haven't made a comment (yet) about the situation. Based on the BtL site owner's participation on the Inside Dimensions pocast, he seems to have some contacts with TT Games. Whether he has any information, or is choosing not to share, I don't know. But until I see more than one source for this information, I'm going to remain skeptical. (I honestly think it could go either way, but have no idea yet which way it will go)
  8. On the Inside Dimensions podcast, the info they shared was that there was 400+ pallets of cases of Dimensions that were at a distributor. And that stores like Dollar Tree, Big Lots, 99 Cent Stores, Ross, etc, bid on the pallets. 99 Cent Stores won, and that's why they got it. It's a similar model to how those store get other products. It was a one time distributor liquidation, so don't expect it to happen again. (All of that is attributed to Inside Dimensions)
  9. Michael Cera doesn't appear to be doing the McDonald's commercials - but Rosio Dawson and Will Arnet are. Maybe it's the contract that Michael signed. Maybe he didn't want them to license his voice outside of the movie.
  10. Never mind. I restarted the game, and did a "Save & Exit" instead of a "Save & Continue" first time through. This time, it saved. And continued saving.
  11. Doctor Who Ideas set is showing retired on S@H as of this morning.
  12. Don't mean to resurrect an old thread, but, I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm an old guy, and I've got young kids with an XBox 360. We started playing twice, over a year ago. Used two "Save Game" slots. When I'm at the start up screen, it shows that both of them are at 0% complete, and both were saved at different dates in 2015. Those are accurate, in that we only got through the first screen (not first level, first screen) before giving up and putting it aside. Yesterday, we decided to pull it out, and decided to look up walkthroughs, and start playing the game. We spent a good 5 hours playing and enjoying the game. Got through quite a few levels - we were somewhere on the Watchtower (past the Hanger) when we decided to stop. We used our "Checkpoints" throughout the game to save progress. Used "Save and Continue" every time. This morning, we went into the game the same way we did yesterday, and the save game from yesterday isn't there! It's just like it was yesterday, with the two save games from 2015. What did I do wrong? Where can I pull up the game? I was just finally enjoying the game yesterday, and I'm completely frustrated with it once again. Any suggestions?
  13. Sorry. Should have mentioned it was at Legoland California.
  14. Bought this yesterday - 30496 U-Wing Fighter polybag!
  15. Be curious to see how different the City Jungle is to the Friends Jungle theme from last year. Will they complement? Will they be copies? (Obviously, not talking color wise).