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  1. Great idea and also... great station!
  2. See 1.38 Martin Sanders from TLG.
  3. Good idea ;) 2.0 will come later for iOS 11, 1.5 is the one that is available now, even on iOS 10.
  4. You can already download Playgrounds 1.5 it at this moment, I just did and added the LEGO extensions. Bugger that I lent my EV3 brick to my former colleague who is teaching a robotics course at this moment and had some failing bricks ;( waiting till summer holidays ;)
  5. See 6:45
  6. Apple had it's yearly World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote today and they showed a virtual reality LEGO model that could 'explode' and drive on the table. Looking forward to see more details on it but looked great!
  7. Then you did not see the video? There are multiple EV3's in it.
  8. Then I should just reproduce the stickers you can then keep the originals mint ;) The set is a very nice parts set b.t.w. I really like those brown fences 4x2 (and the rest, great set!)
  9. Enjoy! Looks great! Swift is a nice programming language, I teach it in college. In a few years high school kids will surpass minor program students with these great initiatives ;) Wish that was available in by time. Available June 5 on an iPad near you!
  10. Brickshelf has issues, seems they have reinstalled their server.
  11. Enjoy your stay pinkochon!
  12. Very nice antp ;) Tapes rule!
  13. An image might help.
  14. Oh, I'm sure LEGO has it somewhere. I also would really appreciate them sharing their entire sticker collection as digital files with us ;) (And the prints on bricks as well of course :))