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  1. Oh, I'm sure LEGO has it somewhere. I also would really appreciate them sharing their entire sticker collection as digital files with us ;) (And the prints on bricks as well of course :))
  2. Aha. Well, then you install Illustrator, download my AI file and learn something in the process. Learning by doing. You're welcome, enjoy Eurobricks ;)
  3. I could not find the exact font of Series yet, it seems to be ITC Bauhaus related. 15 is probably "Blippo". So not exactly right but at least a start: AI file with the actual fonts still in it: EPS vector with the fonts converted to contours: Now that I think of it... maybe they just rotated the e's after converting it to vector shapes: Here are all the files including an EPS with the rotated e's: You can find the fonts for 'free' on the internet b.t.w. if you Google a bit (only needed for the AI / Illustrator version)
  4. Hi microscalemodeller1, nice work! Looks great indeed. (but read our rules too so you won't get in trouble).
  5. Congratulations! Hope they also bring out a great LIT set this year!
  6. And apparently it is not released by TLG to share / view for the public yet.
  7. Really nice Gijserman! You will need toilets though ;) Did you change the speed of the video or is it the original speed? The speed looks very nice for a LEGO rollercoaster.
  8. You need a cable to convert between the RJ plug and 9V system and can program it then as a motor (without feedback of course):
  9. Great work Due, really nice those stone masonry bricks and the interior as well :)
  10. Indeed ;) I haven't had a lot of experience with the new Zero but I have one already at home and new one coming...
  11. That is what I said in my initial reaction ;)
  12. Well, but isn't the Pi 3 a little bit an overkill for 'embedded' applications?!
  13. Nice idea ;) now that the Pi Zero also has WiFi / Bluetooth it will be great for LEGO applications I think.
  14. You could use small magnets, I don't have experience how easy magnets are to solder to though and make sure you properly insulate them. Are you going to use i2c then or? For i2c you will already need four wires you know...
  15. Or make a "Template" from the bricks you want to share across multiple projects.