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  1. Perfect thank you :)
  2. Are the discounts for the May 4th promotion of 40% online only, or are they being discounted in store as well?
  3. I just wanted to ask this to clarify: Are we getting any other DC sets this year at all? Or is it just the 4 Batman themed sets we've already seen? I cant seem to see any rumours about forthcoming 2014 DC sets. I agree with a lot of the above discussion that it is disappointing we don't see more DC characters (even though batman is my favourite DC character/universe). Thanks, Batman1
  4. Do we know when we will see the rest of the prelims for the summer wave? I'm very much looking forward to the rebels sets, especially The Ghost I was surprised to see that the winter wave is now on Lego S@H, Batman1
  5. This is genuinely stunning!! Easily the best MOC of this scene that I've ever seen! The Sail Barge is brilliant!
  6. That's great news! So excited to see final pics now. So what is the lineup in the imperial BP? 2 Royal Guards, Imperial Gunner and Stormtrooper? Thanks, Batman1
  7. It is very confusing and I agree that your hypothesis makes far more sense. It will be strange to see the new characters in lego form before we see them in the cartoon. I seriously hope they drop the large eyed anime look for the figs though. I really don't fancy some strange looking storm troopers.
  8. Are we assuming that the 'Troopers' in the Imperial BP are going to be Death Star Gunners? Or at least new figs? Thanks, Batman1
  9. I think we probably will get 'Rebels' sets in the summer, even though it is before the release of the show. I'm pretty sure the first Clone Wars sets in 2008 were released a few months before the show aired in September. It's likely they'll want them on the shelves for the show airing, rather than waiting another 6 months. I'm really very excited to see what we get from the 'Rebels' show in lego form. Getting a lego version of the 'Kenner Troop Transporter' would be incredible.
  10. These images are from a user on FBTB so credit goes to him for seeing the dealers catalog. The gran looks amazing!! Batman1
  11. I think that everyone who watches this show will be VERY interested in this clip! Make sure you watch right until the very end! Batman1
  12. Here is my entry with all my Star Wars minifigures around the fire http://www.brickshel...ns/img_1902.jpg Thanks for putting together a cool contest! Love the other entries Batman1
  13. New Preview :)
  14. Well here is the google translate which should give you the gist Go with Luke Skywalker on the ice-covered planet of Hoth in his snow-speeder! Beware tranches command center with Commander Rikanom Imperial pilots and catch speeders snow attacking Defense Forces rebels. Shoot from the turret guns! Help the rebels defeat the forces of the Galactic Empire in the Battle for the planet Hoth from the movie "Star Wars: Episode V. The Empire Strikes Back "! The set includes five minifigurok with various weapons and accessories: Luke Skywalker in clothing for snow speeder, General Rick, a rebel-infantryman from the planet Hoth and 2 pilots snow speeders. Stop the attack by the forces of the Empire Luke Skywalker and his snow speeder! Help commander Rikanu and Luke Skywalker on a snow speeder protect Defense Forces rebel infantry from imperial snow! The set includes five minifigurok with various weapons and accessories: Luke Skywalker in clothing for snow speeder, General Rick, a rebel-infantryman from the planet Hoth and 2 pilots snow speeders Features: snow speeder, speeder cycle blaster E-Web, a probe droid forces of the Empire, turret gun, command center, a trench and Taounate Snow speeder has an opening cockpit and tow hook with rope Tower gun can shoot Set includes six weapons: lightsaber, blaster pistol, 2 blaster rifles and two blaster accessories: shovel, pickaxe windsock and repel the forces of the Empire! Open up the shells! Dimensions snow speeder height of more than 6 cm, length 18 cm, width 13 cm Dimensions trenches: length 20 cm, width 11 cm, height 10 cm
  15. New previews for you all