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  1. Just need to trade for Sea Captain, Librarian, Trendsetter, and Medusa. Might be willing to buy as well but still looking to trade. http://www.eurobrick...75#entry1088321
  2. Updated with a few more haves, and some of the same wants
  3. +1 Lego Otaku
  4. Updated with new haves/wants
  5. Bummer about lack of OT. The X-Wing, I'm guessing is in a Dagobah planet set, maybe with all the white pieces replaced with sand green to give it a swampy look. Unless Klaus misremembered and it is a Y-Wing which could come with a Yavin (not Yavin 4) planet set. Maybe the ISD is in a Death Star 2 planet set though it would be cool to have a System ISD, scale be damned.
  6. Updated with a few more haves and a few less wants. Only looking for 6 more in Series 10.
  7. As long as the builds themselves are still solid and the figures are new/interesting, I'm all for random figures. I'm hoping Zuckuss and 4-LOM find themselves a random placement soon. (P.S. anyone who doesn't want any random minifigures can sell to me!)
  8. Apologize if this has been answered before but when will the mini vehicle/planet sets from Series 4 be released in the US? Thanks
  9. Off Topic: Michael B. Jordan is not the same guy who played for the Bulls, if that is what you are thinking
  10. Could they do the force ghosts as glow-in-the-dark figures? If they do force ghost figures, I'm not terribly worried how they will turn out if they do not use translucent anything. Even if they are in solid white, light blue, light grey or whathaveyou. Just a limitation of Lego. Also, as far as figures go there are plenty I'd love to see rereleased or updated including: Bespin Luke Bespin Leia Bespin Lando Tusken Raider Dagobah Luke Endor Luke Greedo Jawa Owen Lars Biggs Darklighter for new figures 4-LOM Zuckuss Endor Han Ugnaught Death Star Gunner Beru Lars Figrin Dan Nien Nunb Sy Snootles miscellaneous Cantina aliens Though I've been very pleased with the breadth of minifigs these past few years. I don't know what 1999 Me would have said if he was told we would one day get a Max Rebo Lego
  11. Updated with news haves/wants
  12. +1 for stackables
  13. I have too much nostalgia for this set to recognize all the obvious design inferiority. And a part of me still prefers the old Boba but maybe that's just because of the more accurate jetpack.
  14. Updated! Currently only looking for 2 figs from Series 9, hoping to get both in one trade.
  15. I love the Simpsons so while I could be open to a line, it feels unlikely due to the property not being as "hot" as it has been in recent years. Plus, I wouldn't want the figures looking like this: