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  1. It's actually quite similar to an older system we used to have wherein the news topic would be locked and curated by staff using contributions from the discussion topic, but usually that meant everyone ignored the news topic.
  2. Speculation, as always, belongs in Future Star Wars Sets. There's nothing wrong with speculation, but speculation alone does not constitute a rumor.
  3. The studio model (Devastator, after its slight upgrade to more closely match the other Imperial-II's in Empire) was pretty close to white under bright lights in the original. It looks almost the same color as Tantive IV in the shot where you see the whole of both ships from the front, especially in the non-color-corrected Team Negative One Silver Screen scan.
  4. Just got back from seeing it. It's a good movie; I'm satisfied with it as a standalone film. I approve of tying up all the loose ends and enhancing the gravity of the original by literally killing all the characters who aren't shown in the OT. There were a lot of insider references, but for the most part, they weren't too in-your-face, so I liked that. The Death Star plans being on tapes (the general aesthetic of anything to do with computers was quite close to that of the original, which was great), Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan, and even some more subtle set up for Star Wars, like specifically killing off Red Five. Overall story was fine, although some of the physics in the final battle were...questionable. It's Star Wars, though, so physics never apply. I wish Jyn had a bigger role; it seemed like she was just there because she happened to be Galen's daughter. Other than that, and one stereotypical speech, she doesn't contribute anything special. The entire setup of the consoles and area around the comm dish was utterly ridiculous, but not more ridiculous than the vane in Empire, so I guess I have to forgive it. CGI (presumably) Gold Leader and Red Leader looked fine, though they had the benefit of short shots, low screen time, and helmets. CGI Tarkin was acceptable; CGI Leia definitely looked fake. I need to go listen to more of the soundtrack before I pass final judgment, but the music me for whatever reason. There were a lot of sweeping camera shots with swelling music, and the music just didn't sound entirely like Star Wars. Like in this track. Can't put my finger on why, but I'm not a music person, so maybe someone else can put my gut feeling into words. I have a couple friends, not serious Star Wars fans, who said they're much more onboard with the premise of the original film after seeing this one. I put it somewhere better than Sith but not as good as Jedi or The Force Awakens. (and, obviously, far better than Menace and Clones, not as good as Star Wars or Empire.) Not only is it a good standalone film, but it makes the original better. Obligatory "would've been better if Jyn turned out to be Mara Jade instead of Inigo Montoya."
  5. After retconning in the old canon, you could make the argument that it's the same in the case of the Death Stars. In the old canon, it's kind of ambiguous how intentional an oversight the exhaust port was, and the first one might still be destroyed regardless of arrogance towards underlings, but it could've taken Yavin IV with it if Graneet had pulled the lever faster instead of feeling guilty about Alderaan. It's a bit of a stretch to directly blame the destruction of the second Death Star on intentional insubordination (ignoring the technicality that, yes, the entire Rebellion was intentional insubordination), but as Luke says: "Your overconfidence is your weakness." Vader turned on Palpatine, and Pellaeon speculates that the Emperor had to have been doing some form of battle meditation; confusion following his death was the only way the Rebels could get past the sector fleet.
  6. Whoever's been editing together the music for the trailers in the past couple years is doing an incredible job.
  7. I can't imagine Star Wars would've been nearly as successful if it had been "spies in space" instead of "classic hero's journey with swords and magic in space." Taken with a grain of salt, of course, since I wasn't alive in 1977. Even in the other OT and PT movies, the subplot of stealing the details to either Death Star doesn't really impact the main characters' story arcs that much, and I think it was better left as a background detail. Which is not to say I'm not glad they're making a movie about it now! It just wasn't appropriate before.
  8. Yeah, same here. I got the payment to go through using PayPal (which sent an email confirming the transaction), and the order's listed as "In process" now.
  9. In North America, it's usually midnight Eastern Time. Not sure which timezone(s) are used for the European sites.
  10. Indeed. We're not trying to take some sort of stand for or against this info embargo. Truthfully, we've never discussed what we'd do if we were asked to take down all of the lists and info and discussion, because we've simply never been asked.
  11. I'd rather risk people not expressing agreement because there isn't a 'like' button than have people not write a more detailed comment because there is a 'like' button. You can change your timezone in your profile settings; I just set mine to the zone an hour behind mine.
  12. This is an update to the software that runs the board; the organization of the forums and topics that already exist on top of that should be unchanged.