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  1. Yeah, same here. I got the payment to go through using PayPal (which sent an email confirming the transaction), and the order's listed as "In process" now.
  2. Sure.
  3. In North America, it's usually midnight Eastern Time. Not sure which timezone(s) are used for the European sites.
  4. Done.
  5. Indeed. We're not trying to take some sort of stand for or against this info embargo. Truthfully, we've never discussed what we'd do if we were asked to take down all of the lists and info and discussion, because we've simply never been asked.
  6. I'd rather risk people not expressing agreement because there isn't a 'like' button than have people not write a more detailed comment because there is a 'like' button. You can change your timezone in your profile settings; I just set mine to the zone an hour behind mine.
  7. This is an update to the software that runs the board; the organization of the forums and topics that already exist on top of that should be unchanged.
  8. Please don't use EB to ask to be shown leaked and confidential images.
  9. Oh, and to add to my previous post, in case it wasn't clear, I concur that this promo deserves its own topic, as Lobot has said.
  10. Let me first address the general case, then this particular case: Not entirely; the rumor topics are intended for anything regarding the year's set rumors and discussion, though we're usually pretty lenient when it comes to certain tangential discussions such as early reviews and availability. Promotions are kind of a gray area, especially if they involve new releases. In general, larger promotions (such as this one or May the 4th) are fine as their own topic, and a safe bet would be the set availability topic or even general questions. In this case, I'd say that it's fine to discuss the promotion here, just try to keep it relevant to the 2016 releases. Yes, it isn't strictly on topic, and I can see ways it might lead to serious derailing of the topic, and it'd be a different story if this promotion was just a sale without the minifig or if it didn't coincide with the release of new sets, but I'm not terribly concerned in this particular case. We'll move posts if they stray too far.
  11. No, it's not. This is Star Wars rumors. The merits of asking fan sites to remove information aren't rumors, and discussion of them is not discussion about rumors. Even your own reasoning illustrates that it isn't appropriate for this topic: if the goal is to show companies that it's absurd, then it should probably be posted in the forum specifically for the community relations with TLG -- The Embassy. Then don't post. If you have nothing relevant to say, you don't have some sort of obligation to say something. "There's nothing else to discuss" is never a valid excuse for going off topic. No, seriously, the problem is that the debate about embargoes doesn't belong in this topic. If anyone disagrees, they're welcome to send me a PM (or any of the other staff, if you think going behind my back or over my head will help...), but while I respect your opinion and appreciate your input, this is not up for debate in this topic. Go for it. If you want to create a new site where you can post all the leaks you want and ignore anything TLG says to you, go ahead. EB isn't that site. We haven't built our reputation on sketchy rumors and lax guidelines for many years, and if TLG makes a reasonable request for help, we're going to do the best we can. Which, again, they haven't, in this case. This reported new embargo hasn't been officially communicated to EB in any way. I would imagine that any set list embargo would be coming from Disney or Lucasfilm, not from TLG, and the goal would be to prevent spoiling the movie plot, not to prevent clone companies from beating TLG to market.
  12. As a reminder, this isn't the place to debate or complain about embargoes and other issues regarding leaked information; I understand that such a discussion can stem from and can concern Star Wars rumor discussion, but it itself isn't actually discussion of Star Wars rumors, and would be more appropriate in General Discussion or The Embassy. And in any case, the discussion isn't applicable to this topic for now, as EB hasn't heard anything from TLG regarding the recently leaked information. Thanks!
  13. We've not been told anything along those lines, to my knowledge, although if this was recently announced, it could be that CopMike hasn't had a chance to let us know.
  14. Before it goes too far, this'd probably be a good time to remind everyone that use of spoiler tags is courteous, but, with the exception of the two weeks following a movie release, it's not required in these rumor topics. Staff will not enforce their use, so, of course, neither should you. These are topics about future products, so you read them at your own risk.