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  1. Ok, was a bit late for me yesterday. So, to answer your first question: I personally wouldn't really like a system like that, although for the most part simply due to the fact that my workspace is not that big. So, if I had to get out a lot of containers, I'd have no space left to build. I sticked everything to the wall, so my building-area would be as big as possible What I like about my drawer setup is that everything I need (mostly just Technic) is within my reach and I can access everything without taking up much space (I can 'hang' the drawers from the cabinets, so I don't have to put them on the table). My less used parts and other misc. stuff is in a closet: But, again, it's a bit of a personal taste. If you have a lot of space, I can certainly see why the container-in-drawer method would be nice. Especially if you can dump all the containers around your building-area, that might even be easier that my drawing method. I used to have a some sort of 'suitcase' like Lego2016Lego has here, but without the loose containers within, just static compartments. I didn't really like it because of two reasons. If I needed one part, I had to take out the whole suitcase and put it on a table to get the part. Now, imagine you need parts from 8 suitcases, there's no space for that. I kept opening, closing and stacking the suitcases. So, I really don't recommend storage like that, unless storage space is really limited or you can (again) take out the little containers (although you'd still need to open/close the suitcases when grabbing parts for the first time). At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion and their own favorite ways of doing things. If you ask about opinions, you'll get a lot of opinions, but nothing closer to an actual decision
  2. Do you mean something like this? Or do I understand it incorrectly?
  3. If you could share the file, or open the file in a text-editor (like notepad) and show us what line 78 looks like, we might be able to help bettter
  4. Bricksafe currently has a limit of 100MB per file. Jeroen had a problem with that too, when I wanted to put the DB11 instructions on Bricksafe, that's why the instructions were suddenly separated into 2 books. Jeroen said, that Nathan (from Rebrickable & Bricksafe) said that the limit on Bricksafe is actually much higher, but that their back-end filehosting service has a 100MB limit.
  5. Well, not uploading it on youtube I guess... At least not if you want to provide a file with the 'full quality'. And besides, I believe youtube compresses video anyway, regardless of resolution.
  6. Time to buy one of those new AMD 8-core/16-thread ryzen cpus Or maybe @Renderbricks could give the .pov file a shot with his rendering-machine or whatever he has. But, that looks really nice. Great work people!
  7. I haven't worked on the car for months, so I got at it with a 'fresh' mind. I was also thinking that, maybe the doors are in fact correct and it's the roof that is wrong. However, there's no pivot point for the roof. And I'm pretty much 100% correct that I did that part correct, it's very clear in the video (and also in the video. But even if there would be a pivot point, the L beams at the back of the roof would have no room to pivot backwards (front of the roof up), because they would it the L shaped panels... Btw, the reason why the front window is going through the roof is probably because I just haven't properly modeled that part. It's so frustrating that I have no idea where the problem lies. It's a really nice model, I'm so far, and then this Or, maybe there is no problem and it's really just a digital-only quirk and it just about fits in real-life. But I don't have the parts to test it at the moment
  8. Here's a (4k) render of how far I was. That is already completely stepped and with rotation-steps. The only thing it's missing is the doors. As you can see in the image, I tried getting a door correct, but it doesn't fit at all. Now, I know that sometimes things don't fit in digital models but do fit in real life (because you can 'bend' the parts a bit), but this looks really ridiculous. If anyone has any clue what I did wrong... @JoePsysky maybe?
  9. Damn! I completely forgot about the Corvette! I can't remember what, something happened and I wasn't able to work in the Corvette for some time. But after that, I completely forgot about it. I'm sorry James (any maybe anyone who was waiting/hoping for instructions) I'll see if I find the time to (try to) finish the instructions in the coming weeks. The LDraw model was near complete except for the doors.
  10. Ok, the updated instructions will take a little longer. My LDraw file is a mess, which made updating a little more difficult than I first anticipated, but most of the work is done regarding that. The thing that's mostly in the way now is a bug in LPub3D I'll have to find a way to work around it, because I'm not expecting an update soon. It's probably not that much work, but I don't have a lot of time this weekend.
  11. Well, maybe there will be 6 more small blue Technic pins. I'm not sure if only the instructions were missing those or the parts list as well. And apparently 8x round LBG tiles instead of 8 LBG jumper plates. But, other than that nothing as far as I know.
  12. In other news, I'm preparing a new version of the instructions with a few minor fixes and (maybe) a little higher image quality. Nothing major, but figured I'd let you guys know anyway. I expect it to be ready around Friday/Saturday.
  13. The easiest way is by going to the model-page of the AT-AT on Rebrickable, then selecting the tab 'Buy Parts' (under the video) and then pressing the button 'Add Parts to BrickLink Wanted List' (make sure your browser isn't blocking the pop-up). Then follow the instructions in the pop-up. If that for whatever reason doesn't work, you can do it manually by going to the 'Inventory' tab and selecting the button 'Export Parts' and then choose the BrickLink XML format. Then go to Bricklink and manually upload the parts into a wanted list. Hope that helps
  14. Is this 100% sure? No chance these things will be available at other stores like Amazon? I was hoping they'd be available outside of Lego so my chances for some good deals would be a bit higher Btw, your Brickheadz images are very nice. Especially the last ones
  15. You're keeping it really it up to date with the newest (unofficial) parts