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  1. Yeah, I know. I was also not really a 100% satisfied with how the instructions are now. It was partly due to the small differences in the model and partly due to software limitations (the software in which I created the instructions). Although regarding the software: an upcoming update might have a few features that would make it easier to clarify builds like these in the future.
  2. The 4 missing 1x4 plates should be added on page 53 and page 54 at the 'bottom' of the submodels. That way the slopes are attached a little sturdier. @Raskolnikov Wouldn't it be best to add the 4 1x4 plates to the Rebrickable parts list now instead of waiting? The instructions might contain a few minor errors, but it's highly unlikely the parts list contains more errors, so that way people that want to buy the parts in the future at least have the 4 plates already, regardless of if the instructions are already fixed or not. Well, that sentence sounds vague... Hope you get what I mean
  3. Whoops! They are indeed missing. Well, 2 minor fixes on the list at the moment (the other one is the added image in the instructions, which of course needs to be a proper step). Let's hope the list stays that short
  4. Something's missing?
  5. Wow, that looks cool! So far I haven't been using the animation/scripting aspects of LDcad very much (well, almost never), but it's still on the planning to have some fun with it. Just didn't have the time yet. How long did it take to render that little animation? I did already extensively used the 1.6 mirror feature though: that thing has saved so much time, even though it's not perfect yet. So many thanks for that too
  6. In my opinion LPub3D is much better than LIC. But aside from that, @LvdH: Creating building instructions from an LDraw file is a lot of work. It involves a lot of things and concepts. Too much for me to explain here (or at least at this very moment). The thing is, you have to actually create all the steps manually. You have to say this is a step with this and this part. This is the next step with this and this part. Here the view of the model rotates, here we need an arrow etc. etc. It's certainly by far not just open the LDraw file in LPub3D and you get the instructions (unless someone already added those instruction-commands into the LDraw file of course, but that is often not the case).
  7. I personally haven't read anything about Bricklink sharing those parts (if they made any themselves at all, I haven't double checked if there really are new parts in But, I almost never visit the forums on Bricklink, so I can easily miss news regarding that. That being said, if they made any parts, I don't really expect them to share them since they even password-protect their save-files (which in the end just include LDraw files + some extra stuff)...
  8. I'll receive my Porsche next week (finally found a deal I was satisfied with, although I still think that even the sale price is still ridiculous) and I'm definitely going to build it with this errata by my side. But, I want to thank you already for your great work, Didumos Btw, are there any mods that are nice to have (in your opinion) that aren't in the errata which are best to include while building the set (instead of adding them afterwards)?
  9. Anyone can make any part using the LDraw file format, so it's probably still LDraw, just including some unofficial parts.
  10. You don't have to install anything, just download and run. I tried running it yesterday and it seems to work fine on Windows 10. Even if for whatever reason it does not work, you can always right click on the .exe and run in compatibility mode (e.g. run as if you have Windows XP or Windows 7).
  11. Now that I think of it, the parts-list does have those 2 spring-loaded bricks (they are used in the head), but it doesn't have any of the projectiles you can shoot. So, if you don't have those, you might need to add those to your shopping list too
  12. The earlier mentioned BSbackup worked fine the last time I used it. Having said that, that was a couple of years ago
  13. Thanks for creating the instructions! Great work Finally that huge pile of Bionicle parts tucked away in the corner proves to be useful for something (Piraka heads)
  14. The software says it's 45cm high, 44cm long and 15.5cm wide, but I don't know how accurate that is. @Raskolnikov should be able to confirm (or correct) the dimensions.
  15. @Schneeds I just saw the images of that room in your signature. That's an epic room, I love it! Really cool to have that home-cinema decorated with those huge Star-Wars models. It also really shows the size of some of those UCS models. Will the AT-AT get a place in there too?