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  1. I made an LDraw model of the AT-AT using LDCad and Raskolnikov's photo-instructions. I also used LDCad to add the necessary steps. I then loaded the LDraw file into LPub3D and used that program to format and layout the instructions. That's a really short and simplified explanation, but at the very basic that's how they were made
  2. So, I came across some news articles talking about some new 'moto-mods'. For the people not in the phone-world, Motorola is selling some phones which have special connections for so called 'moto-mods'. The mods can be used to enhance your phone with whatever functionality the mod-maker comes up with. Apparently, Motorola showed off some new mods. One of them caught my eye: a Lego Mindstorms mod. Take a look: | Image from here. It's maybe not clear from an image, so here's a video too. Really recommend watching it, because it makes it much clearer how it works. You can clearly see the EV3 module at the 15 second mark, and it clearly shows how it works and also in combination with other mindstorms and Technic parts. I'm not sure if it is just a concept or if it will be an actual product. Nevertheless, it looks really cool and think of the possibilities! I mean, a phone has a lot more power than the ev3 brick while also being significantly smaller. It has a much better screen. And, depending on how they implement it, maybe you could even use the phone as a sensor too, or the camera capabilties. The only 'downside' I can think of is that a 'moto-mod' like this would (obviously) only work on compatible phones from Motorola and isn't a more general device that works with e.g. all android devices. Nevertheless, I think it's quite cool and I'm wondering how much Lego is involved in this. Maybe, they are working on a new version of Mindstorms where you can use any phone as the 'intelligent brick'? What do you guys think about this moto-mod?
  3. Just noticed this topic and I have to see that looks really nice! But, I have a weak spot for excavators anyway Although, there was one thing I was wondering while looking through all your images: where will you put all the cables? Will there even be enough space for that?
  4. LDCad is miles better than MLCad. LDCad has automatic part snapping like in LDD (although a little tip; it is turned off by default) which makes building so much easier. Not to mention all the other great features including a much easier way to create flexible parts. I really recommend LDCad
  5. Well, instead of trying to get LPub4 to work, I think you're better off trying to get LPub3D to work LPub3D is so much better (and a lot faster!) than LPub4.
  6. As far as I know, uses the LDraw parts library. So when there's an LDraw parts update, chances are high the new parts will also show up in Maybe they've added some of their own parts, that I don't know. I also don't really keep up to date with their other updates myself. But, if you'd like to maintain a topic with their updates, feel free to create one yourself and share the updates in there
  7. Just to make sure: did you install (the old) LPub4 or the new (updated) version called LPub3D?
  8. Haha, thanks! You do have some nice display shelves though! I have a little shelf (in another room) where I put a few things on display every now and then, but things like the Porsche and the BWE just barely fit on there (well, actually they don't and they just stay on the shelf because the better part of the weight is on the shelf ).
  9. Maybe you can post some example images/files? Keep in mind that a rotation step is applied to the parts above it, not under it (kinda unintuitive).
  10. Yup, it's not always the cheapest solution to buy everything at a single store. I have set up my store filters at Rebrickable and Bricklink so that it only shows stores in the EU (because of shipping costs from the US etc.) and there's almost always the same store that has the most lots available for a given MOC or wanted list. It's store in Portugal and it has a huge inventory. However, the it also has huge prices... Like, ridiculously high. I've seen so many parts that they (try to) sell for €9,99 while the average price is more like €0,50. So many times that store pops with for example 150 lots for €700 while the second store has 145 lots for €85 or something like that. And to my surprise that store has a lot of customers and they're all very positive. Well, I always read it's difficult to have a Bricklink store (especially the part to make enough money to make it feasible to invest in more inventory for the store) but with prices like that I'm pretty sure it's a piece of cake I've black-listed the store btw (on Bricklink and Rebrickable), the prices are way too high. Anyway, that was a bit off-topic. But it's a bit of a waste to delete my little story now
  11. Ok, was a bit late for me yesterday. So, to answer your first question: I personally wouldn't really like a system like that, although for the most part simply due to the fact that my workspace is not that big. So, if I had to get out a lot of containers, I'd have no space left to build. I sticked everything to the wall, so my building-area would be as big as possible What I like about my drawer setup is that everything I need (mostly just Technic) is within my reach and I can access everything without taking up much space (I can 'hang' the drawers from the cabinets, so I don't have to put them on the table). My less used parts and other misc. stuff is in a closet: But, again, it's a bit of a personal taste. If you have a lot of space, I can certainly see why the container-in-drawer method would be nice. Especially if you can dump all the containers around your building-area, that might even be easier that my drawing method. I used to have a some sort of 'suitcase' like Lego2016Lego has here, but without the loose containers within, just static compartments. I didn't really like it because of two reasons. If I needed one part, I had to take out the whole suitcase and put it on a table to get the part. Now, imagine you need parts from 8 suitcases, there's no space for that. I kept opening, closing and stacking the suitcases. So, I really don't recommend storage like that, unless storage space is really limited or you can (again) take out the little containers (although you'd still need to open/close the suitcases when grabbing parts for the first time). At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion and their own favorite ways of doing things. If you ask about opinions, you'll get a lot of opinions, but nothing closer to an actual decision
  12. Do you mean something like this? Or do I understand it incorrectly?
  13. If you could share the file, or open the file in a text-editor (like notepad) and show us what line 78 looks like, we might be able to help bettter
  14. Bricksafe currently has a limit of 100MB per file. Jeroen had a problem with that too, when I wanted to put the DB11 instructions on Bricksafe, that's why the instructions were suddenly separated into 2 books. Jeroen said, that Nathan (from Rebrickable & Bricksafe) said that the limit on Bricksafe is actually much higher, but that their back-end filehosting service has a 100MB limit.
  15. Well, not uploading it on youtube I guess... At least not if you want to provide a file with the 'full quality'. And besides, I believe youtube compresses video anyway, regardless of resolution.