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  1. Depends on what you mean. If you mean images: as far as I know Rebrickable uses Lego's own images as much as possible, but when they aren't available they use rendered LDraw parts. However, the download page I linked includes only LDraw images I believe. If you mean part data: well, Rebrickable's own data is a bit of a weird one. It started out as a copy of Bricklink, then they got into trouble with Bricklink, started to copy LDraw part numbering for patterned parts and then developed their own patterned parts numbers. They still use the 'official' part numbers for normal parts (BrickOwl came up with a complete arbitrary part number system after the Bricklink issue). But, Rebrickable does have an extensive part number mapping system, mapping different sources (LDraw, Bricklink, Rebrickable, Brickowl etc.), I don't believe that's included in the download though, but maybe it is through their API?
  2. Yes, you can use LDview to export to some formats. There is also a Blender plugin to import LDraw files (although it doesn't support mpd files at the moment). From Blender, you can export to a wide variety of other 3d formats.
  3. Take a look here or here, maybe that's of use to you
  4. As far as I know, it was always a 'problem' that the site was constantly using 100% of the width. At least, the previous version had it too. Nevertheless, I personally would like to see it a little less wide too, I'm using a 3440p wide screen and when using full screen... my eyes start to bleed (especially with this overly-white theme). Which brings me to my 2nd point: all the white, light grey and a little more white. I do like the more flat design, but a little more color (or at least a little more contrast) would make things so much more clear and organized. Now it looks like a slab of text and images to me...
  5. Oh, I interpreted the "I just bought a new house (found something I couldn't refuse)" differently then I guess. Well, keep strong then. Hope life doesn't get too difficult.
  6. Don't forget to share some pictures of your new Lego room (which I assume you'll have right?)
  7. @KamalMYafi: Wow, I even forgot about that piece of text. Maybe I should update it a bit But to answer your question: LDraw is technically only a collection of parts and a bunch of specifications on how to create and use the parts and models. Super long ago (in the 90s), it started out as a building program, but the LDraw Organisation doesn't have its own software anymore for a long, long time. There are a lot of LDraw 'compatible' programs. LDCad is one of them, used for building models with the LDraw parts. Other well-known programs are LDview for viewing LDraw models, LPub3D for creating instructions using LDraw models and many, many more. You install the LDraw library once and all other programs can use that same library on your PC.
  8. You know, I had a same kind ofidea for litereally years. Instead of a puzzle box, I was thinking of a pneumatic vault/safe. I imagined something like 6 pneumatic switches and if you'd all put them right, the vault door would open. I made like a bazillion real-life and digital prototypes but I just never finished anything. In fact, I even made a prototype for this actual contest (I've got a prototype box that you can only take apart from the inside, so it's a real vault which you can't just take apart because it's Lego), but again, I never finished anything
  9. You can easily include (unofficial) parts into an mpd file. Just open the part and the mpd file in a text editor and paste the part at the end of the mpd file. Or use 'MPDCenter' to automatically scan for unofficial parts and put them into the mpd file. The import feature might be available in LDCad 1.6 (alpha/beta) too, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  10. Why is this all still in the 42054 topic? It's so far from the original now Nonetheless, it does look very nice so far
  11. You can edit those numbers in LDcad by clicking the little info-box with XYZ info that appears when you select a part.
  12. Oh, no, you certainly don't need to delete it. You said " This conversion is from Brickset and my research." so I didn't know how much time you actually put into it or were planning to put into it, so I meant it like a tip.
  13. Not that I don't value your work or anything (don't take this the wrong way!), but I just want to show you that things like this already exist (along with other ones like this and this etc.) that do the same thing.
  14. That feature is in the works. You can try (the first version of) the new feature in the LDCad 1.6 alpha version.
  15. 10251 - Brick Bank - Advanced Models/Modular Buildings Errors: All torso prints are unavailable Most other prints are also unavailable. I believe only the money and clock prints are available. Most of the hair pieces and the elf key are very unofficial parts. They are a raw export from LDD. They are included in the mpd file. Download here.