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  1. Huh, that is really weird. Do you use LDView as a renderer? LPub3D (well, one of the more recent versions) has made some very significant speed improvements when using LDView as a renderer. Make sure you have checked 'Use multiple files single call rendering' in Preferences -> Rendering -> LDView. Anyway, about your parse error. I haven't tested it, but it could be LPub does't like the whitespace in the name. Try changing the submodel name (and the PLI BEGIN line) to something like driver_rear.ldr and see if it works
  2. Do you use LPub4 or LPub3D? Because if not, I'd recommend you try that one first; LPub3D is a lot better and (especially) a lot faster. Also, if you could paste the bit of code that you (try to) use, that would make it easier for people to help you
  3. I can't see anything wrong with the instructions. Granted, the barely different sides can be confusing, but the instructions are correct: On page 61, the submodel without dishes is placed on the side with the hinge of the trapdoor. On page 62, the submodel with dishes is placed on the site with the black technic piece; opposite to the hinge. On page 66 step 17, the submodel with dishes is still opposite to the hinge. On page 66 step 18, the submodel with dishes is still opposite to the hinge, but the view of the model has rotated to the other side. I think the most error-prone page is page 60. If you place the submodel (from page 59) wrong, everything thereafter will be wrong too. I never noticed that page 60 is not very clear Hope that clears things up a bit
  4. Do you have display scaling on something else than 100%? Settings > System > Display > Scale If it's not at 100% (e.g. 150%) try setting it to 100% and see if LDD works fine. I doubt that's causing the problem, but you never know. Some programs are known to have difficulties with something other than 100%.
  5. Cool! Is there a tutorial/manual/guide somewhere on how to use the addon/script?
  6. So... the rules state: Does anyone know if that also includes other digital software such as LDraw or EDIT: I found some extra info in the 'legal section: So, I guess that includes LDraw right?
  7. Or just put 2 black tiles on top of it (a 1x2 and a 1x3) Or is that not allowed cause it aren't Technic pieces?
  8. No idea, it probably has to do with some kind of cache or something. Have you tried waiting a little while (something like 24 hours) to see if the old images still appear? No offense, but I think you'd be better of just switching to another image-hosting. Something like Bricksafe for example, or Flickr, Imgur, Dropbox, whatever suits your needs. Brickshelf is so outdated and has quite a lot of outages. I personally (honestly) think it's quite a miracle that the site is still functioning and kept online, haha.
  9. Well, maybe I have a unpopular opinion here, but I personally think the HoF is kinda useless and just creates a separation between the 'pro builders' and the new builders on a forum like this. But hey, many people seem to like it, so whatever. I don't mind, I just don't use it at all
  10. Well, there is LPub3D, which is quite popular (I use it a lot too). The workflow is a bit different than LDD+Blueprint, but the goal is the same.
  11. I asked the developer, he says no. Or at least, he said it would be an awful lot of work (understandable)
  12. Not happy with the looks!? It has a damn smiley! What more do you want? In all seriousness, it looks really great so far. Both from a purely aesthetic viewpoint and a technical viewpoint (still can't believe you crammed so much in there).
  13. Nope, there isn't
  14. I know you can import LDraw into Blender. But I've shortly tried the Mecabricks workflow of rendering a Mecabricks model and it's all-inclusive. Colors, textures, quality (and I have a feeling Mecabricks' parts are better for rendering than LDraw parts). Everything's set. It's almost a matter of pressing export and off you go. But your renders look really great too. I would personally be really interested in a LDraw -> Blender rendering tutorial. And probably not just me. Especially since this forum's go-to guide for rendering with POV-Ray made by @C3POwen is missing its images (and C3POwen hasn't been online for ages) it would be nice to have a new guide. Thanks for the link though, I thought this was the only one: Well, that's quite a difference: 10 minutes vs 4 hours haha. What gpu do you have?
  15. Oh cool, gpu rendering too? Might have to try that out, see how it performs. Haha