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  1. [quote name='M'Kyuun' timestamp='1451968572' post='2429348'] I've not seen the third or fourth parts of the Evangelion rebuild, so I had to Google Unit 08. Fortunately, the Friends sets should provide enough pink parts to make it. As for Provisional Unit 05, it's definitely a unique design. I still prefer the bipedal Evas, but 05 has a cool insectile aesthetic that's visually arresting. Best of luck in your endeavors; I look forward to your progress! [/quote] Thanks again! I really recommend watching 3.33 (the fourth movie still in production), it's my fav from the Rebuild. Maybe not too late I'll post the other units here, Unit 05 is already in the works. [quote name='anothergol' timestamp='1451991706' post='2429533'] pretty well done [/quote] Thanks!
  2. [quote name='M'Kyuun' timestamp='1451887190' post='2428174'] "Mustn't run away!" Great job! Instantly recognizable. Unit 1 is my favorite of the three main Evas, and you've done a remarkable job of capturing the lanky look, esp the running pose. Any plans to make Units 0 or 2? Makes me want to watch Evangelion again. It's one of my wife's and my favorite animes. [/quote] Thanks for the comment!! Of course, I have plans of making the Units 00 and 02. I had made the two before with an earlier and smaller version of this MOC, but I scrapped after I updated the design of the Unit 01. I'm with plans of making Mari's Units 08 and 05 too, especially the latter.
  3. Hello folks! After a long, long time without a post on EB, I guess it's time for a return, and here's my most recent MOC. This MOC is reproduction of the Evangelion Unit-01 mecha from the 1995 anime (which is my favorite) [i]Neon Genesis Evangelion[/i], with the color scheme used on the Rebuild movies (dark purple with more lime green details). The Unit-01 was piloted by the protagonist Shinji Ikari, it is the first non-prototype unit, and is referred as "Test Type". The Unit-01 houses the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui. This MOC has 2012 parts and is, approximately, 70-75 cm tall (I used as reference the airplane from the set 7893 which measures 58 cm). [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] (sorry for the rather bad photos) Hope you like it!