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  1. wow so much functions in a small space, still dont understand how you nailed the bucket opening mechanism... some kinda wiring?
  2. Its true, its true, its damn true... i was going to buy it but not for that price, not even close. It should even have cost much less than the 42060 because it has 100 less pieces.... imo 42061 is worth $15 tops
  3. Hehe considering how much im being wrong i wouldnt even bet 2 cent, but having a gear switch in a rc model doesnt make sense either since you need to have the vehicle in front of you within an arm-length, so its a bit suspicious either way. M-motor used both for steering and crane rotation could ofc work good as well.
  4. That makes us two, also i think it wont even be driven at all but only have remote controlled outriggers and crane/winch. Reason? no servo included
  5. They charge us 70 euros for the 40th anniversary brick
  6. Indeed! and in talk about possibilites and the new worm gear, it could be very useful in a forklift together with the gear rack. Imagine the lifting capacity with 2 of these gear racks on top of another ;) I doubt they went through all the trouble with a new worm gear and gear rack in new grey color just to be used in some small 1H set. Fingers cross for some impressive construction equipment 2H sets!
  7. Ty nice set of pictures! Telehandler and jet plane looks even better than expected and FINALLY black triangular panels
  8. 8043 is geared down... this tracked racer seems to have 1:1 drive and the tracks seems to just spin due to the poor friction against surface. Maybe it would had work better if geared down a bit, or if they solved this problem on the original version thanks to the less torque of the m-motors - less spin.
  9. I think they might settled with one telehandler, the one in 42062. However, wheres pictures of the jet plane?! im hoping for 18945 panels in black
  10. It seems kinda accurate, even if i find it strange that the 42061 telehandler is supposed to have 100 less pieces than 42060, since the telehandler costs a little bit more. But even with official box art the parts count can be wrong sometimes
  11. LA's not allowed at all, not even for steering? Model cannot use PF for driving?
  12. Based on price i highly doubt that the "RC" tracked racer has anything to do with remote control. Its just a given name, like i.e Honda and Yamaha names some of their motorbikes "RC". Its probably some kinda snowmobile, and if licensed then the real brand will come out later.
  13. WOW. That has to be the worse 1H line up ever - no construction machines at all...
  14. TY for another nice review, this set really grew on me
  15. Alot of pics here, also a video of demonstrating the power functions