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  1. The fact that he can't say anything on the subject is really curious. If they weren't included, I don't know why they couldn't just say that. Secrecy like that outside of the movies usually indicates that they're hiding a "yes". Maybe they'll be in here after all?
  2. This is what I believe was meant by "The times, they are a-changin'." At least, I hope that's what he meant..
  3. Put it on that Chef Joker, so that Lego has to see just how sad they made him by leaving him out the first time!! #LetJokerCook2017!!
  4. Whose head is that??
  5. I've never heard of Blood Rose, but I bet if you take off that bandanna, you'd have a damn fine Madame Rouge from Teen Titans!
  6. I just saw someone use one of those Scout Trooper helmets from Star Wars with Mighty Micro Bane's head backwards, so that the tube-y bit makes his eyepiece. I think that's the best I've seen anyone do with making a purist Deadshot mask.
  7. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN SUGGEST THAT MY PRECIOUS DOREEN WOULD BE VICTIM TO SUCH A TRAVESTY YOU MONSTER I'd say Black Adam's too big a villain to get tossed under the bus like that. If DC wants to get two whole movies out of the guy, they're probably gonna want to put him in a set, too.
  8. Oh man, if they put their Justice League entirely in an expensive Fortress of Solitude set, my heart would shatter, and so would my wallet. I'd have to buy that. There's just no way around it. Are we sure it's a Lego Batman Movie D2C or could it just be a Batman D2C?
  9. There's always surprise polybags. Something like they did with Rocket, Winter Soldier, and Martian Manhunter would be suuuper nice, especially since it's really just two new prints. I'd like to believe that Spidey 2099 is on the way, since TT used the web cape from the Halloween CMF line on him instead of just making it an in-game effect, but they've gotten better and better at imitating Lego's designs. At least we know Gwen's off the table, since she's already been a big focus in the new cartoon's merchandising. I'd say the DIY suit, Gwenpool, and Cowboy Cap are pretty likely.
  10. Aw man, those are all sets I've been really desperate to get! It's interesting that the Sanctum is disappearing so quickly. Could that be taken as solid evidence that we'll be getting Doctor Strange again soon, most likely in Infinity War's sets?
  11. I was thinking the same thing for Jessica, but the massive bit of exposed yellow kinda turned me off of it. That new hood would look pretty sick on Green Arrow, and the torso could even be used for Oliver in the Season 4 Arrow opener, where he's jogging The new CMFs have so many useful parts, though! Jay's scarf could be pretty great for a Red Locust minifig. I don't know what exactly I'd use the blue fish girl's hair for but I know there a couple figs that could use something precisely that punk (Sin?). The Sushi Chef has white legs with black boots, which I don't think we've gotten before but are always useful. Misako's hair could work really well for Roulette. While not a superhero, the guitar player's legs would be downright perfect for a Roxie Richter fig from Scott Pilgrim. I can't wait to see what new bits we get in the next batch of pictures, because I'm getting super inspired!
  12. Now this- this would be ideal. All the collector's benefits, but without depriving us of some of that same satisfaction. If we wanted to, we could track down all the parts and build Ultron's Throne or the Action Comics set, but we still wouldn't have the official box or instructions. Shit, just add in a plate or something with an exclusive print that certifies it as a collector's item, kinda like what the Quinjet and Tumbler sets did. Everybody wins that way.
  13. I doubt that much will change. It's likely just a longer runtime, or even just broadcasting the shorts in half-hour bundles for a season. We haven't heard anything at all about DCSHG for next year that I'm aware of, although there are three really killer new sets coming out this year!
  14. I'm liking Duncan's train of thought, but we got Atom the year Legends came out, so I'm betting we'll see some representation from DC's newest show. DC - Black Lightning Marvel - Korg I'm thinking Marvel might be a step ahead of us, and is gonna start promoting Thor by then. I'm thinking that mostly so I can have a unique guess, even though Cowboy Cap, DIY Spider-Man, or somebody from whatever their big headlining comic event this year is are the safest possible bets. Of course, this is assuming we actually get exclusives this year, since Sir Gareth seems to be indicating that that might not be the case..
  15. I love just about everything about that Aquaman figure. It always makes me love it a little extra. A little arm printing and a different skin tone would make that minifig downright flawless.