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  1. I don't know how this could get better, honestly. Wait! No! Blink twice if it involves forty cakes (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease)
  2. Going a touch off-topic for a second, but I just need to gush: I'm still kind of surprised that they didn't go with scale-mail, but this suit is honestly kind of perfect?? Even the way the green carries down to the boots! If I had any complaint here, it would probably just be with the intensity of the color being too lax and Jason Mamoa's hair and beard not quite fitting the design, but he looks so much like the 90s hook-hand Aquaman without the full armor that I'm letting it pass. Somehow the Aquaman side of the DCEU is just shredding it, and I can't wait to see what they do with the rest of his cast. ANYWAY I kind of wish they would've gone into more detail with the figure's arms, at least to include those rad gauntlets and maybe the shoulder pads. I'm also hoping the buckle printing on the hips is better in person, because it looks almost nonexistent in Delta's photo. I can make out subtle traces of the triangle pattern in between the bands on the torso, like they're printed in a color that's not quite different enough for the camera to focus on it. Pretty great translation of a pretty damn great design.
  3. We've actually seen a little bit of that already. His irises are a really dope white in the Justice League posters, and in the "Talk." bit of the trailer, which seems to be what the minifig's going for here. I'm guessing it has something to do with him being out of the water, since he seems to have dark brown eyes in his BvS cameo and some other shots. I'm 85% sure that's just a joke, and 15% hopeful that it's not
  4. Got a new one! Bluebird!!
  5. That new hair mold on Aquaman would look awfully good on a Lobo figure, and Lobo just so happens to be a pretty well-spotlighted character on JLA...just sayin'... Tactical Batman looks surprisingly pretty dope. I like the head printing, and I'm betting those legs will see a lot of use in some custom Batman: Arkham figures. I think the figure might look better than the actual suit, honestly, but I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get a new cowl mold with goggles, or at least some printed on the existing cowl. That'd be a nice touch, but it's certainly no dealbreaker.
  6. It's looking pretty likely that Goliath is the pre-order fig at this point, which is a bit of a bummer for a couple of reasons (have we ever had better Booster Gold parts??) but I think I'll still go in for the pre-order anyway. It's nothing revolutionary or to die for, but I'll take whatever superhero figs I can get, especially when they're free.
  7. I just came across a gifset of Alfred's bit in the Lego Batman Movie about Batman's "phases", and I noticed that their Vicki Vale is just the Mayor with a Hermione head and Supergirl's hair. I don't even think the color of the hands is different, honestly, but that might've just been the shot's lighting. So I guess if you want a semi-official Vicki Vale, that's how you'd do it.
  8. I thought so, too, but I think that might just be the lighting.
  9. Oh man, I was just trying to find some good combos for all those guys! This is great, especially that armor! Perfect way to do his big glowy shoulder thingies!
  10. That'd be it! Ah, that would make some sense.
  11. Yeah, she could REALLY use a redesign on the off chance that they bring her back.
  12. I just saw a photo on of a DCEU Aquaman statue that's wearing the classic costume, the one with all orange up top, all green on bottom. Maybe that's what they're giving us in the set? It would explain the lack of green detailing on the chest.
  13. I'm willing to bet that Robbie Reyes will be in there, whether it's the Agents of SHIELD version or not. Same goes for Quake and Coulson. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that we'll be seeing more of the recent popular characters from the comics like Robbie, Ms. Marvel, and the Champions (though maybe minus Cyclops, depending on the X-presence).
  14. Spider-Gwen is DEFINITELY happening sooner than later. She'll be starring in the new Spider-Man cartoon, after all. I'd say she, AraƱa, and a re-released Miles Morales are imminent.
  15. Yeah, no, they definitely asked about Spider-Man Noir, and it was on the picture of the box art with 2099 on it.