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  1. Very well done. Love how you got all the functionality in this relatively small scale.
  2. For those who are interested; the inside of my vehicle:
  3. Rules: Every vehicle is powered with a standard AA batterybox and a single medium motor. Length or width shouldn't exceed 16 studs. Prizes are awarded for prettyness, originality, best crash, and fastest speed. In that order. Prizes in this case were won by eti, lucrichters, koffiemoc, and trijntje, In that order. Adapt rules as needed.
  4. Great model, I love all the functional details you've put into it. The rotating flashing lights are a great touch. Can you maybe take a picture of Judy Hopps inside the vehicle?
  5. Love the periscope with the printed tile.
  6. Good to hear from you again, the new model looks promising! Also, best of luck with the new job!
  7. New video works like a charm. I really like the build. Shame to hear about the compressor, pneumatics can be finicky like that.
  8. I can't really comment on wether rebuilding it would be an advantage in this situation, but on the whole I've found that rebuilding something over and over and over again is an intrinsic part of building with Technic. It's something I've grudgingly come to terms with.
  9. I buy most sets merely for parts. I have trouble building them once.
  10. I don't agree. The point I was trying to make is that the proposed parts the OP wants are superfluous, because what they want can easily be done by combining existing parts. You don't need longer parts, you need to put existing parts together the right way. A longer beam alone will not solve their problem, it'll bend. Even a beam made out of a more rigid material will eventually give out if not supported. If you're building on a bigger scale, you easily have the room to connect a couple of parts together to reach the length you need. For proof: Lego consistently manages to make technic models longer than 15 studs. That's where you have a point.
  11. You've made a very nice model, very recogniseable. I really dig the extending functionality of the drill. I'm just wondering; how well does the steering work? You've got 4 steered wheels, as opposed to 8 unsteered wheels. Doesn't seem like a lot.
  12. The current 1 brick high bricks can be very restrictive when building tall houses. Taller bricks would be useful to avoid stacking bricks. There are already 5 brick high pieces like this, so why not any higher?
  13. This seems like the exact thing you want: You can find more info and some screenshots on this page:
  14. No, the best way to make it stop is to simply lock the topics. Obviously, some people can't be trusted to leave well enough alone.
  15. I never used any sort of clutch gears. x928cx1 is strong enough to return a medium motor to its center 1:1, as can be seen , and . I've been using this solution since 2005. As long as you don't permanently keep it in the steered position you should be absolutely fine. Nevertheless, I would recommend just getting a PF Servo, as it's WAY better suited for the task.