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  1. The series has its ups and downs, but doesn't every series? I don't know though, this series isn't looking that great right now. I'm definitely not getting all of them, and that's a shame as I have been collecting them all since a long time. Don't get me wrong, I'll get a few and there's still some really detailed minifigures in this series. But, it didn't live up to my expectations.
  2. They look average... there are good minifigures, and then some that are just questionable. Hopefully the rest will wow me, because I'm not that impressed at the moment. Also, Lloyd in his costume is a minifigure... There's also a minifigure with Harley Quinn's pigtail hair piece in blue and pink.
  3. I was on the same boat as you, and now have to squeeze this set in my collection no matter what.
  4. Azog and bard are good examples of that from the hobbit line. Green lantern and bizarro were exclusives and then got released with a different variant later on. Anything is possible.
  5. Wow! That's a beauty I made some observations. Sabine's hair in green is used for a plant, brilliant! 3 blue boomerangs are used in a build for a target. There's a beige crab in this set! Orange straw hat and orange scarf That crowbar black roof is amazing Galidor shirt That's also Mother Doomsday! Kai in civilian clothes, still hope this will show up in the CMF line Misako is younger? That pink torso is amazing in every way Rocket racer, and Island extreme references are a huge plus
  6. Number 2 sounds about right! NO one knows who the exclusive minifigures are, NO one.
  7. It's that time again! SDCC is coming up real quick. I started this topic last year and decided to keep the tradition going. This topic is to avoid guesses in the superhero threads. Feel free to put your guesses in this thread. Rules: You can guess one minifigure each for Marvel and DC You can copy others, but who ever put it first, gets the credit ;) When the exclusives are revealed, we'll see who's right :) This time, we all will have to guess because I have no info about them! I'll start with my guesses! Marvel: Spider-Man homemade suit DC: Ares Alrighty, start guessing!
  8. It's Larry the baristas hair, this is a lighter brown though. It has also come in black, blonde, and azure blue.
  9. Thanks for sharing! It looks like they tried to utilize printing for very minimal hair. It's smart, i think it looks surprisingly good.
  10. The thing is, they look at concept art way beforehand. That's all they can base the sets off of. Releasing sets before the movie comes out, brings in a lot of hype for it. Making the sets after the movie has come and gone would just make no sense. It's not Lego's fault that they get sent very early concept art pictures. I think you're just overreacting to this, sure the set is inaccurate, but making a post like that is just childish. Lego is for the kids, remember that. We are adults and we should act like adults.
  11. Nope, I have no idea where you heard that from.
  12. Probably not going to happen. We would have heard more details about that by now. The homemade suit could be a SDCC exclusive. Also, I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing tinkerer in minifigure form anytime soon.
  13. I'm just amazed that they made a new arm piece just for him, but I'll take it. His cgi looks awful in the movie, but this figure
  14. GOTG VOL. 2 poster in lego! Nebula has her dark red oufit here... Perhaps, we could see it as a SDCC exclusive as it has arm printing. Then, I remember that nick fury was in that Avengers lego poster and had a different variant that we haven't seen yet. So, maybe we won't get it. Ayesha is also in her gold outfit. Anyways, it looks pretty cool.