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  1. I like the over all design and interior detailing. It has the feel of a forward deployed "sea basing" ship that that relies on smaller craft to ferry men and materials down to planetary outposts. It seems like there should be an airlock near the forward landing pad so the explorers and space cruisers can load people and materials from the holds. The forward platform seems like there wants to be more structure extending from the lower deck crew quarters. A ship this size, with a large crew, would require a lot of space devoted to engineering to house the powerplant, life support, and stores for consumables (fuel, food, water, etc) and that would be a good place for those kind of spaces. The engine array feels like it should be larger for a ship of this size. Great build, thanks for sharing. -drc
  2. Great build. Like the use of the old exploriens wing pieces. I have never been able to use them effectively in a moc. I really like the hangar design. I would think that there should be anti-star fighter turrets distributed over more of the model and on the underside to give all round point defense. -drc
  3. Love it! I never saw the show you are basing the design on. The interior cool, and I like the details like the hatches on the sides and above the drivers canopies. Did you consider that the bubble canopy would be a good spot for a gun turret (maybe as a variant of the prototype you are trying to model)
  4. Love the ships! Are you doing "exact" 1/350 scale or best approximation with LEGO pieces? I have found that 1 stud = 10 ft is roughly 1/380 scale. Doing ships at this scale requires creative building techniques to achieve desired form/shape. And there are always compromises in getting the details sized correctly. I noticed the inveted 1x1 "with tooth" pieces used to paired with another 1x1 to represent a small boat on a few of the models. I thought that was a really creative use of that part for that particular detail! If LEGO could get over their issue with "contemporary military vehicles", I think a line of ships at this scale (similar to the architecture series) would be a good seller. They could do 1 or 2 a year mixing up commercial cargo ships and military ships both modern and historic vessels. There are plenty of museum ships that these type of sets might sell well in gift shops, etc. Drc
  5. Cool! I'm not much of a mech person, but I can appreciate the complexity and design that goes into them. I really like how the hands/claws are built with the deployable triple chainsaws. The blue leg armor is interesting since at first glance it looks like a normal LEGO piece but is a plate with center stud and round tile. Ice planet was one of my favorite post-dark-age themes. The model might look more "in-theme" with a trans-orange disk on the front of the cockpit but the solid white disk does not look out of place. Also, the ice planet theme was centered around build, transport, and launching rockets with all the larger models incorporated them to some extent. Would be interesting to see if the rocket theme could be included in this design, maybe as a rocket pack that attaches to the back to allow it to fly. I really liked the concept art page too. What did you use to render the design and how did you light up the 1x1 round on the front of the cockpit? Again, cool build. drc
  6. I finished a recent update to my TOS (MK-I) Colonial Viper in LDD/Bluerender. Thought I would render it with my MK-II version for comparison. The MK-I version is a major update over my previous versions and incorporates many of the building techniques from the MK-II version. Both feature nearly studless exteriors and fully retractable landing gear. It was quite a challenge to incorporate the landing gear while getting the shapes as accurate as possible in a "mini-fig" scale implementation. The cockpits are very cramped and not as detailed as I would typically like, but that was one of the compromises to achieve the overall form. Though, not apparent from the picture above, both models have studless under-bellies allowed by many of the newer "snot" bricks that are now available. The MK-II version contains 322 pieces and has been built in real bricks. It has been posted for some time and can be found in this brickshelf gallery The MK-I version contains 438 pieces and for now is a virtual model only. Other renders can be found in this gallery (when made public). Though previous iterations of the MK-I have been built, this one relies on many newer parts and will take some time to acquire via bricklink (if they exist in the desired colors). Thanks for looking, drc
  7. Stunning build. Do you have any pics of the suspension and axle arrangement? I like the little droids on the trailer
  8. Hey there - don't post much but the new xwing windscreen being available in trans-yellow inspired me to update one of my MOCs that I was never quite satisfied with until now. Backstory: In order to combat the increased incursions from the Blacktron forces and protect against their raids on commerce lanes, the Legoland Space Forces commissioned the development of a new scout and patrol craft. A decided departure from earlier, lightly armed, exploration craft, the LL919 is a high-endurance, single seat combat vessel designed to fill commerce escort, interception and interdiction roles. The Galaxy corporation developed a series of prototype craft from the successful LL901 light scout vessel. The basic spaceframe was stretched to accommodate an advanced high-power compact fusion reactor, a FTL jump drive, high performance sublight drives, additional armaments and an advanced AI system to assist with target tracking and identification and navigation on long patrols. The wing area was increased to accommodate additional radiator capacity to dissipate the heat generated by the advanced combat systems as well as improve trans-atmospheric performance. Armament features dual high rate blasters on each wingtip to engage smaller craft. Dual forward particle cannons and 6 under-wing hard-points carrying auto-seeking anti-matter torpedoes allow the LL919 to effectively engage heavy vessels. The FTL jump drive capabilities are classified but experts estimate that a jump drive in a craft this size would be capable of around 6 intersellar jumps before requiring maintenance and refueling. However, the craft does appear to have dorsal Bussard scoop which might allow the LL919 to extend its maximum endurance by travelling through dense clouds of interstellar hydrogen gas to replenish its fusion reactor. The craft features retractable nose gear and the ventral fins pivot to serve as the rear landing supports. The LL919 has had nothing but praise from the initial test pilots and it is now being rolled out to the LLSF's elite units. The photo below shows an LL919 wearing the famed "Scarlet Vipers" squadron colors. It is expected that the LL919 will be sent to equip all of the LLSF's patrol squadrons, replacing the current issue X-1 patrol craft, Cosmic Cruiser, FX-Starpatroller and other units, once Galaxy Corp. completes the initial Low-Rate-Initial-Production models and is authorized to begin full scale production. Link to brickshelf gallery Builders Notes: This MOC is proof that a build is never done. I have had different variations of this build in LDD for several years and I was never quite satisfied with the look. The new T70 xwing canopy struck me as perfect for this build so I recently re-designed the canopy section to include it. There is a "design progression" picture in the brickshelf gallery that captures many of the iterations of this design over the years. The nearly studless exterior features significant SNOT construction techniques. Total piece count is 343 bricks including the pilot minifig. The design is obviously inspired by the Buck-Rogers Earth Directorate "Thunder fighter" with the tail section somewhat inspired by the A-wing. For now, this MOC will likely remain a virtual creation as acquiring some of the pieces in the colors needed will be difficult. This is my first attempt a using "Bluerender" and I just want to say a big thank you to those who developed it. I found it very easy to use on my first go-around and can have the satisfaction of a more realistic visualization of this creation until I can find a color scheme I like that where all the elements are commonly available. One of the next things I need to try is to figure out how to include the classic-space logos in the render. Anyways - thanks for looking drc
  9. Looks cool. I like the front-on shot. Looks similar in overall shape and layout to the space-police ship you posted but construction looks like it utilizes more snot techniques. However, I think it would look a little better without the top 1x4 tail piece.
  10. I think part of the issue is that other than starwars, there appears to be no interest in the "classic" sci-fi / space genre. Think back to the mid70s / early 80s. The Apollo program was winding down, the Russians and Americans were experimenting with space stations, the shuttle was being developed, the Voyager probes were launched and Mars was "just around the corner". Star wars was a huge hit but there were plenty of other sci-fi TV shows and movies. Space travel at that time held a much bigger interest and fascination with the general public. The classic space line was launched during this timeframe. Somewhere along the line, space travel became somewhat routine except for whenever a disaster occurred. Other than starwars based properties, how many other sci-fi shows are out there that have more than a cult following? Couple that with the fact that most TV shows have to be dark, gritty, and edgy how many sci-fi shows appeal to a 5-7 yr old? (I could not let my kids watch the BSG reboot). So for little kids, there just doesn't seem to be the general interest in swooshing little winged spaceships around the house unless it's an x-wing or tie fighter... Any new LEGO sci-fi theme would need to have a tie-in with a cartoon like nexo knights or ninjago and/or video game to have any success and longevity. I think ours best bet for any space sets are one-off creator style sets, or near future exploration sets that get approved through the ideas process.
  11. I like it with the jail attached. I thought it resembled a z95 headhunter. Might look cool if you continued the blue stripe along the side of the cockpit and up the inner 1x4 slope so that it connects with the wing stripes. Would also be interesting to see what it would look like with a trans red canopy in ldd/bluerender . Cool build!
  12. Looks cool. I like the canopy pieces. If you dig around in the digital designer forum, there is a program called Bluerender that can make much better "photo-like" images from a LDD model.
  13. The Vietnam era version (OH-6 loach) was commonly armed with an M60 machine gun operated by the rear seat door gunner on the right side and a fixed M134 minigun controlled by the pilot on the left side.
  14. I remember a discussion from a long time ago that minifig proportions are closer to that of a small child than an adult. Hence if you scale them to an adult height, they end up too wide. I usually use 1 stud = 1 foot. Most true scale models get very large so "selective compression" usually comes into play anyways for a typical builder.
  15. I don't like the spring launchers. Too easy to have a negligent discharge. Also, flick fire parts are useful and can built into other things whereas the spring launch parts are pretty much single purpose items...