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  1. Outdoor photos (much better light) Hope you like it. :) T2-603 OUTDOOR T2-603 OUTDOOR T2-603 OUTDOOR T2-603 OUTDOOR by Horcik Designs, on Flickr
  2. Here is another set of photos showing unedited photos and more details of the internal structures. T2-603 - internal structure https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzavaaFJ4j7cQmcyVFk2OUxvQ3c?usp=sharing
  3. I meant using different set of gears - for the same ratio and distances I suggest 36t with12t combination They're much stronger than these tiny 8t, which probably will have many problems with transmitted torque.
  4. The front axle goes smoothly (until til the first inclination of steering wheel), main problems are in the rear, where the wheels hit the fenders. :|
  5. I think you should consider changing the width/length ratio and position of steering wheel, unless you plan something special in the middle. :D And, If I were you, I would save the poor 8t wheels in the drivetrain from destruction by replacing them with different and more rigid geartrain setup.
  6. Thank you. :) @Didumos69: You have not seen it rolling, so saying it is awesome from technical perspective might not be accurate :D @I_Igor - yes, you see right. Black paint on LBG rims. @Nerdsforprez: Using rigid tubes would need additional attachment points, shaping of them then heating or more cutting than using PTs. And because I decided to go in non-destructive way, metal was better option for keeping parts mostly re-useable.
  7. I am glad you like it! @JunkstyleGio: I do not want to promise any video, but I'll try to find some time for that. :)
  8. Thank you very much! The pneumatic tubing is reinforced with metal wire to stay in shape. The rims and tires are painted to fit the look of the car more. I¨ll take more photos as soon as possible.
  9. Thank you very much! Making heavy trucks is present and also past main production line of Tatra (these days, Tatra Tucks). However there were (mainly in the beginning) some exceptions.
  10. Hi, This is my latest finished MOC - The Tatra T2-603 (1962). (Have somebody build this car in this scale so far? (I know that there is one much smaller) I do not believe that I am the first one ) I started to build this car in the end of December 2016 and after two weeks of building I decided to aim it to exhibition in Prague. So this car is mostly a "show version", without needed attention to all functions that there should have been. Tatra T2-603 Tatra T2-603 Tatra T2-603 T2-603 T2-603 Here are photos to illustrate features of the model. Not all are showing current assembly. WIP2 T603 T2-603 Suspension Front: Macpherson suspension strut T2-603 Steering: HOGless, working steering wheel, connected with axle via two U-joints and chain. T2-603 - internal structure WIP2 1:11.1 Suspension Rear: Tatra's signature swinging half-axle (Ledwinka's conception) T2-603 Engine: fake and red air-cooled 90° V8 [WIP] WIP T2-603 T2-603 Gearbox: missing due to lack of space Opening: all doors, hood, trunk WIP T2-603 T2-603 Interior: detailed, but not overloaded and luxurious. Pure luxury I plan to make more photos of this MOC, so stay tuned. Enjoy, in case you like it.
  11. Yes, they are, but I used it in connection with the name of this topic. (not best choice of words, I know)
  12. Conceptual abstraction of Rugged-ness at it's best. :D (sorry for spam)
  13. I think that I can make it, in case you're interested. (My previous drawings are here: http://horcikdesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/)
  14. You'll need PF extension wire (that LBG end), and advanced controller for remote control - V2 reciever or S-brick to power the motor. Ordinary IR reciever stalls when it has to feed the motor directly. For smaller cars, one motor is enough for whole car (connected directly to the driven axle. It is fast (maybe more than enough) and there's minimal friction. Bigger builds or more complicated drivetrains need gear reduction.