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  1. I experimented many times with this offset setup, but never finished it. You did it, and that's the reason for forgiving this insane colour scheme. Personally, I would consider using micro fake engine, that could be proper V10 or V12,. Do you plan to make a video?
  2. Macro? Not the best, but I like the organic-tech-like texture. :D All of my tracks... by Horcik Designs, on Flickr
  3. Mr. Blue strikes again! Maybe , when edges were changed into more curves, it might be better, but it is undoubtedly beetle- Good job!
  4. Thank you! :) I tried to add them to the car, but they're too wide, in my opinion. I also tried model-team rims with radar dish inside them, but these on photos are the best.
  5. Thank you very much for positive feedback! :)
  6. Thanks! There are two extra panes on the roof, to be honest. :)
  7. Thank you all! I am glad you like it . Smaller pistons (axles) were moving only inside of the block, and that looked too boring to me. I would be honored. (and when it's finished, maybe also inspired to make another :D) Instructions? Maybe in summer. I do not promise, I'm also not saying No. Eh, by "one day" I meant 24 hours of building, not "from sunrise 'till sunset. :D (school also needs it's time, but relaxing is necessary :D)
  8. Hi AFOLs, I would like to show you my latest "one-day build", the Hot-rod. It features working steering and fake engine. Hope you like it. :) MadBlack MadBlack MadBlack MadBlack MadBlack
  9. As long as the body of the car won't be also red, the interior is great, IMHO. Keep up good work! Personally, I would add bigger steering wheel, current one is too small
  10. It is great vehicle judging by it's performance, and really nice rollcage you made However the engines are too oversized for it, IMO. One would be enough, more care behind the scoop would also be great.
  11. There are many builders, but only a few can really BUILD. You, Didumos69, are one of them.
  12. Masterpiece.
  13. In my opinion, wheel arches should be more curvy than they're right now. Maybe flex-axle would fix it ;)
  14. Personally, I would improve the wheel arches, but the rest is awesome. I'm really looking forward to see it finished.
  15. i really like the colour combination. Functions seems to be great too, but seeing them in motion, it would be the best. :)