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  1. That hook element great, how much does it cost?
  2. I just use a soft flex axle to pull those parts out. I still havent bought one of those differentials....or is that the technical term?
  3. Prices of the infamous Red #3 connector is starting to drop:
  4. Same.....good parts pack but i dont like the colour. If it was Medium or say would have been better. I am against these new colours being used as the reusability for MOCs is limited, as you somply don not have eneough Technic parts in Azure or Purple or Bright Green to make a complete model. But more then that imo the set is way overpriced!...€130 Euro?....for a battery box and medium motor?, at that price point they could have made a larger model like 42042 for the same price.
  5. I have noticed the price of #53178 has dropped ALOT?...seems to be a large supply of these parts available now:
  6. I wonder....on the B model of 8273 they used a turntable as a sort of pendular suspension, do you think the technique will be employed again?
  7. Will 42070 use Portal axles and ball joints like 8110?
  8. Efferman, would there be any need for a 4L Technic pin?
  9. WTF?....i think it looks fantastic! Could you not revise the model based on the new images/videos?....make it even more accurate, you did a fantastic job based on one blurry prelim image...kudos. Now you have more stuff to work with :-)
  10. Sorry for swearing yesterday....
  11. The Hard springs were in White on 8461, Yellow on 42039 etc. and Red on 42056....i haven't seen any other hard springs types in other colours. I think the confusion as to what is a Normal and Soft spring. Visually the springs might look different also. And i haven't touched the longer 9.5L shocks on 9398 etc. there is a wide variety of those as well....with Soft, Hard and Extra Hard springs in different colours. I have several types, i have Red, Dark Blue, Light Gray, Light Bluish Gray and Yellow....i don't have any Teal or Blue ones. In the 9.5L in have Yellow/Black and all Black, i also have Red/Black shocks as used in this set: I don't have any Dark Gray or the ALL Yellow shocks used on 8466,
  12. This.....superb model, especially the wheel covers.
  13. Maybe your creations are soo amazing people are stunned into silence and can no longer speak, er....type? "Wow, awesome MOC" - you nailed it, the modding dosent allow for people to say that without saying something longer or contributing to the thread, such replies are considered spam, which is very wrong and discourages people from replying to topics.
  14. Could be possible to try fill in the gaps up at the top. its very nicely paneled and filled in on all sides though. I wonder how the medium motor steers the vehicle?....why not use a servo motor? I wonder also if you can add power functions to this?....its a €90 set and they usually are designed around adding a power functions set to motorise its functions,
  15. DO NOT tell me what i can and cannot post, that is not your job.