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  1. To add to the conversation, since i posted lasted i have finally parted out this set. I bought a second hand set and as usual with these old sets that use OLD Light Gray parts....there was alot of yellowing and exposure to sunlight. Seems to be a major issue with the old Light Gray parts...they look dirty and discoloured. I wanted to rebuild this set with as many brand new parts as possible. To do this i made a creative choice, i decided to use the modern Light Bluish Gray parts instead of the old Light Gray colour, i even got the 4L Universal Joint in LBG brand new: Also i got Part #2536 in LBG (second hand): Alas i was not able to find Part #3749 in LBG, so i decided to use Part #43093 in Blue instead: I replaced the old Dark Gray with the newer DBG colour palete, i haven't built the set yet...its all parted out and in a bag, but i can finally have this set with some 97% brand new parts.
  2. Any ideas or renders what what a Small Power Functions motor would/could look like? Where could you mount it, how much power would/should it have etc?....the M motor is pretty small, so it would be interesting to see ideas for a future S motor.
  3. The 10 x 18 bucket in Black is used in this set, i am wondering if the older type in Yellow could be used instead? Part #2814:
  4. My first set was the hardest, because i had never used Lego before...never mind Technic. I was building the 9393 Pickup Truck and it took me 12 hours. But now i just fly through sets....though thr older manuals require more concentration and watching the build guide more closely.
  5. The prices for the V2 receiver are quite insane, i think this is why 9398 has helf its value and actually gone UP in price, new or second hand. The V2 receiver + the other PF parts make it a must have set.
  6. I screwed up selling my 8110, and i got it on sale as well for €150....i dunno why, but i built it twice and the wheels would not roll when placed on the ground, but did spin ok when you took it off the floor. I got pissed off after trying twice so i sold it....BIG mistake, even just for the awesome parts i should have kept it. I only got €100 for it. As for missing out on, while i wasn't into Technic at the time, i think 41999 would be at the top of my list.
  7. No...too expensive for my taste, maybe if one pops up on the cheap i will buy one. Easist way to get this part is buying 8421 second hand. The prices of that set have come down ALOT in recent years. Though...i thought this topic would be covering the buggy motors found in 8475 etc. ?
  8. ULTRA RARE Black Technic bush #4265c on Ebay...but @ €5.10 for one....... I also bought some of the new parts in new colours of Ebay: This part in Red: And Part #32126 in White:
  9. I was thinking there was an edition with black clutch gears, i am trying to part out this set but trying to get the parts that proginally came with the first edition released etc. Buying second hand you dont know what parts you're gonna get though. Could you scan that adendment part sheet?
  10. Did the white steering arm come with Black towballs with axle hole?
  11. Did this set come part mold/part revisions?....wa there like a 1st and 2nd edition released or something? I see the Steering Arm were released in two different molds (pin vs. axle hole) and two colours (White vs. old Light Gray) If you have this set, what did you get?....which version/clour od the ORIGINAL released version?
  12. For anyone interested: 16L soft axles in Red, #32202:
  13. With a minimum buy policy, and postage costs....
  14. This set lacks something, price is too high, not enough functions....its just a bunch of panels.
  15.'s probably best to be buying a few others things to justify the postage cost. I personally pay €3 for shipping.