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  1. Yes, i belive i commented on, and pointed out said part several pages back. But i said it was LGB. It is still a new mold design internally. Um...note to TLG....can we PLEASE just get this part in Black ffs!...thanks.
  2. Looks great with the Red rims.
  3. Could we see a future recolour of this upcoming real life car in Metallic Silver?
  4. I also recently bought some ribbed hoses in 14L length in Black, there was a Star Wars set from 2016 that had them.....some old Technic sets such as 8285 used them, so if you want brand new parts or replacements they are available now: Exactly....they should have used Red or LBG.....WTH would they used Brown for a Technic part?
  5. Opinion has still not changed, only interested in 42068....bit pricey at 90 squids though, i might build the B first and then build the A.
  6. Have any new parts or recolours surfaced?....i recently bought some 1x5 thin liftarms in White, they are pretty rare:
  7. If they had the Pick-A-Brick site have colour options that would be great.
  8. Of course...that is my point, if they existed in genuine Lego i would use those, since they dont i have to use the fake parts. Out 2700 odd parts around 20 are unique to the set in White colour or Red rims.
  9. I don't see a problem using third party, or even fake parts. The White 42056 has parts that do not officially exist in genuine Lego inventory. So if you want a White Porsche then you would have to use the fake White parts or the Red rims etc.
  10. I got the final part for my White recolour of 42056, Part #60483 in White, got 27 of them from, 50c each... They have another 18 in stock if anyone wansts to buy them. I also bought an original printed 1×4 tile with the registration number that originally came with the set. €3.51 for that part. Unfortunately Part #6538c does not exist in I may use 6538b in White instead.
  11. To add to the conversation, since i posted lasted i have finally parted out this set. I bought a second hand set and as usual with these old sets that use OLD Light Gray parts....there was alot of yellowing and exposure to sunlight. Seems to be a major issue with the old Light Gray parts...they look dirty and discoloured. I wanted to rebuild this set with as many brand new parts as possible. To do this i made a creative choice, i decided to use the modern Light Bluish Gray parts instead of the old Light Gray colour, i even got the 4L Universal Joint in LBG brand new: Also i got Part #2536 in LBG (second hand): Alas i was not able to find Part #3749 in LBG, so i decided to use Part #43093 in Blue instead: I replaced the old Dark Gray with the newer DBG colour palete, i haven't built the set yet...its all parted out and in a bag, but i can finally have this set with some 97% brand new parts.
  12. Any ideas or renders what what a Small Power Functions motor would/could look like? Where could you mount it, how much power would/should it have etc?....the M motor is pretty small, so it would be interesting to see ideas for a future S motor.
  13. The 10 x 18 bucket in Black is used in this set, i am wondering if the older type in Yellow could be used instead? Part #2814:
  14. My first set was the hardest, because i had never used Lego before...never mind Technic. I was building the 9393 Pickup Truck and it took me 12 hours. But now i just fly through sets....though thr older manuals require more concentration and watching the build guide more closely.
  15. The prices for the V2 receiver are quite insane, i think this is why 9398 has helf its value and actually gone UP in price, new or second hand. The V2 receiver + the other PF parts make it a must have set.