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  1. With a minimum buy policy, and postage costs....
  2. This set lacks something, price is too high, not enough functions....its just a bunch of panels.
  3.'s probably best to be buying a few others things to justify the postage cost. I personally pay €3 for shipping.
  4. ?....€1.80 for one.
  5. If anyone is interested, you can buy the new LBG 11L axles from this seller, very reliable:
  6. Yes...based on the comments I should have said parts NOT from the models people have built. Spare parts or extras bought In etc.
  7. Jaysus.....
  8. Same, i dont have any storage boxes per se, just ziplock bags inside drawers. Just a simple Argos computer desk to build on....i generally go through all my bags and part out as and when i decide to build a model from my parts.
  9. I like this model, its kinda that it looks and feels like the old Lego Racers models mixed with 8448.
  10. Lepin might target you next.......
  11. All my stuff is in ziplock bags, somewhat organised....somewhat .....i go into my stuff thinking i have of thousands of parts to part out 42056, and soon enough the frickin' thing almost depleted all my stock!!!, anyways.....roughly how much stock do you have? I need numbers people!!
  12. Not to my knowledge, maybe Efferman could design you something and buy it through Shapeways?
  13. i just clicked buy on that fake White 42056, and the ONLY parts i plan to keep are the Red rims and tyres, and these panel types....because you cant get them in genuine Lego in White, all other parts i now have in legit lego...and i plan to use White 6538b parts instead of the fake 6538c parts. I went through every parts in the inventory and i sorted out what exists in genuine lego and what the fake model had. I even got the Red shock absorbers as legit Lego parts, and if in the future the parts above are released as genuine parts by Lego oficially i will swap out the fake panels for legit ones, the tyres and wheel hubs....i want Red, they look amazing....and i dont care too much about the black tyres being fake, rubber is rubber imo. The only reason i am buying this set is to get the parts above, i will throw away the rest and use my legit parts....that way i will have a VERY close to legit White Porsche ;-)
  14. I personally dont have an issue with those parts he used, i am gonna buy some myself for a custon mod i have in mind. It's just the mods have been against anything to do with fake Lego.
  15. mods?.....just got a login warning via Firefox 52 saying the site is unsecure....never seen this warning before, is there a certificate issue with the site etc?