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  1. Some = as much as one person can carry, and still be able to open the door into house without dropping or breaking anything. (For me, its two 16-bottle cases of Sam Adams)
  2. Excellent review as usual Jim. Thank you for all of the effort and time that went into this. The largest flaw that I see with the 42070 is the unfinished look - certainly more paneling on the bed and to hide the frame would have been nice and helped to justify the price. A beefier-looking boom would have been nice as well. A missing function is an extendable boom, something to think about for modifications. By the way, did you and your friend have some "building-beverages" while building? That would explain the rookie mistakes
  3. Very nice, but for some reason, the last picture, from the back, reminds me of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.
  4. I guess I won't be able to let my kids build 42070 - I'll never hear the end of it ("let's find all the LEGO animals and stick pins up their yadda yadda yadda") . The only option, I'll have to build it by myself . Sarial, I hope your hamsters didn't get a look.
  5. Good to go, Chrome on Win7
  6. I'm guessing that use of black 2L pins, which require more pin holes than blue 3L pins, will make the structure stiffer.
  7. Grum, great start - but, are you going to need a bigger shed for this monster?
  8. My display models are now all scattered in parts all across the LEGO room, which is a good thing, I guess, as my kids can build MOCS, but I can't as I need to be organized. Consequently my AROCS is still in box not built, to protect it
  9. She has a Fujifilm FinePix XP90, good for a 12 year old kid for outdoor use. Thanks for the comments guys, I'll pass these along. I am working with my daughter to improve her photography skills - unlike in the old days when we had to be cautious of not wasting too much film, we can shoot lots of images with digital, which is both good and bad - the best lesson is to critically examine your images - what is good, what is bad, and what can be improved. I am planning to teach the kids black/white film photography later this year, this should improve their skills as well. I am also trying to get them to read the camera manuals so they can get better shots. My daughter used a wall and a desk for the background, so there is a discontinuity where the two meet, hence the reddish line.
  10. They even copied that freaky screaming GAGNE kid
  11. My 12 year old daughter figured out how to do backgrounds and balance contrast without any guidance, not bad for a first try, and using a small P/S camera. Subject is mostly black/grey MOC of 42065.
  12. This is supposed to be tight, if the gear spins freely, then the object being hooked would drop like a rock - instructions on this part are correct as printed.
  13. Its all just speculation at this point, hopefully we will find out in a month or so
  14. I got mine on Wednesday (delivered about 4 weeks early), but by the time I arrived home the next day, it was already built by my kids - they skipped lunch and built it straight for 5 hours non-stop. The final product looks great, but I am going to take it apart so I can build it myself.
  15. I was away on a business trip this past week - called home to check in, and my 9 year old asked if he could "RC" my Class Xerion. I said "OK, but... " His reply was "great, I already RC'd the crane, I'm working on the drive train now" . So guess what I'm doing this weekend (provided I can find all of the parts).