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  1. Matthias doffs his hat and gives a small bow as each person is introduced, but gives Half-Born the floor to make introductions or begin the briefings and negotiations.
  2. "It's amazing; our employer purposefully hired not one, but two of us who can speak with animals, and yet only one had a brain. I suppose our employer was rather lucky, if indeed we are the five Master Dog is looking for." Matthias rolls his eyes under the brim of his hat. Speaking up to Half-Born, he adds, "Master Dog here is waiting for a party of five."
  3. Matthias takes an instant dislike to the other hero's rudeness. "Five people... like perhaps myself, Master Selfish here, the half-giant, the sorcerer with the weird shirt and purple hat, and the young knight in shining armor?" "Master Vindsval, I believe we have found our contact," the gnome calls out.
  4. Matthias leans in, the dog towering over every part of the gnome save his hat, and whispers conspiratorially, "Who are you spying on today?"
  5. "Business?" Matthias does his best to mask his surprise, this being the first time he'd met a dog with such ambition. "What business are you in, if you don't mind my asking?"
  6. Matthias waves up at Yavarr as the sorcerer introduces himself. "I'm Matthias; peace to you, Master Ezeran." New to Tridentia, the gnome is content to let his comrades take the lead. Taking stock of his surroundings, he watches Parfenius, boy, and dog converse. "A wonderful day on the docks, is it not, keen friend?" He addresses the animal in its own tongue. P.S. - Stats are good, let's do this, Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins and all that!
  7. Matthias checks in with Portia for 5 Nostrums and 5 Smelling Salts. 735 - 5*35 - 5*25 = 435 gold remaining
  8. Matthias notes his name on the glowing parchment and heads to the marketplace.
  9. Matthias notices the new King, Boomingham, talking to Hoke, though he can't quite overhear their conversation. The gnome watches sadness cross their faces and looks into his own drink, wondering what will become of them all.
  10. Matthias strides back into the hall, tiny legs and tiny steps propelling more cannon and hat than should be possible. He stops at the quest board to sign up for Quest #158 before installing himself and his cannon at the end of the bar, a comically large tankard of cider in hand.
  11. The half-elf proprietor unable to give him a price, Matthias decides to keep the Dapper Hat. He departs the marketplace, but only a few minutes later is back in Fabian's boutique. "Master Fabian, would you be so kind as to merge this Scroll of Blindness into my Gentleman's Hat?" "Of course, my dear little man, it's what I do!" Half-elf, hat, scroll, and 50 gold disappear into the back room. Matthias hears a crash, a tiny explosion, a shriek of despair, and a bit of rummaging before Fabian returns, slightly disheveled and carrying the Gentleman's Hat with what appears to be a pair of googles attached, sitting above the brim. "Unfortunately, my dear little man, your scroll was destroyed before it could be properly imbued into the felt. However, I just happened to have this excellent example of eyewear on hand, which provide all the same benefits! I've attached them to your hat to make quite the spiffing Steampunk Stovepipe if I do say so myself!" He polishes out an imagined speck on one lens, giving a dramatic flourish before handing the hat to Matthias with a slightly anxious expression. "I paid good money for that scroll!" Matthias begins, but he can't help but think how dashing the goggles look strapped to the front of the hat. "You know what? I'll take it." He settles the stylish topper on his head and departs the market. 785 - 50 = 735 gold remaining
  12. Matthias slips the scroll into a pouch and slips bumblingly out the door towards the market.
  13. Matthias counts out 100 gold as he marches across the common room to a wicked looking hero in a wicked looking helmet. He offers the gold. "I will buy it. Thank you."
  14. Matthias enters the Hall as quietly as possible for a two-foot man with a four-foot cannon - which is not really all that quietly - and goes to the quest board. Seeing no upcoming operations, he finds a trade note. "Is someone here selling a Scroll of Blindness? I have 100 gold!"
  15. Matthias scurries through the market, stopping at Anwyl's smithy to sell his Pongcanis Crossbow before arriving at Fabian's boutique. He has the Aquamarine removed from his Crocodile Handbag, then sells it along with his Winged Sandals. As he walks out of the fashion parlor, a Gentleman's Hat on display catches his eye, and he is delighted to find a secrete hidden inside it, a hidden armor plate making the hat more than it seemed. Walking back through the shop, the gnome finds that Fabian's tricornes are equipped with even thicker armor, but they just aren't Matthias' style. "This is a beautiful hat," he remarks to Fabian, "but could you improve it more? What about adding these two gems to the armor?" Fabian is nonplussed at the prospect of doing work, but knowing he'll soon have the gnome's gold in his grasp, he takes the Ethereal Garnet and Aquamarine from Matthias and retrieves a set of jeweler's tools from his bench. Only a few seconds pass by before he presents the Ethereal Gentleman's Hat (SP:1; immunity to Earth and Water; protects from Sealed-effect; 1/2 chance to protect from Asleep-effect; suitable for men; headwear) to his customer. Matthias sweeps off his Dapper Hat and carefully settles the new chimney on his pate. It fits perfectly, with just the right weight, and as he admires his height in Fabian's mirror, he hands the half-elf a gob of coins. "What price could you give me for this Dapper Hat (This amazingly dapper hat gives the wearer a ⅙ chance of being Encouraged at the start of any battle, headwear)? 10 gold?" 955 + 40 - 50 + 30 + 40 - 30 - 50 - 50 = 885 gold remaining