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  1. That thing is the greatest.... One of my favourite parts of the movie.. ^^
  2. Wow! Check out that Surfboard. What a lucky guess that was. >> This series is littered with wonderful parts but not so sure about some of the final designs. I really love the Gourmet chef and Vet. I'm not entirely sure I can handle the dance instructors hair just now though. It makes me fear for my life. Although....wouldn't it make delightful Professor Trelawney hair? Also, I must say, there are some fabulous mustaches in this wave!
  3. As nice as all the images are, I do recommend this. I got the book the day it came out for £12 and love it to bits. I tend to get a lot of making of books, and though they have lovely pictures and everything, they don't tend to explain a lot. This one does! Lots of useful information!
  4. Everything else is great, but this is the real gem. :D Worth an entry alone.
  5. Score! 20 please. I got my dimensions one yesterday too.
  6. Short answer : Yes. :p
  7. Huzzah! Another Batgirl set!
  8. An interesting thought! Though a regular chef might be a bit bland, perhaps something more refined? And a chefs hat with female hair underneath would be cool since they're doing that with all the other hats now.
  9. That's what I love about the film and the sets. She's not totally outnumbered figure wise and is a super strong female in the film. My collection is very much not complete. Mcdonalds toys, books, Dimensions version, that polybag that is listed on Brickset and any advertising stuff I can get hold of! :D She also has 5 other potential outfits I can count from the film! ^^
  10. She is, though not sure about chief.
  11. Here is my collection from The LEGO Batgirl Movie. I just wish it didn't have so much of the minor characters like Batman and Robin in it.
  12. Does an 80s cellphone count as an animal? I mean it's a bit of a beast. :p
  13. I hate that clown. It's just such a lazy and ridiculous figure. They didn't even change the colours, just printed it onto different coloured parts. At least with the disco one they actually modified the design slightly and added some accessories. What I hate even more about it is the fact I had to get it... :p Darn this collectors mindset.
  14. Aye, it's a very cool issue actually. Lots of behind the scenes stuff and concept art. There are some quite interesting Batgirl and Robin designs in there. They're cool, but I'm very glad they went with what they did!