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  1. You say that.... but this guy had them! ^^ So they're not totally against it. In some ways though, I think Reverse Flash looks fine in the colour he is. I think normal yellow could be a little overwhelming without anything to break it up on the arms or legs, but then again, maybe not! Either way, they all look like they're wearing onesies without leg printing or dual moulded legs. Superhero pajama party time!
  2. They look a lot better in the close ups to be honest. And I'm glad they gave Flash a little bit of new printing at least! And I really like the flame pieces in the legs on Firestorm! I'm also quite interested to see what the purpose of the power units is.
  3. There are definitely some nice aspects to these sets, but some big disappointments too. Reverse Flash looks very plain to be honest, but it's nice to get him. I'm trying to work out what he's holding too. I think it would have been a nice opportunity to make a location based set with the Flashes, given the popularity of the TV show. Star labs break in or Flash Museum Battle etc etc. The vehicles in it just, and as said, Killer Frosts hair is a bit..not great. Cheetah look nice, and is that a tail piece she has? I think all the accessories are a good gimmick for the Superhero line as potentially it allows more play in location based sets as we all know LEGO love making all sets vehicles because of the play value. I know LEGO were using the LEGO Batman movie to bolster the DC Superheroes line long term and open up new avenues, so hopefully this is only the beginning of that! I do wish those Flash figures were nicer though...*Sigh* And no Streaky... *sigh* :p
  4. I feel the way they have dealt with the highwayman is totally appropriate. He's been hidden in the dark until the last minute, then jumps out and takes your money.
  5. You can never have too many Batgirls. Never.
  6. This is a the only Brickhead I got and was very happy with it. So happy in fact that my friend bought me another one! I was never really fond of the whole Brickhead idea and design but after building one, I may be won round. It's interesting that you note about the colour scheme just popping, as that's one of the main reasons I really fell in love with Batgirl costume in the movie! And, blimey, she really does fall over as you say. Great photos and review. :)
  7. I think the real questions are.....Why wasn't this a thing sooner? And why hasn't it arrived yet?
  8. That thing is the greatest.... One of my favourite parts of the movie.. ^^
  9. Wow! Check out that Surfboard. What a lucky guess that was. >> This series is littered with wonderful parts but not so sure about some of the final designs. I really love the Gourmet chef and Vet. I'm not entirely sure I can handle the dance instructors hair just now though. It makes me fear for my life. Although....wouldn't it make delightful Professor Trelawney hair? Also, I must say, there are some fabulous mustaches in this wave!
  10. As nice as all the images are, I do recommend this. I got the book the day it came out for £12 and love it to bits. I tend to get a lot of making of books, and though they have lovely pictures and everything, they don't tend to explain a lot. This one does! Lots of useful information!
  11. Everything else is great, but this is the real gem. :D Worth an entry alone.
  12. Score! 20 please. I got my dimensions one yesterday too.
  13. Short answer : Yes. :p
  14. Huzzah! Another Batgirl set!
  15. An interesting thought! Though a regular chef might be a bit bland, perhaps something more refined? And a chefs hat with female hair underneath would be cool since they're doing that with all the other hats now.