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  1. This is a the only Brickhead I got and was very happy with it. So happy in fact that my friend bought me another one! I was never really fond of the whole Brickhead idea and design but after building one, I may be won round. It's interesting that you note about the colour scheme just popping, as that's one of the main reasons I really fell in love with Batgirl costume in the movie! And, blimey, she really does fall over as you say. Great photos and review. :)
  2. I think the real questions are.....Why wasn't this a thing sooner? And why hasn't it arrived yet?
  3. That thing is the greatest.... One of my favourite parts of the movie.. ^^
  4. Wow! Check out that Surfboard. What a lucky guess that was. >> This series is littered with wonderful parts but not so sure about some of the final designs. I really love the Gourmet chef and Vet. I'm not entirely sure I can handle the dance instructors hair just now though. It makes me fear for my life. Although....wouldn't it make delightful Professor Trelawney hair? Also, I must say, there are some fabulous mustaches in this wave!
  5. As nice as all the images are, I do recommend this. I got the book the day it came out for £12 and love it to bits. I tend to get a lot of making of books, and though they have lovely pictures and everything, they don't tend to explain a lot. This one does! Lots of useful information!
  6. Everything else is great, but this is the real gem. :D Worth an entry alone.
  7. Score! 20 please. I got my dimensions one yesterday too.
  8. Short answer : Yes. :p
  9. Huzzah! Another Batgirl set!
  10. An interesting thought! Though a regular chef might be a bit bland, perhaps something more refined? And a chefs hat with female hair underneath would be cool since they're doing that with all the other hats now.
  11. That's what I love about the film and the sets. She's not totally outnumbered figure wise and is a super strong female in the film. My collection is very much not complete. Mcdonalds toys, books, Dimensions version, that polybag that is listed on Brickset and any advertising stuff I can get hold of! :D She also has 5 other potential outfits I can count from the film! ^^
  12. She is, though not sure about chief.
  13. Here is my collection from The LEGO Batgirl Movie. I just wish it didn't have so much of the minor characters like Batman and Robin in it.
  14. Does an 80s cellphone count as an animal? I mean it's a bit of a beast. :p