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  1. Repeating yourself over and over and over is not how you get an answer, and is annoying to anyone actually following the topic. You either need to ask once, or go find the answer yourself and share here. Please stop this behavior. Instead of posting this comment, just use the report button in the future. Thanks.
  2. The Designer Video has been added to the first page of this topic. Please don't post the designer video for the Silent Mary...again. Anyone who simply posts the designer video will have their post hidden. Thank you.
  3. The Argo is a class 4 trader and its rig is based upon a classic ship rigged vessel. It's a fun little vessel that came together attempting to use the brown hull pieces from an old Jabba's Sail Barge set, and extra official Lego sails I have lying around in the midst of everything else I'm working on. The forecastle is deliberately square based on designs of older vessels, which allow guns to point forward in a rare instance the vessel needs to attack. C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
  4. Rock Quarry in Eltina I forgot to post this earlier.
  5. In the Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum, a large collaboration for Oleon's Royal Silver Mint property was just completed by Blackdeathgr, Kolonialbeamter, Robinnilsson403, Captain Genaro, and Bradon Stark. Check out all their contributions in their topic. In the Pirate MOCs Forum, Kofi has shared his new interpretation of Eldorado Fortress. There is a lot of great detail in this build. Check out this MOC in the Eldorado Topic. Come to the Pirate Forum to check out these and other great MOCs.
  6. I really like the use of headlight bricks for the dock. Nice work Garm.
  7. Since this is a Pirate MOC, I moved this topic to the Pirate MOCs Forum. Excellent remake by-the-way. Nice work and thanks for sharing. I found a couple more images on your Flickr. Only one image for this build seemed like too few.
  8. The whole debate about ship licenses has been moved to the Naval Licensing and Prize Court Topic, where the topic should have been discussed. I apologize if recent posts seem disjointed.
  9. Since the Oleon Topic has derailed for a day now with new posts being made, I've moved pretty much all the relevant posts related to the recent debate in this topic.
  10. One of my prospects yielded rocks, but not just any rocks. Rocks that are suitable for building grand temples and impenetrable forts. Below is an overview of the quarry. I hope they don’t dig too far, because it would eventually cut into the base of my layout. Here are a couple of close up shots. Thanks for looking.
  11. It looks like someone updated your property entry. What form did you fill out? I only see the build for your doctor's practice in the build submitals. Seems ok to me. Let me know if it isn't.
  12. The form was updated, but the calculations weren't. I've updated some of the calculations, so that only up-licenses should return errors now.
  13. That's good, because I couldn't find an issue. I'm looking into this when I have faster internet. The Settlement sheet is HUGE, and keeps locking up, which may be part of the problem. You guys are funny.
  14. Good, then I updated the correct entries. Whoops. I should have caught that. Thank you Dr. Spock.