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  1. Please quit spamming up the board with the same pointless question over and over. If you would actually read the topic, people have already answered before you asked. If you can't figure it out based upon those directions, then wait until the official pictures come out.
  2. You don't have to quote an entire, VERY LARGE post for a one line comment. Thanks.
  3. This type of talk has no place on this site. See the Site Guidelines quoted below.
  4. Captain Dee informed me via email that although he has logged in, he is currently unable to participate due to the forum updates, and does not know if/when he will return. I have informed admins of this issue. I do hope it will be remedied soon.
  5. Thank you Admin team. I will wait to provide feedback when all the features are turned on and obvious bugs have been worked out.
  6. Great idea for a topic. The Friends Good Will. Here's a Youtube clip of the same vessel:
  7. Welcome to EB and Oleon. Your account has been added to the monthly summary.
  8. We're extending this competition until October 2 so we have the weekend after to polish off the MOCs.
  9. I hope to see you again Pandy. I agree, events are a great way to meet other EB members. Brickworld Chicago has A LOT of people from EB. I'm such a dork for not going for a few years.
  10. For Ideas and one set, the Hispaniola should be that idea, and keep it limited to a similar size and crew as the Black Pearl or Queen Anne's Revenge. I think I'll Treasure Island. There may be additional ideas in the original book that is missed in the differing cartoon and movie renditions.
  11. Barbosa and Blackbeard were my favorite figs from POTC. If you really like Blackbeard, then in my opinion, you'll really like Barbosa. I have been considering to update my sigfig with the torsos from these figs. But my sigfig is so perfect. Now thinking about these figs, I would like to use these figs as attendants to my sigfig.
  12. Oleon had a whole convoy with missing paperwork on a previous MRCA. I didn't get too bent out of shape after seeing a therapist. I am better now.
  13. No one knows at this point. It would all be a guess anyways. The previous Captain Barbossa figure looks really good. I really like mine. I recommend grabbing one anyways before the new wave comes out.
  14. Great little scene with a good choice of faces. The white-haired individual's torso is a little plain, but looks fine with the wig covering most of it. Hold on while I grab the popcorn.