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  1. Factions currently only collect taxes from all properties, including their own properties. For now, a multiplier is added to ensure that faction properties receive the correct amount of yield. It'll get fixed at some point.
  2. December 2016 is up.
  3. Name: Fatu Hiva Ownership: Nation of Oleon Location: Île d'Or (East Prio Seas) Mayor: Phred (a character will be developed eventually ) Who can own property in Fatu Hiva: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Fatu Hiva: Anyone. Fatu Hiva is the farthest colony from Oleon in the East Prio Sea. The Oleon citizens who arrived feel very welcomed on this island, and think of it as their own remote paradise. The natives have worked very hard to be hospitable to Oleon immigrants and hope that the rumors of Oleon's aggression toward natives is not true. So far, they appear to be unfounded rumors. Nicknamed The Crown, this island's coasts are white sand, and the surrounding sea is deep, but a small ridge of coral does exist to the west. The natives of this island dive for pearls in the reef ridge, where they also cast nets for fish. The Island's soil is rocky, and not great for crop growing. It is rumoured that there may be gold on this island. It is also suspected that the natives of this island are related to those from the glimmering archipelago. Forts Small Fort at The Crown | Phred | Small Fort
  4. Oleon's Royal Vineyard has been posted built by Kolonialbeamter, Captain Genaro, and myself.
  5. Yes, it's a sticker from Winter Village Bakery.
  6. Your image has been added to your post. @Legodragonman Since it's a MOC, its been moved to the Pirate MOC forum.
  7. The natives of Île d'Or have opened up a juice in the newly established colony of Fatu Hiva. There have been rumors that Oleon can be harsh to natives. The natives hope that the rumors aren't true and hope to remain in their good graces. Then there's the photo chute where individuals can have their picture taken and printed. The natives love it. The juices come from the finest fruits and vegetables throughout the island. The Oleanders seem to love it. Thanks for looking.
  8. Here is my 32X128 contribution to the Royal Plantation. In celebration of the annual grape harvest, The Château is hosting an elaborate wine tasting event for the high society of Le Bellan. A local official is on his way to the tasting event. The wine tasting event features the finest musicians from Bardo, imported cheese, and the best wine Oleon has to offer. An image of workers harvesting and another plantation image.
  9. Devout Oleanders celebrate BoBSmas -- the birth of Heracles -- through the purchase of Holiday Trees. Others are purchasing gifts for under the tree in preparation for the holiday. Enjoy!
  10. He does look familiar. He like searching the Oleon Islands for the best fishing spot. This is the farthest colony for Oleon. With recent concerns of Eslandola's actions, Oleon is looking to quickly fortify their island holdings to prevent further actions on Oleon soil. Hopefully the crown will send troop and begin construction of a proper fort in the near future. It's my camera. My limited photo editing skills haven't figured out how to fix images like this.
  11. tap-tap-Done!
  12. The Crown will be getting a settlement shortly. Here is it's first small fort. This was definitely a rip off of Capt. Wolf's design who deserves the credit for the design. Enjoy and thanks for looking.
  13. Getting in the holiday spirit, and not knowing what my two prospects have uncovered in Breshaun and Eltina. I decided to have a little fun with a mine of Christmas presents. I hope @SkaForHire will let me know what I'm mining before Christmas. Maybe we should add some automation to mine prospects. Some bonus pictures. Thanks for looking. This build is my left end of my Pirate Collaborative Standard.
  14. You should read Posting Standards Topic. You need to capitalize and use proper punctuation. Not everyone on EB has English as their first language. Being lazy in your punctuation makes it harder for individuals with English as a second language to understand you. Also, making short posts just to get your post count up may increase your post count, but it is not the posting etiquette we expect from our members. If you have something meaningful to add to a conversation, it will probably consist of more than one sentence. You post count has been decreased by 8. Ask here please.
  15. Done. It says your interim mayor. Let me know if that changes.