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  1. Nice. That's a nice piece. Thanks for the complements. I wanted to build a fort with similar color scheme as the blue coat fort from the last pirate wave. I ordered the dark-red masonry bricks from LugBulk. I've got more on the way.
  2. There was an electrical storm last night, and hastily posted everything when my internet was back. They're right here: Nothing wrong with making a little money from a rich explorer's unfortunate events.
  3. Here is Mpyromaxos', Gideon's, and my entry. The Pyramid Tale
  4. In a remote tavern, the paths of two adventurers crossed. An Oleon adventurer who sat with a Mardier officer who seems to be the only one to listen to his tall tale adventure. So there I be, heading due west in search of adventure, treasure, and the great western continent. We weren't able to maintain our heading due to some strong westerlies- Hey! did you pay yet to hear this tale? The Mardier not wanting to draw attention to himself, begrudgingly paid the man. Our intent was to find the continent on southern latitude. However, we were progressing slowly with the wind against us, and we had to steer from our anticipated course. We were not certain what longitude we were at, and the suspicious crew figure we sailed past the continent. Finding more favorable winds, we sailed back on course. While making my daily sighting, a lookout spotted land. That's when I felt the pyramid gold speak to me. I wrote down the wrong latitude in the ship's log, and taken it to memory, only. No one else suspected, and they were focused on checking out the island. I opted to stay on the ship to "verify my latitude". Only one member of the landing party survived, but injured. Everyone else had been killed by the natives. His pouch fell while getting helped to the doctor below, and I took the pouch. With nothing but a skeleton crew left, we sailed back here, broke. These coins were what the crewman took from the island, and he uttered one word. Pyramid. You pay me again, and I'll tell you what the latitude was. If you pay me double, I'll tell you the truth. The Oleon adventurer had told his tale to the only one desperate enough to hear his tale and the only one in town who had the ability to find this "Pyramid Treasure", a navigator of a Mardier exploration ship. Keeping the story to himself and with favorable winds, the Mardier officer led the exploration vessel straight to the island. The Mardier Officer warned them that the natives were very aggressive and to find a pyramid. Seeing how a Mardier has never sailed these waters, the crew were vexed how the officer knew this vital information. The crewmen, with rifles ready, went straight for the tallest point of the small island. With no sightings of natives, they were surprised to see the pyramid abandoned, full of treasure. Certain that the natives could be back at any time, they quickly loaded their vessel and began their long trek back to Mardier. The Mardier ship had escaped a run-in with pirates. By the grace of the gods, the vessel barely made it to a remote Oleon settlement. The leaky, damaged vessel was scuttled once the treasure was loaded into the fort. Oleon’s reputation for ensuring their settlements are well fortified was strengthened when the Mardier arrived. The large fort could easily protect the Mardier cargo until an adequate vessel is available to finish transporting their cargo. While moving the chests into the fort, the Mardier noticed some eerily familiar individuals in the jail. The Oleon officer casually stated another ship had come two days earlier under Eslandolian colors requesting supplies. There were no suspicions until one of the lookouts in the fort claimed to see a black flag being sewn on the poop deck. The fort was made ready for an engagement with the suspicious vessel. The vessel’s crew heard the bells sound from the fort. The crew were frantic to respond and raised the very black flag they were sewing. After a couple of rounds from these large guns went through the vessel, it quickly fled. These men were here procuring supplies from the vessel’s landing craft. They claim to be Eslandolian privateers and not pirates and don’t believe that raising the black flag was deliberate. We sent an envoy to Eslandolia to see if these men are who they claim to be. If you ask me, they may be dressed in green, but inside I think they’re pirates. I am sure they’ll be on the gallows soon. The Mardier officer simply smiled. Mpyromaxos built the tavern scene. Gideon built the pyramid. I built the fort. Thanks for looking. Additional Pictures:
  5. What's wrong with a pink door in the tropics? You should try it. They look wonderful on Caribbean styled buildings.
  6. Thanks for the complements. What new pieces are you referring to?
  7. Thanks CG. I was trying to figure out the issue right after you had fixed it.
  8. Please don't post only about Lego Ideas updates asking for support. You need to be thinking: 'I want people on EB to see my MOC and comment on it. If they like it, perhaps they'll support it on LEGO Ideas', rather than: 'I want Ideas support! If I post it on EB, perhaps more people will vote!. Please see the Site Guidelines for more detail. Thanks.
  9. IT's fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. May 2017 Account Summary is done.
  11. @Tyeson75, As VaderFan said, do not share your email on a public site. Spam bots comb the web for email addresses, and do send you more spam.
  12. Thank you for the complements so far. What do you think I am? A pirate. My sets and my daughters are actually separate. I had bought this set for myself. She does get to play with my brick a lot though. I'm pretty sure their epaulets are blue. We must have purchase the jackets from the same vendor. That is a great torso to use for specialty forces though. I've used the torso before, and I keep seeing other factions use it. Thank you Kwatchi. It's been fun building up my collection of mini-doll sets and implementing those elements in my pirate builds. Tropical locations should have more bright colors. Same here. I let my daughter have free reign today. We'll see how well I built the house when I get home tonight.
  13. Fatu Hiva has a native population that are very proficient seafarers. A significant portion of their economy is fishing. Their small proa vessels do a great job of traversing the sea. Being such a small vessel, and seeing how I have two sails, I made two identical vessels. Just thought I’d show my two proa vessels with the Moana set. Below are some images of the shack where the fish are cooked. Thanks for looking.
  14. As mayor of Fatu Hiva, I needed a beautiful, enchanted villa to show the natives how awesome I am. Well, I'm happy to say. The house is complete. It only took three months to build the house and property. One month to build the house, and property, and two months to make the roof of the house. I'm really happy with the results. The roof is fairly rugged - as long as you know where to grab it. This house encompasses two 30X30 octagons and two 18X18 squares for my Pirate collaborative layout. There will be another 30X30 octagon at the side doorway. Below are a couple shots of the stables. My daughter really likes this house too. You may have two questions in your head right now. Why does a little girl like this house SO much? Does this thing have an interior? Unfortunately, these questions are not for the faint-of-heart who fear strange horizons and for those who are by now... bored. So, I used a Spoiler. Thanks for looking.
  15. Your accounts have been activated in the Account Summary. I recommend building a fast Class 2 Vessel (the size of the Renegade Runner or Cross Bone Clipper) and a small property (about 16x16). The licenses for these are free and provide you some income right away. Plus you'd join in our successful merchant runs.