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  1. Joker's face is on the CMF
  2. Any news on Superhero Girls?
  3. Where can I find SY186 and SY187?
  4. It is him
  5. Are you hinting at Atom?
  6. 194 Deadpool variant 195 Cyclops variant 196 ????????? 197 Azrael (FINALLY!) 198 Red Lantern Batman 199 American Dream 200 ?????????? Spidergirl/woman 201 The Atom (Ryan Choi)
  7. Did you order it on single sale? I'm looking to that Black Adam
  8. Can anyone confirm the color of her hair in the set? The official white-backdrop pics have Wonder Woman with black hair but the box pics have brown.
  9. Is there a full list of every single batsuit featured in the movie? I've been souring the internet and can't find a complete list.
  10. Can someone more experienced with purist minifigs help me out here? I'm trying to make the minifigs in this poster for Gotham but I'm not sure if all the heads and torsos exist. I know Ivy is the official one and Gordon's torso is J. Jonah Jameson's but that is all I know.
  11. Anyone know where to get SY210B (or at least the Batman in it)for cheap?
  12. According to reddit, it is the Batman, Bat Signal, Stickers, and poster polygamy that was previously a giveaway at Lego stores.
  13. Does anyone have any info on what the build for Wal-Mart on the 4th is?
  14. How much was it?
  15. Has anyone bootlegged the SDCC Dark Knight Rises Batman yet?