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New SW 2007 news

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Chiukeung has posted news about 6 new SW sets for the Summer of 2007. They 6 sets are:

7660 - Naboo Fighter

7661 - Jedi Starfighter with Hyper Drive Ring

7662 - Trade Federation MTT

7663 - Republic Gunship

7664 - Rebel Blockade Runner

7665 - Hoth Rescue

UPDATE: This news is semi correct. Sorry! However, whilst 7663-7665 are fake, 7660-7662 are still real. And there will be a Hoth Base set released!

UPDATE 2: Click here for new information on 7660-7662! Whilst we cannot know for certain that this is true, the Bricklink member looks like he knows what he's talking about ;-)

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