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Academy Index - Start Here!

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What is this place?

This is the Brick Flicks & Comics Academy. We are here to help you fine tune your Brick Flick or Comic so that it's polished and ready to be shown off in the theme forums of Eurobricks!

What can I do here?

You should post your project in it's current state and a teacher will take a look and point you in the direction of lessons he/she feels would benefit you the most. Once you finish each lesson that is recommended, submit your project for review. Once your project is passed, the BF&CA banner will be added to it and you are allowed to post it in the appropriate theme forum on Eurobricks for viewers to enjoy.

How do I get started?

Once you feel like you have a grasp on how the program works, create a new thread for your project. One or more teachers will comment in your project thread and recommend lessons based on what they see needs work. Enroll in one of the lessons, and once you pass the lesson move onto one of the other lessons recommended. Once you have completed all of the recommended lessons, incorporate that work into your project and submit it for grading. At that point the teachers that recommended the lessons will give you feedback and either pass your project or recommend changes.

To create a project thread for a Brick Flick, use this format for the thread title: WIP Flick: Your Project Name

To create a project thread for a Comic, use this format for the thread title: WIP Comic: Your Project Name

Once your project is passed, an instructor will change your title from WIP to Passed.

I have some more questions, where can I ask them?

All questions should be directed to the Questions & Answers Thread. Any questions you have for the instructors, unless specifically related to something in your lessons or project, should be asked there. Before asking a question, please check the FAQ in the first post of the thread so see if your question has already been answered.

List of Teachers











School Index



Student Work

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