MOC: Ordinary room of an ordinary me))

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indexed.gif B-V-21E


- Wow, Jule Verne is soooo interesting writer...oh, it's already 23rd! I need to build a room!


- Do they build rooms...oh, they don't...hey, where is my box?!


(No walls, but books, and some tight room =D)


(Another day, another wires to tangle =D)


- Maybe here...yes!

(Yes, this is my school uniform =D)


- Almost there...phew, yes, it's done! Hey, you, help me with camera, please! )



- "...this was fierceharbor for the EB!" Oh yeah, i'm done))

That's all! This was fierceharbor for the EB !


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Even more interesting 'fierceharbor' than your highway MOC, a great looking study - neat trick for a computer mouse too ! :wink:

Good work and Brick On 'fierceharbor' ! :classic:

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