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Astromech Workplace Contest

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While some R2’s were saving the galaxy others were making credits. The krazed krayt dragon famous for its fire belly cocktail said to induce the feeling a famous sarlacc felt at the hands of a mando bounty hunter. CO-owned by two R2-D2s and their loyal minion R4-D4.


Welcome to the Krazed Krayt Dragon its popularity has enabled its owners to hire some security which will easily break up the numerous drunken brawls or identify the occasional fake ID, brought by those crafty changelings. Even hut slime can’t slip you in.


The famous statue that gives the bar its name.


They R2s mix of cocktails many of which harbor side effects other than intoxication.


The R2s gaining the most of their credits from the fruit machine. Where many fall short of jackpot.


R2 daydreaming of having his own Jedi companion one day


The garish floor tiles which were the only ones available at the local pick a tile much to his annoyance

This is my entry for the contest I have been reading the eurobricks for years and have been a member for a while but haven't posted yet so this is it. hope you enjoy.

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Very interesting entry. I like all of the trans lights around it, and the detail put in is really nice. Good luck in the contest!

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Well, that's not something ya see every day! :laugh: Nice entry. I like the "Krayt Dragon statue". :classic: Good luck!

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