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Summer Of Friends!

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Welcome to Summer of Friends!


Earlier this year The LEGO Group released their new range of sets aimed primarily at girls, and with it they introduced a group of new characters, a new Town location and lots of new parts and colours. I'm sure you're all aware that this is the new Friends line, which not only caused a controversy storm, but also had sets flying off the shelves. Following up on the roaring success of that first wave of sets, a second wave is hitting the stores (or has hit, in some places) very soon.

Here at Eurobricks we think that the bright and colourful Heartlake City is a perfect place to spend your summertime, so join us as we turn the forum shades of lavender, pink, azure and green for a whole summer of building contests, competitions, raffles and most of all FUN!

  • Show your appreciation (or not!) of Friends by changing your avatar to somehow include or reflect the Friends line. More information can be found here, where you can enter!
  • Win a ton of cool Friends sets and goodies! We have a wide variety of building contests for you to flex your Friends building skills so head on over here to read the requirements and get building!

There are plenty more activities, features and excuses for us to give stuff away, so stay tuned for the Summer!

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The Summer of Friends Avatar Contest drew many fantastic and humourous entries.

The eventual winners, by public vote were:

First Place:


Oky/ Okivia

Joint Second Place:


Praiter Yed and The Penguin

However the raffle continues, and new entries are still being added. To check to see if you're a winner, just follow the link here.

Not yet entered? Don't worry, there's still time, just read the instructions here and you could win one of these:


(image from Brickset)

and maybe some other Friends bits and pieces. :wink:

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