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Ruins of Everlast, home of I.A.M.S.

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1. Prelude

Thousands of years ago, Kaligem controlled every corner of Historica. Well, almost every corner. The last bastion they had to conquer was Everlast. Deep in the Rakath Mountains.

Well, every child knows this story so, I won't tell it again...

(History of Kaliphlin)

Ages after the event, Kaliphlin Wise men wondered who The Dark Wizard really was and why Ji'Fall was interested in Everlast, a desolated fortress deep inside the mountains?

But no one knew the answer...

So people started to tell the stories as "myths", to scare their children so they would behave like they should.

As very young boy, Geshi Edeh Nis was fascinated by the myths and after university, he started searching for evidence. Quite succesfull, he found drawings on the walls of the oldest buildings of Cedrica and elements from Kaligem all over Historica.

He became Professor History at the Free University of Petraea, but he still missed something in his life: the location of Everlast or Kaligem.

Years passed, he met Lord Damaximus, they became good friends and he received a seat at the Mpya Stedor University. Still doing research after the "myth of Kaligem" without any result.

He gave up Kaligem, as digging up this city would cause too much trouble. But he must find Everlast!

The problem he had was that stories are slightly changed after so many years. Everlast was not in the North-East corner of Historica, but in the north-east corner of Kaliphlin!

The moment he realised that, was the moment the High King demanded his vassals to search for the Crystal.

The puzzle became clear for Geshi. Ji'Fall was looking for the "Water Diamond" which was located in Kaliphlin! And the Dark Wizard was one of the four Druids defending it!

He immediately started an expidition into the Rakath Mountains. Aided by a Genius, Kahnee East, he finally found the ruins of Everlast!!!

2. The Water Crystal

(My brother still has the camera where the pictures of Challenge 3 are on...)

Will be written soon...

3. Ruins of Everlast, Kaliphlin Outpost and home of the The I.A.M.S.

I.A.M.S. ? => Intelligence Agency Mpya Stedor. A bunch of spies, assassins, scouts, diplomats, ninja's, gladiators, ...

What happened to the Crystal? The future will tell this...

But Lord Max Samu (leader of the I.A.M.S.) gained control over the ruins. It was a perfect place for his men to train and impossible to conquer as there is only small way to Everlast.


Lord Damaximus headed back to Mpya Stedor to find some transportation devices to transport the wealth from Everlast to Mpya Stedor.

Meanwhile, Lord Max Samu received a small delegation from the Drow. To which he gave something (orders from Lord Damaximus).

(Lord Max Samu with 2 Elite Samurai)


(Slave holding the stuff)


(Some of the Drow: 2 Guards and Lady Donke Rrood)


Max: "it took us some time to track them down..."

Donke: "You are sure they are the right ones?"

Max: "Myths and legends always have something true in them, the only difficulty is to know what is false."

Donke (grints): "Many trouble?"

Max: "Let's say the I.A.M.S. proved theirself and some Historicans don't have to work anymore. Not necessarily because they gained a lot of money..."

Donke: "I like your way of talking. But how you knew which was false? If I remember right, there were some problems as well with finding this place..."

Max: "Myths are told as riddles, solve one and you can solve most of them. But it's with that first one you get the trouble"

Donke: "Let's hope so... May I ask you why there are also soldiers here?"

Max: "They weren't needed in Mpya Stedor yet. And let me show you Everlast, something will become clear then!"

Donke: "As you wish, I'll let my guards here so they can watch over the slave"

(Outside training ground: Ninja's climbing, Ninja's shooting arrows, Knifemasters practicing and Gladiators fighting. Also notice the legendary Ereh Ahn Roblaw guarding the gate!)


Donke: "Impressive, it's perfect to train here!"

Max: "Indeed, that's why we claimed the ruins. It is also a perfect outpost for Kaliphlin! In the corner you see the barracks behind that darkgreen plant. Soldiers of Mpya Stedor are controlling the area, looking for trouble! But let me show you now something stunning!"


Donke: "Not bad! You can buy a decent army with this..."

Max: "Indeed... The Dark Wizard was not a poor beggar..."

Donke: "Not afraid that an army comes to here to steal it?"

Max: "I am only afraid their wifes would never see their husbands again... Trust me, we invaded this fortress the only way it was possible, out of the sky. But we have some nice surprises for copy-cats! And by the way, Lord Damaximus returns soon with an army to transport everything away from here. Then those guys hanging right above us can use the whole cave to train..."

Donke: "Wow, they are real acrobats... "

Max: "They are born to avoid falling down before their target"


... back at the Great Hall of Everlast (or what remains) ...

Donke: "Thank your Lord for the support, our Mother will not forget those who are loyal to her."

Max: "We don't forget our friends when they are in trouble."

Donke: "One last question... Are you affraid of us?"

Max (laughs out loudly): "We respect the Drow and we know their strength is unseen. But we don't fear you. Conquering Kaliphlin is madness as there is only desert and sun, things Drow don't like. Also you need us as we got the connections with other continents. And if an enemy ever approaches our city, they will kill themself while looking up to see how high our walls are."

Donke (smiles): "That are indeed the stories I hear from our traders. I will soon visit Mpya Stedor myself to speak with Lord Damaximus. I am already looking forward! You don't miss your city here?"

Max: "My city was destroyed when I was a child. I became an Alleenridder, a soldier of honour who survived on his own. Just like Lord Damaximus and all other Knights of Mpya Stedor. Our home is in our heart, as beautiful as our mind want..."

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Interesting story...

The training acrobatic soldiers are great! I think the ruins could use little more disguising of the wall panels, though that is just my opinion :classic:

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I like the acrobat training. I think I'm going to have to implement that into my soldiers training as well...:thumbup:

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slaves are very usefull, there should be more of them... anyway, there is only one thing we can say: Drow will rule supreme! :)

With this kind of support, we will overtake our enemies in a harbeat! :)

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You are a great story teller! :classic:

The mocs looks good as well, maybe try to hide the premolded pieces backs..?

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thx to all :)

I am sure the I.A.M.S. will play a big role in the future, but more about that later :classic:

(out of character:)

@dG: I have around 182 Dark Bluish Grey Rock Panels :)

simple reason: I bought them for 0.22$ a piece. For that money, you never can make a part of a mountain with the same size just by bricks :classic:

But I have to admit that I have a lot of work when I want to put some variation in it

oh by the way, I just discovered something funny about the I.A.M.S.:

I.A.M.S is lead by Max Samu => I.Am.Max.Samu :laugh:

edit: to avoid confusion: Lord Damaximus is not Max Samu :wink:

Edited by DaMaximus

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