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[LDD MOC] Suburban Doppelhaus

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I don't know about you, but I just adore playing Sim City 4. After a while of play, an idea struck me as to create a MOC in LDD based on a building in Sim City 4. Wanting to keep things simple, I chose a low residential zone of my city and randomly picked a house. I landed on this cute and small design:


A very small Doppelhaus (Says so in the game's files), or for those not wanting to Google it, it's also known as a semi-detached house

After a couple hours of experimenting, I think I finally got the design down right, or at least close enough for me to say "That looks alright".



A closer shot of the Doppelhaus.



One of the Doppelhaus' Chimneys.


Father going to work at a low density commercial zone on the other side of town to earn his Simoleons to pay for my city's 25.3% Tax Rate.


Mother currently working in the garden growing cabbages, carrots, and either tomatoes or really large and probably mutated grapes. Seeing that The Sims live in a world where plants can eat other sims and fruit that can bring back the dead, giant mutated grapes don't seem abnormal.


Kids playing with wooden swords out front.


A view of the simple patio furniture. I experimented with different blocks to see what type of result I could get.


Trash collection for waste, recyclables, and vegitation, as well as a (Poorly) done mailbox.


I am hoping to do more of these. I may move onto another low density residential building or probably move onto low to medium density commercial or industrial building. Sorry to say, but I think high density buildings are a bit out of my league at the moment :blush:

For anyone who wants it, the download for the Sim City 4 Dopplehaus is below.

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it looks very to the game version, well done. Would be worth to build that in bricks - but dark red is expensive.

I had to laught because of the german "Doppelhaus". I did not know that tis is also used in british or US english. I still know there are some words like Kindergarten or Rucksack. A Doppelhaus is a very famous housing style for the middle class. Then you typical live in a "Doppelhaushälfte", the half of a "doubblehouse". So if you take the half something that is doubble, it is still a whole house ;) Strange german!


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Well done! It looks very much like your source material :thumbup:

The chimneys and patio furniture are my favorite parts :classic:

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im new to EB and the lego community as a whole, but i am a SC4 community veteran. i have thought of crossing a couple of buildings over to lego as well. i was going to try the paris themed BAT's as modulars in the future

well done indeed.

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Doppelhaus in German is almost the same as "Semidetached" in Britain... and "Duplex" in the USA... default_blink.gif

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