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Dakar A

MOC: Orange Truck

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indexed.gif V-LC-8F

So, recently TLG released a contest through the LEGO Club magazine. I have entered a few of these before, and had just visited Legoland FL. On the way, I saw a LOT of 18 wheelers carrying oranges. So, before I knew it, I had half the cabin of a truck infront of me! :laugh: The lower front SNOT section was pretty tough to wiggle in, but I fits well, if a little snugly!


Orange Truck by Dakar A, on Flickr

The cabin is based off set 3221, Lego City truck. I decided to build it in white because I didn't have enough parts in red or grey! :tongue: The real challenge was deicing how to do the trailer. I connected it using a larger rotating platform, since a smaller one wouldn't have been able to handle the stresses on the trailer. The whole thing is a monster, taking up ove 40 studs in Length! *oh2*


Orange truck 2 by Dakar A, on Flickr

The road was built mostly for show, but it ended up using just about all of my black bricks that weren't already in use!


Orange truck 3 by Dakar A, on Flickr

I kept trying to get a good shot of it on the road platform, but since I hadn't curved it, it just didn't work out. :cry_sad:

I can't seem to find any reference pictures, but trust me, they exist!


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Nice work 'Dakar' :thumbup: , though I'm not sure about those vertical exhaust pipes their on the prime mover ? :wink:

Brick On Truck On ! :classic:

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