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The Divination Classroom

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Here is my entry for the Harry Potter Community build:

The Divination Classroom!!!

Sorry for the blurry pictures.


I got the idea for the MOC from this basic description on Harry Potter wiki:

The Divination Classroom is where Divination classes are taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is located in the North Tower. It is accessible through a trapdoor and is described as looking like a cross between somebody's attic and an old-fashioned teashop. The Divination Staircase leads to this classroom.


Professor Trelawney tells Harry her second prophecy.


The MOC without the minifigs.

Please feel free to comment as I know that there will be flaws other than the photograph quality.

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Looks nice! I really like the chairs and the overall "creepy" feeling of this MOC.

Thanks i'm glad that you like it!

Nice job! I especially love the chair and shelf with the cups. :classic:


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Great work 'Lego Pinocchio', a good Lego-ised scene from Prisoner Of Azkaban. (thanks to my son for helping me pick the film you based your creation from)

Brick On while casting spells 'Lego Pinocchio' ! :wink:

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Not bad. A little sparse, but it's nice. I like the shelf with all the teacups. The chair is cool, looks like it would be better suited for a throne room in a castle. A way to make it look better would be to add a small legged table and some 2x2 rounds to act as pillows. You could use a 2x2 round for the table, then add 2 1x1 rounds as the legs.

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