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Watch towers for now the rest will com later. comments here please. also how do you pin topics (or can I not do that?)

Round 1:


6754427029_2471418efd_m.jpg 6754491561_ef9bcf38d9_m.jpg 6427716547_674242ee3c_m.jpg 6754508985_e4d7a50f7a_m.jpg

6754520687_387e370539_m.jpg 6754527763_fb7a969abf_m.jpg 6754536389_f27e4d2db8_m.jpg 6388786057_f61786886d_m.jpg

6371886597_0e43616660_m.jpg 6363419913_7a0dab8dfe_m.jpg 6754572421_3235a1bacd_m.jpg 6754581111_4d793d4fee_m.jpg

6754590951_07dc7d9927_m.jpg 6754605213_4c83acabb9_m.jpg 6754629817_a8fb4978f0_m.jpg 6347264408_cc82ece809_m.jpg

6754692433_14dd650e12_m.jpg 6754713163_56dcf5067a_m.jpg 6754742449_2098995e4a_m.jpg 6379666055_661b3bb24d_m.jpg

6754778963_df0b9aa502_m.jpg 6754814923_53ba0edba7_m.jpg 6516798165_fee30b07d6_m.jpg 6515029785_140ed48ae8_m.jpg

6754870407_911bf96393_m.jpg 6754950935_03a00457a2_m.jpg 6754962647_7e4d6c7204_m.jpg 6754993141_1b1131b09f_m.jpg


mitgardia next!

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6422807657_27c6d53b1c_m.jpg 6756125969_a00b86a94b_m.jpg 6396144651_bc6617a614_m.jpg 6756141891_70a55cc33c_m.jpg

6436125713_99b8e72956_m.jpg 6351991220_86e4d13498_m.jpg 6357971017_a33f2f8506_m.jpg 6756173279_64582cf486_m.jpg

6756186443_cb2947812e_m.jpg 6756204895_e6c71248db_m.jpg 6494192067_9810920cd9_m.jpg 6756225089_8f7614e244_m.jpg

6756241701_4852f2a77c_m.jpg 6514144125_7b87545a0b_m.jpg 6756264471_a22335cb3c_m.jpg 6756275847_00d7d9da81_m.jpg


Sorry about the delay, indexing is heaps harder than it looks (especially when you're watching TV at the same time :laugh:). and my internet has bean a bit screwy recently. I probably won't be able to continue till next week, so either everyone waits or some on takes over from me


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