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ZIL 167 all terrain vehicle

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indexed.gif V-LV-54A

This truck was designed in the beginning of 1960′s. It was designed to withstand diffictult conditions in Siberia, Urals and far east and northern territories of Soviet Union. Its also able to cross water and its able to control its tire pressure, equipped with air cleaning systems and has 4,5 kw electric engine to pump water (in case of fire) and it also has radio transmission capabilities.

Wheels 6×6

Engine (2xZIL-375)

Engine displacement 2×3,5 liters

Perfomance 2×180 hp

Fuel tank capacity 900 liters

Fuel consumption 100 liters/100km

Max speed 65 km/h (on the road fully loaded)

Max speed in 50/80 cm water 30/20 km/h


Lenght 9260 mm

Width 3130 mm

Height 3060 mm

Ground clearance 750 mm

Turnin radius 11 900 mm


Cerb weight 7000 kg

Payload 5000 kg


ability to go through obstacles:

Trench 2000 mm

Vertical wall 1000 mm

Rise angle 42 degrees

Fording 1800 mm

Snow 1000 mm

The best description I found on the net: Function follows form in every bit, styling is brutally simplistic, each bit looks like it will withstand a nuclear attack and a meteorite hit simultaneously – essentially, it’s designed to survive the apocalypse.

You can see it in action





And a comparison with other trucks to give you a sense of scale.


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Lots of neat angles, probably lots of tricks went into building it too. Love these giant beasts, they're so ridiculous and amazing

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That is an AWESOME vehicle 'Nexus7', looks perfect for fire fighting too ! :grin:

Excellent designing there.....Brick On Drive On ! :grin:

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Wow, this is amazing! Awesome job on that unique truck with all the different angles...

How did you do those rungs underneath the cabin. I can see two antennas holding a...? Did you shorten and cut a hose at both ends for it?

I agree with JackJonespaw, the color matches perfectly!


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