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My first Lego set - black and red racer with grey engine.





Number - 6526

Name – Red Line Racer

Theme – Classic Town

Year – 1989

Minifigs – 1

Pieces – 47

Price – $3.99 (from Legowikia)

Some images of that old model:

"I think that it is still in running condition".


Some more checking.




This set had been my first and was really overused by time, until we get next set. Real minifigure from that set in fact has eyes and smile made by marker, as original ones wipe off from miniature face. Of course minifigure at those times had been a great hero (he was really original to toy soldiers - mobile head, hands, legs - really different standard). First minatures along with him lived in house made from wood bricks. Different bricks but improvisation gave me and my brother great fun. Maybe someone else have great fun with this set :classic: .

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Not bad review 'Tancred_de_Beauville', a scrub your parts do need though ! :wink:

Lighting is not too bad here, still needs work.....hey, practice makes perfect as the old saying goes. :classic:

This set has that neat brick-built engine, only 4 cylinder though...not an 8....I would MOC a bigger one with 12....oh, yeah ! :laugh:

Brick On Review On 'Tancred_de_Beauville' ! :classic:

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I think there will be many to do with light, maybe I ask friend for advice - I think I can do better photos. This model is covered by dust - I must wash many elements, today I would clean all trees and flowers :sceptic: . Yeah, only 4 cylinder - there are some models like this ones in catalogues if I goodly remember - but Im not sure about they engines. :hmpf_bad:

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