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Aether Fox

MOC: Lego Justice

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This is my first creation I've posted on EuroBricks, so I hope you like it! It's a recreation of a electronic band called "Justice" and their stage from one of their concerts. I apoligize in advance if the quality of the pictures are bad, my camera is a bit old!

Here's the overall view of the stage:


Here's a closer look:


These are the two members of the band, Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay:


Here are two stage crew members behind the stage, supplying microphones and working the lights:


Here's and angled shot of the stage:


Here's the soundboard on the right side of the stage:


Here's the soundboard on the left side of the stage:


A closer look at the soundboard (it is identical on both sides of the stage):


Backstage view:


A hidden coffee machine:


The coffee machine again:


Here's the backstage piano:


Here's the piano again:


Here's the switch that turns on the cross:


A crewman turning the cross on:


Here's how the cross hooks on:


Thanks for viewing my creation! :sweet:


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Simple yet well done, interesting and very clever drinks machine....never though of using those 1x1 modified bricks like that. :wink:

Your custom figure's torso's need a little work, but stickering is not easy.....I know from personal experience. :blush:

Though also don't both guy's have the same hair colour.....just looked up the information on the band. :wink:

You must be happy, they have a new album coming out in October - according to Wiki. :wink:

Brick On Rock On 'Aether Fox' ! :grin:

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Thanks lightningtiger! The decals are bad, I know, I made them awhile ago... :laugh:

And I am excited for their new album!

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