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I know it took longer than my "sneak peak" suggested, but here it is!


(don't mind the stupid flames, those pieces are just there for effect, they look terrible :tongue:)

3 weeks and almost 60,000 pieces later, and my sci-fi scribbled picture turned "reality" is finished :sweet:

I pushed LDD to every possible limit, making 3mb files, 14,000 piece crashes, and thousands of angry mis-saves and and regular crashes (and in the process pushed my patience to the limits too. At one point, it took 10 minutes to move 1 tree....I moved 4...twice each).

Its split into 4 sections: Desert, Forest, Nayeli Structure, and the ship Renkitso-NG1

Since everything is so large, but still is better in LDD than pictures, I've included "light" versions that should run easier (less pieces, no flex pieces)

I've included almost 125 pictures on my brickshelf, so if you can't open an lxf, want to see different construction stages, or just want to see cool angles go look at them! --> Brickshelf

Warning: Regular versions are HUGE LDDs, so they might not work on some computers.


Forest Light



Sands light


Nayeli Structure Interior AND Exterior

Nayeli Structure Exterior Only


Nayeli Interior

Nayeli Interior Light


Renkitso-NG1 "light"


Renkitso with Sand

Burning Renkitso Only (still bigger file than just ship)


Here are a few of my attempts to put everything together. Its a nice way to get the overall idea of how its supposed to look.

Full Layout


Overview Full


helpful hint: The smallest files are the sand section (at almost 6000 pieces) and the exterior structure.

I went a little beyond my original vision, with the interior rooms, the river, and the large ship, but they ended up being some of the best parts. I wanted to include people and creatures in action scenes, but the files were just too big to do that. I had "alien raptors" chasing down stragglers, plants killing troops, a squad trying to enter the ruins, and sand monsters. I also wanted to have this as a night scene, with glowing lights of the trans pieces in the forest (avatar style), gunfire, and flaming ship. But alas its in LDD only. The forest was also a bit of a disappointment since I just couldn't add as much detail as I wanted (and I was getting tired at that point). I had to take out all the flex pieces, which created the vines and complexity of the jungle. The ground would be covered in foliage and roots. I'd have loved to add real detailing. As it is, its just the large plants on the really nice landscape.

But I do like the landscaping. I wanted to create a true forest, with hills, a river that actually flows downhill, and variable height.

To give a little break :laugh: , here are some of the vehicles in SUPER quick moc-ups so they looked nice:



General's Buggy






Flare-mk6(the crashed ship in the forest)


sand crashed ship


There is no room in my budget, what with the city I'm building :grin: , to build this. But anyone who wants to, go ahead and build it. Seriously, I dare you...I...beg you. Please :sweet: ?

I'd love to see this in real life. (the big ship might be hard to hang there in its current form. Its kinda, ummm, hollow).

Hope you all like!

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*oh2* MegaBloks... It took me a moment to realize how big this is. The landscaping is incredible, especially the waterfall, and the base is awesome, not to mention the crashing ship. :wub_drool:

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This is really sweet. Thanks for designing, building, and posting this I really like it.

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*oh2* That's amazing! The scale is magnificent as well as your patience, I thought I was patient for making one with 3000 piece. The ship is a a great MOC in and of itself, you should make an uncrashed version.

Great work!! :thumbup: I'll take a look at the LXF's after they finish opening :laugh: .

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You know what this is? It's artistry, that's what it is. You are using LDD to create artwork. Just amazing. Never seen anything like it before :thumbup:

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You sir, have taken me out of my year and a half posting hiatus. This is unfrackin' believable. I used LDD a couple of times, creating some lackluster models, but I never really thought about it as a real tool for designing advanced MOCs. But holy shit. This is frankly amazing. I love everything, but the Nayeli structure is my favorite. The angles, part usage, the waterfalls... I'm going to shut up now, because if I was left to my own devices here, I'd be rambling on about this for at least 7 hours.

Great work!


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*oh2* I admire your creativity and patience alienwar. This layout is spectacular. So much great details in the forest and nayeli structure. That shoot down ship is a great feature too, as well as positioning of the attacking ships. And the positioning is one of the advantages ldd has over the real brick built mocs. And what's also great about ldd is that you can see the moc first hand, and not only from pictures. But in this case i'm afraid to open any of this files as i think my computer would crashed. :sceptic:

Once again, you have created an amazing layout! :thumbup:

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AWESOME digital creation, brick-build this would be a monster ! :grin:

Great work and congrats on being front paged 'alienwar9' and keep on LDDing ! :grin:

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Wow, I've never been so impressed by a LDD model! :thumbup:

Any plans to start a brick-built project of this, I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to sign up. :laugh:

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OMG OMG!! :blush: frontpaged?! I feel so happy I might.. :cry_happy:

Thank you so so much!!!! And thanks for all the nice comments! I'd give my left arm to build this, but its already set to go with my right arm for my city :laugh: I give full permission though for people to build this...please!

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*oh2* Absolutely Incredible! The fact you built this with LDD is even more insane! *huh*

But I love it!! Wish I could build it, but who knows how much it would cost!

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Dude this is huge! All of those small details are amazing, and so is that waterfall. :wub_drool:

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