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This is really more of a draft/work-in-progress of a real MOC I'd like to do soon. I will update this thread when I get around to building this MOC in real plastic.

This is a knight that is on vacation. He loves to go to the beach and build sand castles. But he's having a little bit of trouble separating himself from his work. He forgot to take his helmet and armor off! He has a tropical shirt on underneath. Does he wear that all the time under his armor, or only on vacation? He brought a gold goblet from the castle to use as a sand scooper, and a farmer's basket to carry his tools.

Some notes: I did this in the regular (Creator) mode in LDD; I didn't use Universe mode at all. The thing around his neck/front is a placeholder for armor. The sword is also placeholder for a knight's sword. I would also put a parrot on the tree and some other garnishments.





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The sand and water structure is beautifull and the tree is greenery is nice, a great LDD build!

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Oh, this made me laugh a little, so cool....he left his helmet on while building sandcastles.....ah, just in case the Black Knight shows up and kicks sand in his face....I see ! :laugh:

Great LDD job there 'Zeya' and Brick On ! :grin:

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