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hi all, here with another of my current wips, and draining most of my brown bricks. this is a dhow/xebec design of an arabian pirates, similar to the corsair galleys of barbary.

what do you do with extra prince of persia parts? convert them into something useful!! nobody loves PoP. i love it if only for the desert tan bricks..

for the base of the ship, i used an old spare train base!


overall main shape



details of the rear, familiar? i used a 7111 droid fighter for the parts



i used a flipping tile for the angled rear


the lion head from harrypotter set, clip is supposed to be a claw.


the front is a big raft from adventurers, attched via plates to the hull


the bow is a mess of brown bricks, attched in unique ways




a cargo hold is made integral, in the front of the ship


the rowing/cannon section


this is then covered with an upper deck for the mast


the interior of the stern, captain's cabin is slowly built up


the captain's throne


the windows made from the ostirch race set


and it fits snugly, covered with the rest of the stern deck


the stern and main hull is angled off, so need some plates to cover the gaps



a rudder is added, also to prevent the stern section from sliding down, by jamming it with a brick



stern is mainly done


a sheik omar with the double hilt backpack, bodyguard to the captain


finally the captain himself, anyoen watched POTC3 and remember shishumbagi from 1 of the pirate lords?? :) figure is shiek omar, with beard from the kingdoms green wizard, cut to fit the turban




with red turban from adventurers, looks better as a perisan king?



the rest of the crew from desert attack etc are added, with 2 dastans!! haha.

the ship will look like an arab dhow/xebec with triangle sails.. do google it if free.

comments and critiques welcome!

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An unique ship indeed!

I love the creativity of people when less useful ship building bricks are at hand. Well done! :thumbup:

The only thing I miss is an overall picture of the completed ship. And some pictues from the rigging/sails would be nice.

Those Persia set parts have a nice colour, very useful for shipbuilding!

Furthermore I would like to see some proper punctuation. Capitalizing the "i" for example. :pir-wink:

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That looks like a very good start. I have not seen alot of Lego galleys so I can't wait to see where this project goespirate_thumbup.gif .

Do you plan to add any oars for your ship? I think you could use the big ones from the old viking theme.

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Thanks guys for the comments so far, yes Captain Blackmoor I will watch my grammar.

I have done some recent editing on the bow layout. Instead of the brown boat, I have brickbuilt the bow, using slopes and what not. This has made the bow shorter but sturdier.



The overall shape of the front was made to look like a lion/monster.



A sloped ramp was added to the bow. This is fixed and can no longer be opened unlike the earlier version.


The stern overhang was lightened up by removing one winged hull on each side.


I had also torn the rear compartment out from behind the throne, and also shifted the tarpaulin structure's struts position. The assembly can now rest upon 2 tiles in side the throne room, and is also held in place by the upsloping ramp and front entrance




Parts for the mast have been ordered, so expect another update within a week or so. The sails will be in lateen shape, and then you guys will be able to get a full view picture.

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I love this! :pir-cry_happy:

Some a lovely idea... a POP ship... I love the rear and the gun ports, I bet you are the first to ever attempt such a MOC. :pir-classic:

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It certainly is not among the most beautiful ships around, but i have to admit that the way you used all those random parts to make something easily recognizable out of it, like a ship, is really ingenious.

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I had to look up your earlier projects after your new Japanese ship, and am really impressed with the job you have done, really sharp!

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Hi all, I have finished up the Persian Lion v2.0 . While she may not be as grand as the xebecs such as cb4 and the rest of the marvellous replicas on this forum, I'm still happy enough with this ship as it suffices for my naval wargaming.

Changes I made:

Added sails and masts, and completely changed the hull layout. I cut down the front bow's making it simpler, and shifted the lionhead brick forward.

The full-length deck walls were lowered to a single deck, and less bricks were used. More brown and tan bricks were added as I had more of them in my inventory to use.(notice the archs especially)

For the stern captain poop deck, removed the hinge bricks for the slope, and instead mounted it fixed to the rest of the hull. The reduced brick count makes it lighter, and fixed assmbly makes it sturdier.

overall view



following is various methods I attach the lateen sails to the yardbeams




rigging also added, attach by 1x1 clip



custom carronades


a broadside


a view of the inside of the deck




the lion mast head ornament


stern poop deck




And finally some pictures I take against a black background to better show the self made lateen sails




Edited by Tomcat RIO

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I like your custom carronades. They go well with the ship. The poop deck was also very well done.

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