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MOC Humwee Transformers

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Hi everybody

A planet far away has made this lethal weapon. Their intentions are not to visit our world to say hello... *oh2*

I had several design criteria in mind when making the humwee.

1. I wanted it to be as small as possible

2. Look as much like a Humer H1 as possible

3. Incooperate as many weapons as possible

4. Playable (I've got small kids playing around :cry_happy: )

Not sure I've succeeded, that's for you to judge... :tongue:

Side view:









A police man spots a vehicle that's parked suspiciously:


And he's quite right, this is was VERY suspicious.....


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Wow, very impressive Transformer Hummer kzv! It sure resembles some of the elements of the H1, and at the same time I'm lovin' the transforming functionality rarely seen in lego MOCs. I think you did a good job on this one, I'm sure your kids will have fun playing with this. default_thumbup.gif

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