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Two old MOCs which I have not previously posted on this forum. (Sorry about the blurry pics; I posted these before I found out you can edit them online.)

First, my TIE Interceptor.


I pretty much modded the heck out of 6206. I really wanted to change the wings (the angle in the back is horribly wrong) but I didn't have enough black wing pieces for the job. I'm really not sure how correctly scaled this is; the dimensions for the "real" ship are not set as there was no full-size model built for the film. However, if someone could send me the dimensions of the actual model I might be able to scale it. I didn't have enough grey pieces for a proper border around the wings, so I instead went for a "battle-scarred" look and placed random tiles on the wings.

Here is the gallery:TIE gallery

Next, my Lambda-class shuttle:

Lambda Shuttle

It's obviously not scaled to minifigures. It may be midi-scale, I'm not sure. Maybe even 1/144. In any case, I didn't use reference pictures for this, but it still turned out pretty good. There is also a ramp that can fold down but no interior. The top is removable.

Gallery:Shuttle Gallery

Questions, comments, & suggestions are always welcome!

And I also cleaned up my brickshelf so now anyone who wishes to can view the history of my X-wing.

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Those are very cool tie mocs fallenangel327. :thumbup:

I would recommend deeplinking the pictures on here by following this tutorial.

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Great builds!

Your TIE Interceptor is very reminiscient of the LEGO version but I really like your Imperial Shuttle. If anything I'd say maybe the dorsal fin is a bit too shallow an angle on the front edge - 45 degrees where maybe is should be more like 60.

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Great MOCs :thumbup:

The TIE Interceptor looks so much sweeter in grey/black. Maybe a remake by TLC like the Vaders TIE Advanced.

Well done on the lambda-class shuttle, with so few brick a great result. This would match the midi class easily.

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