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And if you were to try to find a door by somehow climbing over the abutting buildings, you would find none in the back of the Doorless Building either. But you would find horrible things.


And if you waited long enough, you would see a secret door open, and the body of a pirate that was of no further use be quietly disposed of through it.


And if you then got the idea that there might be another secret door in the front, you might somehow get back over the abutting buildings and notice that the golden wall sconce looks suspicious, and pull on it, and see the heavy stone door open. And hear the screams.


And you might walk in and see the torturer's tools arranged with loving care. The Stretcher (with optional blades on the bed), the Whip, the Paddle, the Cheese Grater. And, for difficult cases, on a revered place high upon the shelf, the torturer's subtlest and simplest tools - the Screwdriver and the Poison with an Imaginary Antidote.


And you would see one of Her Majesty's most sadistic men carrying out the first round of questions with the pirate in the boiling tub (his first bath in two years) while preparing for the second round by burning a poker until it's orange-hot.


And you would marvel that such a small chamber could hold such large horrors.


And then, as your spirit lifted through the ceiling, you would realize that the torturer had bludgeoned you to death with the poker, lest you divulge the location of the torture chamber. And you would see a rat waiting for its next meal - you.


Thanks for reading!

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Nice! :pir-classic: I like the fact that it has a different look to it, which gives it a more sinister vibe. Great work on this.

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The victim has a great expression on his face :pir-classic:

For the rest, nice story, nice MOC, good work :thumbup:

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Nice usage for the long pieces for the roof. :thumbup: I have trouble figuring out what to do with them. And remind me to stay away from this building.

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