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I'm not making a working track but I still wanted to build a nice MOC display for this set and I have some questions.

Can I make tracks out of 1x8 smooth pieces that are raised?

How many LEGO straight tracks is it long?

If I get some LEGO straight tracks can I cover the studded pieces with the smooth pieces without wheel clearance issues?


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If you're making a MOC, the only way to make "track" with the tiles is to put them sideways in the gap between two studs - so that the 1/3 stud bit is in that gap. Engine and tender are 3 straight tracks long, therefore for the display track you would need 12 1 by 8 tiles, for the carriage too a further 2 straight tracks, so a further four tiles. If you are using htis sideways method, you'd clearly need to leave the two studs either side of the sideways tiles, but the "ballast" could be raised up to that height. Hope this helps.

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I don't know about using 1x8 tiles, but why don't you just buy a box of track? Another possibility, which I would probably do if I were to make track, is the 1 x 16 straight train track piece (Part 3228). I suppose these are rather rare though in looking at the sets that offered them. Dwarve's Mine contained 6 and would give you enough length (I think). I think standard RC straight track (with some tiles on top would probably look the best).

Good luck with your display, and I hope you share it when complete.

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