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Today I bring a review with Hispalug's reviews structure, I hope you will enjoy it :wink:

Reference Number and name: 8389 M. Schumacher and R. Barrichello

Recommended price: 4.99 € (Now is around the 13 €)

Parts: 22

Cent / part: 22.6

Theme: Racers / Ferrari

Year: 2004

Minifigs: Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher

Reference links: Peeron Brickset Bricklink


First I must say that we can't trust much of the cent/piece rate, because this set is based in 2 rare minifigs and their accessories, a type of set that unfortunately LEGO hasn't repeated many times. The idea of this set is to be simple and accessible, I mean, omit everything as possible to be cheaper.

This set represents a podium, the place where the three drivers who finish first the race celebrate their achievements. There, they receive trophies and sometimes a gift from the local authorities, then they listen to the anthem of the winner and the one of his team and they throw and drink champagne.


Before this set appeared (since 2000) there was another set that included a podium, the 1199. In this instance there was a bike race, a promotional set of team Telekom, that runs in Tour de France.


In 2006, the 8672 set also included a Formula 1 podium, but more elaborated and being a much larger set that included much more things.

Box and contents:

The front of the box shows the whole set, the reference, the LEGO logo and the recommended age, as usual. Also is printed the Ferrari shield , the Racers letters and at the background is showed a circuit with smoke. Some areas of the box simulate the famous carbon fiber that is used in the Formula 1 cars. To give a exclusivity touch to the box, there are photos of the two drivers who are represented with their signatures. Despite of what it seems at the box, minifigs' heads are in light flesh.


On the upper side of the box there is a shot of the old Racers website and the famous minifig at 1:1 scale .

On the back of the box, the reference, LEGO logo and an advertisement of Racers site appear again. Also are shown other sets of the same year and theme, the 8375 and 8362. Appears Ferrari logo, and a picture of La Scuderia in action.


The filling of the box testTM shows that only a quarter of the box is filled and we can see the bottom of the box.


In the box are included the following contents : the instruction booklet, the stickers, the bag of pieces and the plate 4 x 10 which will be the base of the construction.


The instruction manual is collapsible and we assemble the whole set with the front page, the back is used to print more advertisements



Once opened the bag, we realize that the minifig head is already attached to the torso in both minifigs. In the other pieces we can highlight most of them: The chrome trophy, the flags, the antennas, the serigraphied helmets and the red slopes 2 x 1 x 3


The trophy is dull inside of it and as in most of the chrome parts, not all the piece is chromed.



First we build the minifigs and we put the stickers on them, this time we should be more carefully with the stickers than any other time, a failure would mean a deficient Michael Schumacher .



The suit is not totally accurate, is just a scheme of the real one.

The building hasn't got not too much to talk about, so I gave life to it with an animated GIF :grin:


The construction is done in less than a minute, plus the time we use to put the stickers (I used 2 minutes) . This means that more time is spent in set the stickers than in the assembly.

There is only an extra-piece,a visor that will be very helpful if we lost one of the other visors, one of the pieces that are easier to lose.

Playability and final shots:

With the stickers and the minifigs added the set improves pretty much.


The playability of this set is to recreate the podium celebrations, the only "physical playability" is to move the flags depending of the wind :tongue:

Here it is a comparative picture between the real and LEGO helmets:


You can see that the 2004 Schumacher helmet has an orange color and in LEGO is completely red, so the helmet that we've got looks like 2006 Michael Schumacher helmet more than the one of 2004.

Then a comparison of minifigs and drivers:



The general features are well recreated and there isn't much detail, as in all good minifigs.


-Set based on the minifigs

-Low price

-Very representative of Ferrari theme


-There isn't any trophy for the second-placed

-Too much stickers

Marks and conclusions:

Construction: 5.5 Nothing remarkable and never seen, really short.

Playability: 7 Limited "physically" but still good, you can do little stories and if it's combined with a pair of vehicles can be highly fun.

Design: 6.5 Simple but nice, you need add stickers to make it look well.

Minifigs: 9.5 For all that I commented before and their accessories, all I can think to improve this point is to detail more the helmets.

Rooms: 9 Most of them are quite useful (at higher rate) or exclusives.

Analyst's personal note: 9.5 I enjoyed very much the set.


It's a perfect little present for someone and also can help to engage a Ferrari fan to LEGO. Perfect for those who want to have something representative of each theme.

Few pros and cons can be said from one small set as this one, although that there is only one trophy is a noticeable failure, the idea that has got the set is interesting : Something beautiful doesn't need not be large or complex. So that's the reason that this same set has got many different opinions, mine is that I liked.

Brickshelf Gallery with some more shots by clicking here

The poor Barrichello always comes in all the photos as 2nd and no one gave him a trophy, so I decided to give him a chance to feel like a winner:


If anything is wrong or if have any question just post

Thanks for reading ! :wink:

Edited by Pinpapollo

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Thanks for the review 'Pinpapollo'. :sweet:

The minifig fig heads are great, but the DSS ! (oh dear) :oh3:

What the set is missing is a tv camera operator and an tv interviewer/presenter, of course a huge bottle of bubbly ! :grin:

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Very nice and very enjoyable to read review Pinpapollo! :thumbup:

I bought my first Ferrari set last week, -the 8168 Ferrari Victory. I'm not into Ferrari sets (flesh minifigs give me the creeps) but it was cheap and I gave it a go.

About this small semi-impulse set now.

Stickers on minifigs is a big con :thumbdown: but the helmets are just wonderful. I think that it was worth buying it (4.99 € was a great price) given the fact that you could get two of these great helmets, two minifigs and a trophy!

Thanks for this great review again!


That GIF was genius!

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Awesome review. I like this set, but it's a shame that the torso prints are stickers :sceptic:

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Thanks for sharing us with this review! :classic:

I will move this review to our LEGO Licensed since this is under Ferrari License, and I will probably let Svelte settle this review inside the index. :wink:

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Wow, what a small set with cool pieces.

Two cool fig's and a chrome cup. I've never seen thsi set before, but I wish I had it.

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Thank you for the review! I actually am planning to get the set. I once got it but gave as a birthday present to my brothers son. Now after your review I definitely plan to get it.

You did a very good comparison with the real world photos :thumbup: and decent photography. :classic:

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