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26 minutes ago, Ashi Valkoinen said:

Yes, those gaps will be filled with cheese slopes. LDD won't allow to place them there, because as I found two cheese slopes facing each other result in 2.6 plates width (a little more than one stud which is 2.5 in plates), but this method of stressing work fine in reality. Most of the cheese slope mosaics use the same dimensions as the "smallest" unit. The upper part of missing yellow cheese slopes will be filled with 1×2×2/3 slope (double), since there is no stud next to driver's cab's window to put it on.

You are right about bogies, they are the weak point of almost all of my models, I prefer to keep them clean since these trains run many real kilometres on shows, I simply don't like when trains derail on parts they lost on previous loop. I wish I could build a framework around bogies which are strong enough to resist forces awaking when bogies enter sharp curves and points.

Ah yeah. I'm not so much into LDD, have started 2 or 3 projects but nothing overly complicated.

Well, that's a valid point for the bogies. No problem to me, as I do like those old style trains of the 9V area most and tend to keep my builds as simple as possible. Though I have other reasons to do that :wink:

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