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Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum, so i think it is a bit

convenient to introduce myself:

Jasper Joppe Geers, nice to meet you. I'm 38 years of age,

married to the best wife in the world, and daddy of two

little ladies...

Over the last couple of years i've done my best on my own

street, combined of well known Modular houses, and Moc's

i've invented myself.

Like many of you, i got turned on when some years ago the

Cafe Corner was released. Short time after that i have to had

that Green Grocer really badly, and everything went on linke


The most fun i have with this is the creative ways and puzzles

to get everything daily life back on minifig scale.

At first i started with this bus, to try and find out if i still had

the Lego way of thinking as it was already some decades ago since

i touched my bricks the last time.


This is the first design, although i tweaked it some times afterwards.

Then i thought to start with my first Moc in the Modular House design.

The idea was a local newspaper agency and printing facility.

Basically the plain ground took most of the time to work out, the rest

came much easier. I still have to finish the garage door, and the second

floor, but that's no priority right now. When the rest of the street is done,

i'll take up the plan of further additions to all of the Mocs.


After this one i got hooked on, and went on to work out a restaurant.

I always enjoyed the Gordon Ramsay shows, and one of his restaurants was

a bit of basic idea to me. This one also still needs a lot of interior work done,

the kitchen and wine cellar needs to be done, as the interior on the second

and upper floor.


Then i stopped for a few months to gather enough bricks together to get building

again. This time it had to be a bank. This was the first time i wanted to spend

a bit more time and effort on the interior design as well.

The problem occured that i created my walls some bricks to high, and with some

small speces there's a lot of shadow, so you can't really see much of it.


So i knew that my next Moc had to be a big one, probably my biggest so far.

This time i wanted to create a bike and cycle shop. I had a few of these scooters

from brickforge, and i just wanted to do something with it for a long time, so here it is.

The ground floor consists of a cycle store, and a repair workshop.

The first floor had to be the one where some motorbike's and scooters are on display.

It took me some time to work out the floorand how to fix these bikes nicely,

but it turned out all right in the end. The second floor is some kind of a museum hall,

where a nice collection of vintage bikes could be found. These are not finished yet.

Because of the museum idea, i wanted to give this building some grand appearance,

with a kind of victorian vintage roof on top.


The last Moc so far had to be a post office. I finished just some weeks ago, just when news

started to buzz around about a new modular set from Lego, some Emporium building?

I thought that this was an excellent coïncendence, and therefore decided to create

a corner building in Tan and Yellow colors. Together with Dark tan it all looks really neat

to me. It was really fun to do this one, as this was the first moc i did with enhanced

minifigs. The post office also has a post bicycle and motorbike, along with the 7731

postcar. This one also could use some extra work on the inside. Some plants and buckets

perhaps.. I was thinking of adding a local TV station on the second floor...


And here's the main street so far. I've added some extra pavement spaces, 8 studs wide.

It gave me the opportunity to add some details like a waste bin here and there, phone box,

trees etc. Most of it needs to be fitted in on the other side of the corner as well, but that

has no priority right now.


Please feel free to take a look around in my photobucket map. You'll find many more pics

there with details of everything i've done so far. Hope you like it.

Here's the overall link:



Jasper Joppe Geers

Oh, let me try to upload a pic of the street here:

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:oh: WOW! Those are all very beautiful buildings!

I like how they all look like sets, and the amount of detail you put into them is amazing! Great Job.

Oh, and Welcome to Eurobricks!

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Dear God! Those are amazing! Welcome! The bus is not my favorite, because it's over-modern, but those buildings are the most astounding thing's I've ever seen! They go great with Cafe-Corner-style buildings!

I bet you'll have a MOC expert badge by tommorrow! :thumbup:

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Now that's the way to introduce yourself. :sweet:

Welcome to Eurobricks! You have been frontpaged. :thumbup:

I look forward to seeing you around the site. Thanks for joining!

I bet you'll bhave a MOC expert badge by tommorrow! :thumbup:

Or a lot sooner. :grin:

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Fantastic modular buildings Jasper Joppe Geers.

You have got some really nice detail in your MOCs. The exterior architecture is superb :thumbup:.

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Fantastic houses, really great. :thumbup: I saw this on a Lowlug a few days ago but hadn't got around to make a comment. So I'll do it now. :classic: The houses fit extremely well with the current official LEGO modular houses, it's a perfect match. The colors of the houses are well chosen, I especially like the blue, gray and tan of the bank. And what an awesome post office! The printing shop and restaurant are also very nice. My favorite is the bicycle shop, excellent architecture and amazing details. The pavements and the bicycle strokes are good ideas, it fits very well and it's realistic. Perhaps I'll borrow that idea, if I may. I like the scenery; the lanterns and phone booth are looking very good. But there's one, tiny little, thing that bothers me. I'm not so fond of the trees, I think it'll look even better with LEGO leaves.

If you would be a designer at LEGO I wouldn't hesitate buying your buildings! :tongue:

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Hey Jasper, welcom to eurobricks. I hope you enjoy your stay here. That are some lovely moc's you got there! It's always nice to see a fellow Dutch LEGO fan on this forum. At least I assume you're a Dutch guy, Jasper Joppe Geers, sounds very very dutch!

Groetjes Bart

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Welcome to Eurobricks, the best LEGO forum on the internet!

Wow, those creations are stunning! You really retained the detail that the other modular houses have so well that they look like official LEGO sets! :wub:

I also love that bus. The length and color are both just perfect. :cry_happy:

Hope you enjoy your stay here! I'll be looking in this part of the forum more now that you're here. :sweet:

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Wow, how nice is that! You're the man :classic: I like your sidewalks...

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Holy cow - what an introduction! :wub:

Welcome to Eurobricks, the indeed one of the best sites of, well - the greatest hobby in the world.

I've always been interested in the modular buidlings (and made one myself), but your creation are really outstanding.

And you don't come up with just one, you show five of your ingenious creations. Very well done. :thumbup:

I would have changed some minor details (like the sand green cones in the first blue building), but that's really nitpicking on a very high level.

Your buildings are a great source of inspiration, maybe I use some of your details in another building (yet to come).

Man, we all sincerely would love to see you here, if you're able to manage it. :classic:

I'm looking forward to reading of you again.

Groetjes naar Nederland.

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Now that's just absolutely wonderful!

I wish you could have seen the look on my face when i saw the picture of the entire street scene!!!!

Very nice work, and welcome to Eurobricks. :classic:

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Beautiful, just beautiful, all of it. Except maybe the bus, that's a fiver-sixer on a zero-to-ten scale, but the buildings are just fantastic.

The street is equally impressive, with trees lining up the road and a full width pavement. I probably would have used green plates instead of tan tiles, to create more greenery, which IMO is always nice. And even though I have a very strong suspicion that it's not a permanent set-up, more life (i.e. pedestrians) is always a plus - something to consider when/if you bring this to an event.

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:oh3::sweet: Oh my @#%$@$%#$% that is the single most amazing street (and bus) I have ever seen. :thumbup:

Welcome to EB BTW :grin:

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What an impressive display of LEGO creativity.

This may be the grandest intro post ever, and the earliest issueing of a tag ever. You truely deserve it, welcome to the forum, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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Wow! What a way to make an entrance to EB. Thanks for sharing your creations and your story. That's a fantastic street you created there.

Welcome to EB.

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We are unworthy... :tongue:

Welcome to EB Jasper! Your girls must be over the moon with the street their dad has built - why not have them help with the interior :) I can't wait for more interior shots of these beautiful buildings! As to the modulars themselves - while I may not be a huge fan of some of the colour combinations you've used (which is, after all, a very personal thing anyway!), I think this is probably the most MOC-full Modular street I have ever seen - apart from exhibition of course, but that doesn't count. My favourite is the post office - the logo panels you've come up with are absolutely brilliant.

Hats off man! Keep em coming ;)

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I've featured your fantastic street on my Dutch LEGO blog, because my readers really should see it. :wink::thumbup:

(link is in my signature)

Edited by Matn

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Wow! What happened here?... haha!

First of all: Many, many thanks for all those lovely comments,

they are more then well-appreciated!!! I never expected this..

Then i'd like to ask what a tag is? I'm still new here and need to find

out how everything works here. Like profile settings etc.. all kinds of things.

Perhaps i should emphasize that i did not do all this over the weekend..

Most of it was done in the last couple of months, while the first things

where created end of last year.

The bus is the first and exists probably over a year now. I'm still really

happy with it, although it could use some stickers.

But i'm not fooled! I do have still loads to learn when it comes down to

create cars eg on minifig scale. That will be one of my priorities for now.

Oh, someone asked if this is a permanent set up? It is. I have not really

the intention to take all this to any kind of gathering as i'm very incapable

of transport. Because of my physical condition i do not have a driver's licence.

Furthermore, i always believe everything looks best this way. When I should

combine my mocs with others, i have to let the pavement go for example,

which is in my opinion part of the deal...

And again: Many thanks!!! :thumbup:

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Welkom/Welcome to Eurobricks. I already commented on your 'street' on LowLUG, so I'll just say 'brilliant' here... :wink:

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Then i'd like to ask what a tag is?

Tags is like badges that is given by the moderators, for example, if you look under your profile picture, you'll find a 2x2 brick with text that says "MOC Expert." :classic:

There are a lot of tags, varying from "Star wars expert", to the "wiener tag", which belongs to Quarryman, who hosts the mafia game "Infected". :tongue:

You can also get a title, which is also given by the moderators. For example, my title is now "The young one", you can find members titles and explanations in this topic.

...And, welcome to Eurobricks of course! :grin:

Edited by filip skywalker

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Okay how to put this, these modular creations are BEAUTIFUL ! :classic::thumbup:

Simply beautiful ! :classic::thumbup:

I really like the bus, post office and a building that reminds me of the old East End Market in my home city of Adelaide, that's my favorite ! :classic::thumbup:

Jasper Joppe Geers you have set the bar at a new level at we can all aim at, hats off to you and keep up the great designs ! :classic::thumbup:

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