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Bionicle Sets Released in 2001

1388-1.gif 1388 Huki [REVIEW NEEDED]

1389-1.gif 1389 Onepu [REVIEW NEEDED]

1390-1.gif 1390 Maku [REVIEW NEEDED]

1391-1.gif 1391 Jala [REVIEW NEEDED]

1392-1.gif 1392 Kongu [REVIEW NEEDED]

1393-1.gif 1393 Matoro [REVIEW NEEDED]

8525-1.gif 8525 & 8530 Kanohi Mask Pack [REVIEW NEEDED]

8531-1.gif 8531 Pohatu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8532-1.gif 8532 Onua [REVIEW NEEDED]

8533-1.gif 8533 Gali [REVIEW NEEDED]

8534-1.gif 8534 Tahu

8535-1.gif 8535 Lewa [REVIEW NEEDED]

8536-1.gif 8536 Kopaka [REVIEW NEEDED]

8537-1.gif 8537 Nui-Rama [REVIEW NEEDED]

8538-1.gif 8538 Muaka & Kane-Ra [REVIEW NEEDED]

8539-1.gif 8539 Manas [REVIEW NEEDED]

8540-1.gif 8540 & 1417 Vakama [REVIEW NEEDED]

8541-1.gif 8541 & 1418 Matau [REVIEW NEEDED]

8542-1.gif 8542 Onewa [REVIEW NEEDED]

8543-1.gif 8543 & 1419 Nokama [REVIEW NEEDED]

8544-1.gif 8544 & 1420 Nuju [REVIEW NEEDED]

8545-1.gif 8545 Whenua [REVIEW NEEDED]

8546-1.gif 8546 Power Pack [REVIEW NEEDED]

8548-1.gif 8548 Nui-Jaga [REVIEW NEEDED]

8549-1.gif 8549 Tarakava [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2002

8550-1.gif 8550 & 1433 Gahlok Va [REVIEW NEEDED]

8551-1.gif 8551 Kohrak Va [REVIEW NEEDED]

8552-1.gif 8552 & 1434 Lehvak Va [REVIEW NEEDED]

8553-1.gif 8553 Pahrak Va [REVIEW NEEDED]

8554-1.gif 8554 & 1431 Tahnok Va [REVIEW NEEDED]

8555-1.gif 8555 & 1432 Nuhvok Va [REVIEW NEEDED]

8556-1.gif 8556 Boxor [REVIEW NEEDED]

8557-1.gif 8557 Exo-Toa [REVIEW NEEDED]

8558-1.gif 8558 Cahdok and Gahdok [REVIEW NEEDED]

8569-1.gif 8559 & 8569 Krana [REVIEW NEEDED]

8560-1.gif 8560 Pahrak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8561-1.gif 8561 Nuhvok [REVIEW NEEDED]

8562-1.gif 8562 Gahlok

8563-1.gif 8563 Tahnok [REVIEW NEEDED]

8564-1.gif 8564 Lehvak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8565-1.gif 8565 Kohrak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8566-1.gif 8566 Onua Nuva

8567-1.gif 8567 Lewa Nuva

8568-1.gif 8568 Pohatu Nuva [REVIEW NEEDED]

8570-1.gif 8570 Gali Nuva [REVIEW NEEDED]

8571-1.gif 8571 Kopaka Nuva [REVIEW NEEDED]

8572-1.gif 8572 Tahu Nuva [REVIEW NEEDED]

8598-1.gif 8597 & 8598 Kanohi Nuva and Krana [REVIEW NEEDED]

10023-1.gif 10023 Master Builder Set [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2003

1441-1.gif 1441 Fikou

8573-1.gif 8573 Nuhvok-Kal

8574-1.gif 8574 Tahnok-Kal [REVIEW NEEDED]

8575-1.gif 8575 Kohrak-Kal [REVIEW NEEDED]

8576-1.gif 8576 Lehvak-Kal [REVIEW NEEDED]

8577-1.gif 8577 Pahrak-Kal [REVIEW NEEDED]

8578-1.gif 8578 Gahlok-Kal [REVIEW NEEDED]

8580-1.gif 8580 Kraata [REVIEW NEEDED]

8581-1.gif 8581 Kopeke [REVIEW NEEDED]

8582-1.gif 8582 Matoro [REVIEW NEEDED]

8583-1.gif 8583 Hahli [REVIEW NEEDED]

8584-1.gif 8584 Hewkii [REVIEW NEEDED]

8585-1.gif 8585 Hafu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8586-1.gif 8586 Macku [REVIEW NEEDED]

8587-1.gif 8587 Panrahk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8588-1.gif 8588 Kurahk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8589-1.gif 8589 Lerahk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8590-1.gif 8590 Guurahk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8591-1.gif 8591 Vorahk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8592-1.gif 8592 Turahk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8593-1.gif 8593 Makuta [REVIEW NEEDED]

8594-1.gif 8594 Jaller and Gukko [REVIEW NEEDED]

8595-1.gif 8595 Takua and Pewku [REVIEW NEEDED]

8596-1.gif 8596 Takanuva & Ussanui [REVIEW NEEDED]

8599-1.gif 8599 & 8600 Krana-Kal [REVIEW NEEDED]

3287-1.gif 10201 & 3287 Takutanuva [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2004

3259-1.gif 3259 Kanoka Disc Launcer and Disc [REVIEW NEEDED]

8026-1.gif 8026 Kraatu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8601-1.gif 8601 Toa Vakama

8602-1.gif 8602 Toa Nokama [REVIEW NEEDED]

8603-1.gif 8603 Toa Whenua [REVIEW NEEDED]

8604-1.gif 8604 Toa Onewa [REVIEW NEEDED]

8605-1.gif 8605 Toa Matau [REVIEW NEEDED]

8606-1.gif 8606 Toa Nuju [REVIEW NEEDED]

8607-1.gif 8607 Nuhrii [REVIEW NEEDED]

8608-1.gif 8608 Vhisola [REVIEW NEEDED]

8609-1.gif 8609 Tehutii [REVIEW NEEDED]

8610-1.gif 8610 Ahkmou [REVIEW NEEDED]

8611-1.gif 8611 Orkahm [REVIEW NEEDED]

8612-1.gif 8612 Ehrye [REVIEW NEEDED]

8613-1.gif 8613 Kanoka [REVIEW NEEDED]

8614-1.gif 8614 Vahki Nuurakh [REVIEW NEEDED]

8615-1.gif 8615 Vahki Bordakh [REVIEW NEEDED]

8616-1.gif 8616 Vahki Vorzakh [REVIEW NEEDED]

8617-1.gif 8617 Vahki Zadakh [REVIEW NEEDED]

8618-1.gif 8618 Vahki Rorzakh [REVIEW NEEDED]

8619-1.gif 8614 Vahki Keerakh [REVIEW NEEDED]

8621-1.gif 8621 Turaga Dume and Nivawk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8622-1.gif 8622 Nidhiki [REVIEW NEEDED]

8623-1.gif 8623 Krekka [REVIEW NEEDED]

8711-1.gif 8711 Master Accessory Kit 702 Pieces [REVIEW NEEDED]

8713-1.gif 8713 Limited Edition 500 Pieces [REVIEW NEEDED]

8811-1.gif 8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo [REVIEW NEEDED]

10202-1.gif 10202 Ultimate Dume [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2005

4868-1.gif 4868 Rahaga Gaaki [REVIEW NEEDED]

4869-1.gif 4869 Rahaga Pouks [REVIEW NEEDED]

4870-1.gif 4870 Rahaga Kualus [REVIEW NEEDED]

4877-1.gif 4877 Rahaga Norik [REVIEW NEEDED]

4878-1.gif 4878 Rahaga Bomonga [REVIEW NEEDED]

4879-1.gif 4879 Rahaga Iruini [REVIEW NEEDED]

6637-1.gif 6637 Ultimate Battle Set [REVIEW NEEDED]

8715-1.gif 8715 Ultimate Creature Accessory Set [REVIEW NEEDED]

8736-1.gif 8736 Toa Hordika Vakama [REVIEW NEEDED]

8737-1.gif 8737 Toa Hordika Nokama [REVIEW NEEDED]

8738-1.gif 8738 Toa Hordika Whenua

8739-1.gif 8739 Toa Hordika Onewa [REVIEW NEEDED]

8740-1.gif 8740 Toa Hordika Matau [REVIEW NEEDED]

8741-1.gif 8741 Toa Hordika Nuju [REVIEW NEEDED]

8742-1.gif 8742 Visorak Vohtarak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8743-1.gif 8743 Visorak Boggarak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8744-1.gif 8744 Visorak Oohnorak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8745-1.gif 8745 Visorak Roporak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8746-1.gif 8746 Visorak Keelerak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8747-1.gif 8747 Visorak Suukorak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8748-1.gif 8748 Rhotuka Spinners [REVIEW NEEDED]

8755-1.gif 8755 Keetongu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8756-1.gif 8756 Sidorak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8757-1.gif 8757 Visorak Battle Ram [REVIEW NEEDED]

8758-1.gif 8758 Tower of Toa [REVIEW NEEDED]

8759-1.gif 8759 Battle of Metru Nui [REVIEW NEEDED]

8761-1.gif 8761 Roodaka [REVIEW NEEDED]

8762-1.gif 8762 Toa Iruini [REVIEW NEEDED]

8763-1.gif 8763 Toa Norik [REVIEW NEEDED]

8769-1.gif 8769 Visorak's Gate [REVIEW NEEDED]

10203-1.gif 10203 Voporak [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2006

6620-1.gif 6620 Ultimate Accessory Set [REVIEW NEEDED]

6638-1.gif 6638 Ultimate Creatures Accessory Set (Special Edition)

6934-1.gif 6934 BIONICLE Polybag (Swedish Disney Promotion) [REVIEW NEEDED]

6935-1.gif 6935 BIONICLE Polybag (Swedish Disney Promotion) [REVIEW NEEDED]

6936-1.gif 6936 Piraka & Catapult [REVIEW NEEDED]

6937-1.gif 6937 BIONICLE Minifigs (Kongu and Thok) [REVIEW NEEDED]

7216-3.gif 7216 Duracell Good Guy [REVIEW NEEDED]

7217-1.gif 7217 Duracell Bad Guy [REVIEW NEEDED]

7716-1.gif 7716 QUICK Good Guy White [REVIEW NEEDED]

7717-1.gif 7717 QUICK Bad Guy Green [REVIEW NEEDED]

7718-1.gif 7718 QUICK Bad Guy Yellow [REVIEW NEEDED]

7719-1.gif 7719 QUICK Good Guy Red [REVIEW NEEDED]

8624-1.gif 8624 Race for the Mask of Life [REVIEW NEEDED]

8625-1.gif 8625 Umbra [REVIEW NEEDED]

8626-1.gif 8626 Irnakk

8719-1.gif 8719 Zamor Spheres [REVIEW NEEDED]

8721-1.gif 8721 Velika [REVIEW NEEDED]

8722-1.gif 8722 Kazi [REVIEW NEEDED]

8723-1.gif 8723 Piruk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8724-1.gif 8724 Garan [REVIEW NEEDED]

8725-1.gif 8725 Balta [REVIEW NEEDED]

8726-1.gif 8726 Dalu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8727-1.gif 8727 Toa Jaller [REVIEW NEEDED]

8728-1.gif 8728 Toa Hahli

8729-1.gif 8729 Toa Nuparu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8730-1.gif 8730 Toa Hewkii [REVIEW NEEDED]

8731-1.gif 8731 Toa Kongu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8732-1.gif 8732 Toa Matoro [REVIEW NEEDED]

8733-1.gif 8733 Axonn

8734-1.gif 8734 Brutaka

8764-1.gif 8764 Vezon & Fenrahk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8892-1.gif 8892 Piraka Outpost [REVIEW NEEDED]

8893-1.gif 8893 Lava Chamber Gate [REVIEW NEEDED]

8894-1.gif 8894 Piraka Stronghold [REVIEW NEEDED]

8900-1.gif 8900 Reidak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8901-1.gif 8901 Hakann [REVIEW NEEDED]

8902-1.gif 8902 Vezok

8903-1.gif 8903 Zaktan [REVIEW NEEDED]

8904-1.gif 8904 Avak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8905-1.gif 8905 Thok

10204-1.gif 10204 Vezon & Kardas [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2007

6944-1.gif 6944 Good Guy [REVIEW NEEDED]

6945-1.gif 6945 Bad Guy [REVIEW NEEDED]

6946-1.gif 6946 Squid Launcher Thing [REVIEW NEEDED]

8910-1.gif 8910 Toa Mahri Kongu

8911-1.gif 8911 Toa Mahri Jaller

8912-1.gif 8912 Toa Mahri Hewkii [REVIEW NEEDED]

8913-1.gif 8913 Toa Mahri Nuparu [REVIEW NEEDED]

8914-1.gif 8914 Toa Mahri Hahli [REVIEW NEEDED]

8915-1.gif 8915 Toa Mahri Matoro

8916-1.gif 8916 Takadox

8917-1.gif 8917 Kalmah

8918-1.gif 8918 Carapar

8919-1.gif 8919 Mantax

8920-1.gif 8920 Ehlek Review 2

8921-1.gif 8921 Pridak

8922-1.gif 8922 Gadunka [REVIEW NEEDED]

8923-1.gif 8923 Hydraxon

8924-1.gif 8924 Maxilos and Spinax [REVIEW NEEDED]

8925-1.gif 8925 Barraki Deepsea Patrol [REVIEW NEEDED]

8926-1.gif 8926 Toa Undersea Attack [REVIEW NEEDED]

8927-1.gif 8927 Toa Terrain Crawler

8929-1.gif 8929 Defilak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8930-1.gif 8930 Dekar [REVIEW NEEDED]

8931-1.gif 8931 Thulox [REVIEW NEEDED]

8932-1.gif 8932 Morak [REVIEW NEEDED]

8934-1.gif 8934 Squid Ammo

8935-1.gif 8935 Nocturn [REVIEW NEEDED]

8939-1.gif 8939 Lesovikk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8940-1.gif 8940 Karzahni [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2008

6126-1.gif 6126 Good Guy [REVIEW NEEDED]

6127-1.jpg 6127 Bad Guy [REVIEW NEEDED]

6128-1.gif 6128 Zamor Launcher Thing [REVIEW NEEDED]

8685-1.gif 8685 Kopaka Phantoka [REVIEW NEEDED]

8686-1.gif 8686 Lewa Phantoka

8687-1.gif 8687 Pohatu Phantoka [REVIEW NEEDED]

8688-1.gif 8688 Gali Mistika [REVIEW NEEDED]

8689-1.gif 8689 Tahu Mistika [REVIEW NEEDED]

8690-1.gif 8690 Onua Mistika [REVIEW NEEDED]

8691-1.gif 8691 Antroz

8692-1.gif 8692 Vamprah [REVIEW NEEDED]

8693-1.gif 8693 Chirox Review 2

8694-1.gif 8694 Krika [REVIEW NEEDED]

8695-1.gif 8695 Gorast [REVIEW NEEDED]

8696-1.gif 8696 Bitil

8697-1.gif 8697 Toa Ignika [REVIEW NEEDED]

8698-1.gif 8698 Vultraz [REVIEW NEEDED]

8699-1.gif 8699 Takanuva

8941-1.gif 8941 Rockoh T3 [REVIEW NEEDED]

8942-1.gif 8942 Jetrax T6 [REVIEW NEEDED]

8942-2.gif 8942 (Supercharged) Jetrax T6 [REVIEW NEEDED]

8943-1.gif 8943 Axalara T9

8944-1.gif 8944 Tanma

8945-1.gif 8945 Solek [REVIEW NEEDED]

8946-1.gif 8946 Photok [REVIEW NEEDED]

8947-1.gif 8947 Radiak

8948-1.gif 8948 Gavla [REVIEW NEEDED]

8949-1.gif 8949 Kirop [REVIEW NEEDED]

8952-1.gif 8952 Mutran & Vican [REVIEW NEEDED]

8953-1.gif 8953 Icarax [REVIEW NEEDED]

8954-1.gif 8954 Mazeka [REVIEW NEEDED]

20005-1.gif 20005 Klakk [REVIEW NEEDED]

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Bionicle Sets Released in 2009

8972-1.gif 8972 Atakus [REVIEW NEEDED]

8973-1.gif 8973 Raanu

8974-1.gif 8974 Tarduk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8975-1.gif 8975 Berix

8976-1.gif 8976 Metus [REVIEW NEEDED]

8977-1.gif 8977 Zesk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8978-1.gif 8978 Skrall

8979-1.gif 8979 Malum

8980-1.gif 8980 Gresh

8981-1.gif 8981 Tarix [REVIEW NEEDED]

8982-1.gif 8982 Strakk [REVIEW NEEDED]

8983-1.gif 8983 Vorox

8984-1.gif 8984 Stronius

8985-1.gif 8985 Ackar [REVIEW NEEDED]

8986-1.gif 8986 Vastus [REVIEW NEEDED]

8987-1.gif 8987 Kiina

8988-1.gif 8988 Gelu

8989-1.gif 8989 Mata Nui Review 2

8990-1.gif 8990 Fero & Skirmix

8991-1.gif 8991 Tuma [REVIEW NEEDED]

8992-1.gif 8992 Cendox V1 [REVIEW NEEDED]

8993-1.gif 8993 Kaxium V3

8994-1.gif 8994 Baranus V7 [REVIEW NEEDED]

8995-1.gif 8995 Thornatus V9 Review 2

8996-1.gif 8996 Skopio XV-1

8998-1.gif 8998 Toa Mata Nui

20012-1.gif 20012 Click [REVIEW NEEDED]

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