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[Review] 7255: General Grievious Chase

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7255 General Grievious Chase

Hello and welcome to my next review.

This is my second one and this time i chose the 7255 General Grievious Chase. This set contains 2 "vehicles" and 2 minifigs. You get a Obi Wan with his Boga and General Grievious whith his litlle Spider-Droid-Car thingy. Note that you get 5 Lightsabers in this set this defenitly a plus. This set was released in 2005 in the ROTS line and I payed 25 Euros in my local toy store. I allways though I got way to less pieces and parts for my cash but after I bought The 2009 Tank droid I thing it is even smaler and only 1 vehicle. I really dont like the Boga with its big head, leg and torso pieces it lookes like a normal toy and not like something build from legobricks. But I quite dislike the set overall, I will tell you later why lets get to the pictures.

First the Instruction Booklet

Here is the frontpicture, it shows the scene from the movie where grievious tries to escape


The minifig page - in case you dont know how to build grievious ;)


A random page


And the alternate models ... I like the first one the best


And i made my own itemlist


Thats it for the booklet again there is no item inventory now lets get to the minifigs, you thougt a lego grievious would be awesum~?? well think again,

I will write my thoughts about them in the conclusion

first Obi Wan - There is no patern an the back of his cape so no pic of that


And the famous General Grievious


And again from the back


Now lets get to the actual Set, first the Boga


Boga with Obi Wan


Grievious Vehicle


Grievious inside his Spider Cruiser thing


A shot from the other side


And from the front, this is the play feature if you fold the legs back his vehicle can roll on the ground and the big wheels will move while driving


Both together recreating the movie scene lego style


Conclusion and Score:

Well how can I put it ... I thing the Boga isnt great doesnt look like lego at all, it looks like a real toy or a duplo dinosaur. I like the Grievious Spider Vehicle but overall I must say this set has to many Technic/Bionicle parts, the Droid mostly is build out of this parts. Butt well it still looks good. Now to the Minifigs I cant say a bad thing about Kenobi it is the fleshy non CW Style Kenobi nothing wrong with him but the Grievious just sucks. You know how he walks ducked (hope this makes sense) in the movies well the lego version can stand perfectly straight .... If you can make him stand mine used to fall on his nose due to the overwight of the 4 lightsabers I had to add a 2x2 plate to make him stand but sometimes I have this problem with normal battledroids too. And overall it dont think he looks anything like the real one. They should have uses something like the new alien from the new Space Police (the is a alien with 4 arms) to make a Grievious. But okay thats enough. Good points are the many lightsabers and Grievious's vehicle. Now to the score:

Pieces: there arent many and much of them are technic pieces so I'll give it a 6/10

Minifigures: I like the Obi Wan, the hair looks not so good but the rest is great. I hate the grievious 5/10

Playability: Really good you can replay the movie scene and Grievious's vehicle can transform 8/10

Design: No stickers, good old days good Obi and vehicle but bad Boga and Grievious 7/10

Overall 6/10

Ps. Poll would be nice

Edited by KimT
indexed and poll added

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Great review! I am unsure about this set. I dislike all the <insert that tiresome argument> parts, and the lack of details. I think they could have built it much better. And bionicle legs? I am really disappointed with those. But, the figs are really nice. I think this is the only set you can get Obiwan with out his head set (lightsaber duel doesn't count, its a light up) and General Grevous's cape. I think the figs alone amount to much more than the set ever cost.

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I wish I would not have massacred that cape to make a Boba Fett shoulder pad.

Although it did come out really nice. :tongue:

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I only bought this set for Grievous and the lightsabers. I think this is the first set in which Lego stopped using chrome lightsabers so that was a dissapointment for me.

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KimT did you overlook my Review? C: poll and index would be nice

EDIT: Oops you did it already sorry :D

Edited by KuchN

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Good review :thumbup:

My friend/cousin Jacob got this set for his Birthday about 4 years ago, and after playing with it a lot, I would only rate it a 5/10. It is way too expensive. This is not the best set TLC ever made. The figs are great though :classic:

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Thanks for the review. Although I must ask why did you make this review 4 years after it came out.

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Thanks for the review. Although I must ask why did you make this review 4 years after it came out.

I'm new here and I'm doing reviews of all the sets i own, so there are a few more to come ;)

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